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File 142422892063.png - (133.39KB , 1280x768 , florida_flag_by_carsps2v-d33mxzs.png )
101060 No. 101060 ID: 1fb1a6 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Local news stories that lack significance outside their stagnant little backwaters go here.
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>> No. 118901 ID: 4afa19

Three naked teenage women led Florida police on a wild car chase that ended with them tased and in cuffs after they allegedly tried to attack the officers with their vehicle and a metal bat, according to report.

The revealing incident occurred after Florida Highway Patrol troopers received a call about three women in the buff at a rest stop on northbound Interstate 75 around 11:15 a.m. Wednesday, CBS affiliate WTSP reported.

“There’s three women standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion,” a trooper can be heard radioing to a dispatcher, according to the news outlet.

When the trooper confronted the women — identified as Oasis Mcleod, 18, Jeniyah Mcleod, 19, and Cecilia Young, 19 — they said they were simply “air drying” after showering before they hopped back into their white 2009 Nissan Sentra and drove off.

The trooper initially pursued the vehicle on the highway, but backed off because the chase did not fit Florida Highway Patrol protocol, the news site reported.

Shortly after, police went after the Nissan when another motorist called cops to report a “reckless vehicle” on the road.

Authorities then tracked down the Sentra, which they found parked and empty at a convenience store parking lot at State Road 52 and Curley Road in Pasco County.
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>> No. 118959 ID: 9ef7c5
File 15597396092.png - (830.25KB , 1280x720 , 90[1].png )

File 135689257527.jpg - (382.02KB , 800x600 , newspapers_extinct.jpg )
49763 No. 49763 ID: c574bd Locked Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
We've taken your feedback from the poll and are going to implement a new ruleset for /n/. As always, our ability to moderate is directly linked to you reporting posts you see breaking the rules. We may be modifying this ruleset further in the future as we try to tune /n/ into a place that allows the maximum amount of discussion and causes the minimal amount of trouble. If you have questions or comments, find us in irc (rizon.net #/k/) or post a thread in /sug/


If you find yourself prone to fits of rage, are susceptible to trolls, cannot deal with dissension, ignorance, stupidity, or other such afflictions of the internet, I advise you not to scroll down, and to instead visit one of our other lovely boards. By scrolling down you are taking your mental health into your own hands, and the staff takes no responsibility for your inevitable aneurism. You've been duly warned, enjoy your News.

Board Specific Rules for /n/:

1. Thread titles must be nonbiased and a succinct representation of what is in the article. Threads with titles that don't meet this criteria will be deleted. A link to the article is required where possible.

2. Personal Attacks are now banworthy, it is fine to disagree with the content of a post, but ad homs and tripfights will now be met with bans and post deletions, regardless of the rest of the content of the post. So watch yourselves.

3. All posted articles must have national/international relevance. No more "two grannies shot in hoboken". This will be enforced at mod discretion.
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>> No. 101059 ID: 1fb1a6
  ConcernedCitizen is drafting the official changes, but for now to limit reports I would like to outline a slight rule change:

/n/ is no longer limited to national/international news.

Anything traditionally newsworthy that impacts or potentially impacts people on the international, national, or regional level or is exceptional on the local level can have its own thread.

For local stories with no real impact - we will be crafting a Flawda thread to contain them.

Here is some food for thought:


All other rules remain in effect until further notice.
>> No. 101062 ID: 1fb1a6
Bump to be on top of the Flawda thread.

Threads that dissolve into accusations of schilling and tripfighting will be locked. Don't do it in the flawda thread either or you'll be banned.

File 156849756450.jpg - (70.91KB , 1000x564 , smoke-AP-oil_jpeg.jpg )
119025 No. 119025 ID: d21e5b hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Drone strikes on crucial Saudi Arabian oil facilities have disrupted about half of the kingdom's oil capacity, or 5% of the daily global oil supply, people with knowledge of Saudi's oil operations told CNN Business.

Yemen's Houthi rebels on Saturday took responsibility for the attacks, saying 10 drones targeted state-owned Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais, according to the Houthi-run Al-Masirah news agency.

Five million barrels per day of crude production have been impacted after fires raged at the sites, one of them the world's largest oil production facility, people with knowledge of the kingdom's operations said. The latest OPEC figures from August 2019 put the total Saudi production at 9.8 million barrels per day.

File 152394615156.jpg - (32.10KB , 500x395 , hvqVd9.jpg )
118178 No. 118178 ID: e648b0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Trump urges ban on gun devices like bump stocks

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>> No. 118816 ID: a21e7d
Caesar was very popular when he crossed the Rubicon too, the people demanded it. Might have been the people Caesar planted in the crowd that started it all, but eventually everyone was demanding it.
>> No. 118917 ID: a83a04
If Obamacare has not been repealed, the trade deficit is rising, the debt is increasing, the US is still at war, the Bill of Rights has not been restored, there is no wall, and Assange is in jail, but Clinton isn't, is Trump any different from Obama?


3D chess, right?
>> No. 118918 ID: 5c87e8
File 155599738468.png - (285.88KB , 536x400 , epic lulz.png )
>Trump any different from Obama?
>3D chess, right?

>> No. 118989 ID: 91237d
File 156500606891.png - (249.35KB , 960x540 , https---blogs-images_forbes_com-chuckdevore-files-.png )
I blame lack of education, expectations of a new fuhrer rising, and belief that American presidents are kings.

President can't repeal ACA, he did stop the various horrific mandates with an executive order and sent it to congress to be repealed. We aren't involved in any new wars, a president elect usually starts a few new ones during their administration. All of the wars we were already involved in have been seen drawdowns of troops. Debt in Obama admin reached 1.6 trillion, whereas Trump has kept it a steady 1.2 trillion and is slowly reducing it by about 10 billion a year.

Trade deficit overall is not decreasing but the rate at which it grows has decreased, you're playing statistics tricks here. Quit reading politico, or at least if you insist, read more than the title. That very same article mentioned that deficit increased by over 18% prior year and only 11% this year. Clearly the trend has been reversed. Economy is roaring better since any time in living memory, there are 10x as many manufacturing jobs added to the economy as under Obama.

As for guns, he's not any better or worse than other presidents. The fact that he CC's himself puts him ahead in my estimation.
>> No. 119020 ID: 5d2235
I'll be fucking honest with you chief.

Obama was better at not fucking us all over.

File 153571827768.jpg - (20.22KB , 340x234 , ca1.jpg )
118581 No. 118581 ID: 1dc11c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Lawmakers vote to expand background checks, limit magazines

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>> No. 118866 ID: 63409a
Not only is the US a police state, Americans say that they live in a free country, beg for their chains by asking for more laws, and censor anyone who defends freedom.

Warning ungrateful Americans about the dangers of tyranny today is like yelling to your roommates that the apartment is on fire and being told to shut up while they pour gas on the furniture.

Enslaved Americans worship their beloved government so much now that they look like the Russians who cried when Stalin died.

Americans insist that tyranny won't get worse when history has shown that it certainly will. All the lines have been crossed.

Every minute the tyranny, war, and debt continues will result in a bloodier revolution when the US Ponzi economy implodes.

One hopes that patriots are taking down the names of the elites and politicians to be used when the US house of a cards crumbles.

The USA is so far gone now that freedom loving patriots don't know if they should do more to save the country or cheer the collapse.

When our overlords start WWIII with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, patriots will wonder which side they should take.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 118868 ID: db0586
One of the reasons the US is collapsing now is that the meaning of words have been changed.

Free speech is said to be not free speech.

Religious freedom is said to be not religious freedom.

Gun rights are said to be not gun rights.

Warrantless searches are said to be not warrantless searches.

Forfeiture is said to be not forfeiture.

The right to silence is called not the right to silence.

Torture is called not torture.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 118872 ID: b9ca22
Americans are so enslaved now that if wearing a baseball hat was punishable with a sentence of 1 year in jail, Americans would scream that the punishment should be longer.
>> No. 118876 ID: 281ee5
File 155419838644.jpg - (18.73KB , 189x224 , derp.jpg )
>> No. 119015 ID: 74bc13
nuclear fusion is the only way to produce artificial gold, gold is an atomic element.
how much of the remainder of your paranoia do you think is the result of ignorance rather than reasonable suspicion? all of it?

File 1552616291408.webm - (2.83MB )
118846 No. 118846 ID: d1814c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 118859 ID: 22ba78
If you support group punishment you are a barbaric piece of shit. Pretty simple.
>> No. 118861 ID: a76e3f
No point in setting rules for yourself if the opponent doesn't play by them as well. You should deal the same punishment back, preferably even more vicious and cruel.
>> No. 118862 ID: 2fe849
Fuckin' shackledraggers.
>> No. 118863 ID: 1e5625
File 155271540082.png - (121.85KB , 1440x858 , 1552709836579.png )
Leave it to australians to enact gun bans and censorship everywhere.
>> No. 119008 ID: 7d1e5b
File 156591085225.jpg - (408.59KB , 1800x1292 , 9297f5c4c8646800d97009166a0d2f190dd66f04.jpg )
And now thanks to El Paso shooting 8chan has been down for a week, and will be down for three more weeks
I may ask, where is the SHTF/Prepping thread?

File 155795004318.jpg - (80.88KB , 500x375 , Parliament FPoPNN.jpg )
118941 No. 118941 ID: c41563 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So a series of interesting chain of events in the past few days. I'll try to list them and bring ya'll updates. Not right now, I'll probably start in a couple of hours.
7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 118949 ID: c41563
File 155813730415.jpg - (95.42KB , 800x488 , 800px-SPG_M-1978_KOKSAN.jpg )
Oh let's hear another story before getting back into the subject.

Well back in Iran-Iraq war or 8 year war or holy defense as they called it here, at some point Iraq got sanctioned so they relagged their tankers under kuwait and started selling oil under the table. One day Iraq is making X mil barrels of oil and Kuwait is selling Y mil, next day Iraq is selling no oil and Kuwait is selling X+Y mil... fucking magic. Now for that and for others Kuwait aids to Iraq, IR tried to... send Kuwaitis a message.

The message was, shelling Iraq using North Korean 170mm Koksan artillery... well they did the shelling over Kuwait. So I dunno how many times in history an artillery shell spent considerable part of it's path over a a third country, before going from the country of origin to the country target.

Now if only a time traveler from early nineties could go back to 80s kuwait and tell them about the future they might've reconsidered helping Saddam and saved everyone the trouble. Oh and before anybody decides to steal my ideas, I'm copyrighting this shit. This is NOT gonna be like Avatar all over again, fucking Cameron.

What does it all have to do with Saudi ships getting bombed in a port in UAE anyway? well...
>> No. 118950 ID: c41563
IR motives.

Well let's imagine US doesn't want tension but war, so they'll need allies, normally neighboring countries don't want to get into this kind of shit because well, US comes and goes or comes and doesn't go but they're stuck next to each other for the forseeable future as long as tectonic plates don't separate us which for middle east wouldn't be a bad idea but anyway, they don't want to get into this shit for economical, political and other reasons.

If UAE was to outright lend hand to US, for example providing service to US warships DURING a conflict, they'd become a legitimate target and unlike ships, you can't drag whole countries away. So a country like UAE which counts on oil and commerce with international community and counts on a lot of outside money pouring in wouldn't want to get involved.

Now the idea of IR blowing ships in there to make a point to UAE that helping them realize they wouldn't want to help US/Saudis seems counter productive, at the very least it carries the risk of a 180 and in fact push UAE into the arms of US... or pushing the 'arms' of the US right into UAE... hehe... get it? because arms mean... thank you thank you, don't forget to tip your waiters, I'll be here all week, FPoP's stand up show is here to stay, I'm punning for the permanent position ya'll.

So where was I oh yeah, totally coutner productive right? well to a rational mind definitely, at the very least it carries that risk... but unfortunately there are people on top level here that don't seem very rational. To them, the idea of beating a kid or threatening a kid so that they wouldn't take side with a bigger guy seems totally logical.

So IF IR did it, did they do it as a message to UAE? Don't help US or else these ships look very precious and fragile and would be a shame if soemthing to happen to them? Did they do it as a message to Saudis? Basically telling them to stop feeding the fire or the gulf will plunge into another tanker war and it wouldn't be good for anybody? Or a message to the international community? "See? we CAN turns this entire gulf into shit show."

Oh since we're in middle east, throw in the oligatory Mossad false flag theory as well. We can't have a theory without them. It'd be wrong.
>> No. 118951 ID: c41563
File 155813846366.jpg - (243.01KB , 481x505 , r4325_hotaru maniac.jpg )
Hotaru pharmacy chain, purveyor of the finest narcotics a man can ask for, uppers, downers, hoppers, poppers, show stoppers, every kinda candy that could enhance your experience when your clearing rooms across your own house with your trusty LR300.
>> No. 118952 ID: 9dcda2
File 155839615772.jpg - (638.37KB , 3324x2215 , animal-flight-freedom-162292.jpg )

The struggle is real.

> eyewitnesses report French and American warplanes passing

Pic related.
>> No. 118953 ID: dccf65
>French warplanes

comedy researchers at the university of chicago recently published peer reviewed numerical data and analysis proving that "european military" is the funniest 8 syllable phrase in the english language

File 155489321275.jpg - (120.50KB , 1152x864 , US B-52 Stratofortress bomb bay open.jpg )
118896 No. 118896 ID: 3b755d hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Suddenly this piece of news surfaced here, no credible source and I imagine hiding a b52 crash wouldn't be easy and if it had actually happened it would've been all over the news.
>> No. 118897 ID: 3b755d
File 155489333765.jpg - (90.50KB , 644x790 , photo_2019-04-10_15-17-45.jpg )
In case they try to pretend they never reported it later.
>> No. 118898 ID: 3b755d
>> No. 118902 ID: 5d76a7

That image is from an incident in Guam in 2016.


>> No. 118939 ID: 61e76a
>Shooting Down a B52

Yeah, ok. B52s are not flying out of A'stan, therefore there's no reason to be flying low enough to get hit by Taliban ground fire. No manpad in the world capable of hitting a high altitude B52.

This is hokem. If there is any shred of truth to this it's probably an Antinov transport or something. That however is a BIG IF.
>> No. 118940 ID: 61e76a
This goes for any big bird the US would be using in theater other than C130 platforms.

B1's fly out of a British colony in the Indian Ocean, B52s I believe are still flying from the UK and last I heard Awacs were flying from Germany.

So yeah horse droppings, dear boy.

File 155345409316.png - (147.37KB , 400x400 , LvxyD7NO_400x400.png )
118869 No. 118869 ID: e119cd hide watch quickreply [Reply]

While the Democratic pool of candidates is already full to overflowing, Weld stands alone in glorious isolation as the sole Republican openly planning to take on the most powerful individual on Earth.
>> No. 118870 ID: 61e76a
Why on earth would you want to take on THE GOD EMPEROR?
>> No. 118903 ID: c3b8cf
Weld is a wishy-washy anti-gun moron. Accepting him to run as the VP on the Libertarian ballot was equally stupid.
>> No. 118937 ID: 8dae76

File 153461236834.jpg - (10.75KB , 425x200 , 77.jpg )
118543 No. 118543 ID: 9d4ee9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
FCC shuts down Alex Jones’ pirate flagship radio station

6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 118730 ID: ae7fdb
No one hates freedom more than Americans do.
>> No. 118864 ID: d37834
If Americans don't defend free speech, religious freedom, gun rights, freedom from unconstitutional searches and seizures, the right to silence, and the freedom from torture and extrajudicial assassination, what part of the Bill of Rights do they support?

What country is this?
>> No. 118875 ID: 772231
One wonders if Snowden regrets throwing away his life to warn ungrateful Americans about unconstitutional NSA wire-tapping.
>> No. 118879 ID: fe78f8
The 4th amendment protects against UNREASONABLE searches and seizures.
Which means reasonable searches and seizures are allowed without a warrant.
The courts have established several common reasonable searches. One example is search incident to arrest. When you get arrested, you are searched prior to incarceration in jail.
Most people don’t understand the law, and often, when I see YouTube videos with people complaining about an unlawful search, they are mistaken.
When a cop does make a bad search, the defense attorneys, and the judge will toss the evidence. That is the way it is supposed to work.
>> No. 118880 ID: d189e4
Does anyone get the feeling that anyone supporting the police state now is a paid NSA shill?


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