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File 152063877838.jpg - (128.95KB , 800x800 , DXZVEBNXUAI3vzU.jpg )
118004 No. 118004 ID: 40c0cd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So called "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" (FOSTA, H.R. 1865) passes House, moves onto Senate. Big deal as the entire internet up until now has been built on the legal basis that site operators cannot be prosecuted for the activities of their users. EFF write up is here (passed house overwhelmingly):


Related are so called "Human Trafficking Prevention Acts" introduced in 17 state legislatures and counting. It's too RIDICULOUS to believe, except you'd better believe it. Because it's happening. But Won't somebody please think of the children? The story is just too bizarre:

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>> No. 118071 ID: 8a9be8
File 152178022938.png - (40.05KB , 295x142 , tmp_27117-11161368928111617229844.png )


>> No. 118096 ID: eb5fad
FOSTA is good, imprison
people who want to trade sex online.

Stay mad libertarian faggots.

Why are you deflecting?
>> No. 118100 ID: cefd5a
Glib doesn't mean right, faggot.
>> No. 119364 ID: 208539
One thing worse than living in a police state is finding out that no one cares.
>> No. 119365 ID: 208539
Those who love freedom should use a scientific equation to find out the most effective way to spread freedom. Which method would result in waking the most people up? Would spending $3000 on a billboard lead to 30 Americans becoming Libertarians?

Couldn't promoting liberty be fun?

Assange, Snowden, John Stossel, John Whitehead, and Ron Paul all love freedom, but the US could use more Libertarian leaders.

The US is running out of time. Tyranny always ends with concentration camps.

File 155489321275.jpg - (120.50KB , 1152x864 , US B-52 Stratofortress bomb bay open.jpg )
118896 No. 118896 ID: 3b755d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Suddenly this piece of news surfaced here, no credible source and I imagine hiding a b52 crash wouldn't be easy and if it had actually happened it would've been all over the news.
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>> No. 118898 ID: 3b755d
>> No. 118902 ID: 5d76a7

That image is from an incident in Guam in 2016.


>> No. 118939 ID: 61e76a
>Shooting Down a B52

Yeah, ok. B52s are not flying out of A'stan, therefore there's no reason to be flying low enough to get hit by Taliban ground fire. No manpad in the world capable of hitting a high altitude B52.

This is hokem. If there is any shred of truth to this it's probably an Antinov transport or something. That however is a BIG IF.
>> No. 118940 ID: 61e76a
This goes for any big bird the US would be using in theater other than C130 platforms.

B1's fly out of a British colony in the Indian Ocean, B52s I believe are still flying from the UK and last I heard Awacs were flying from Germany.

So yeah horse droppings, dear boy.
>> No. 119363 ID: f9d2da
Americans scream only famous people should have privacy.

File 152349828349.jpg - (38.97KB , 857x482 , 1018316866.jpg )
118141 No. 118141 ID: f91983 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
…Iron man Mattis halts deliveries. Nice to know that at least one person has their eye on the bottom line. Didn't the president promise to get rid of the thing completely?


The Defense Department has reportedly stopped accepting F-35 jets from Lockheed Martin because of a dispute over who would be responsible for covering the costs to fix a production error found in more than 200 of them.

“Production on the F-35 program continues and we are confident we will meet our delivery target of 91 aircraft for 2018. While all work in our factories remains active, the F-35 Joint Program Office has temporarily suspended accepting aircraft until we reach an agreement on a contractual issue and we expect this to be resolved soon,” a Lockheed spokeswoman told Reuters.

Fixing the jets won’t be simple because it could require technicians to travel to stations around the world, anonymous sources told Reuters.

It isn’t clear when the suspension began, but the Pentagon allegedly received two jets despite the suspension.

This isn’t the first time technical errors have disrupted the Pentagon’s most expensive weapons program.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 118393 ID: 649f2c
>that's assuming this money is actually going to the F-35 project and not being laundered and funneled back out to black-budget fuckery.
you whats kind of ridiculous is that the program itself is so enormously large and complex that no one individual will ever know the answer to that question. you'd need to give a large team of people PhDs in aeronautical accounting years just to get an estimate.
>> No. 119129 ID: 793056
Why did we get nucked back to 2018?
>> No. 119132 ID: 157532
because of the spambot that bumps old threads and tries to flood the board.
>> No. 119134 ID: 61e76a
fair one.
>> No. 119361 ID: 7f8555
Americans used to ridicule the Chinese for being too weak to resist tyranny, but now Americans have found out that they are cowards, too.

No. 119286 ID: 11149e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  >Report: Prisoners overtake Ware prison in Georgia, multiple active shooters and people down, fires spreading
WAYCROSS, GA – We’ve received numerous reports that Ware prison in Georgia has been overrun by inmates. Details are just starting to come in.
We’ve also received unconfirmed reports that guards have been killed.
>> No. 119359 ID: d401e5
The elites decide how they want the world to look and then create it.

File 15801888762.jpg - (322.50KB , 1800x1200 , 1800x1200_coronavirus_1.jpg )
119162 No. 119162 ID: 58727a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
As of 1/28/2020 12:19 Eastern Time there are 4474 confirmed cases, 107 deaths and 5 reported cases in the US, 1 in Canada.
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>> No. 119252 ID: 20aad9

It is though for anyone who's J woke at all.
>> No. 119263 ID: 0d01d8
Don't worry, guise. Rioting cures COVID19.
>> No. 119264 ID: 4f1b12
File 159241368656.jpg - (46.81KB , 322x480 , jew spray.jpg )
glownigger occupied opchan is still dedicated to pushing the narrative that the cnn hoaxvirus is real even though everyone else realized it was a big lie ages ago, color me totally surprised.
>> No. 119265 ID: 8b0fcd
Says the glownigger trying to trick us that it's not real.
Can't trick me, (((CDC)))
>> No. 119354 ID: 7aa9c2
Americans are extremely safe now, but who wants to live in a prison?

File 16014302734.jpg - (101.22KB , 1080x742 , 19GLKUGLCK6MMRSFTSAG_Black_is.jpg )
119320 No. 119320 ID: a4ba10 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
ACLU of Louisiana: ““Ka’Mauri Harrison’s suspension from school was an excessive and unjustified punishment that reflects the deeply-rooted racism that criminalizes Black students and fuels the school-to-prison pipeline.”

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Landry met with the family of a fourth-grader who was suspended for moving a BB gun during a virtual learning session.

The name of the 4th grader is Ka’Mauri Harrison and the young boy attends school in Jefferson Parish.

>> No. 119353 ID: 35e26a
You know that you live in the Twilight Zone when the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state and Americans look you in the eye and say that the USA is a peaceful and free country with a balanced budget.

File 159649050061.jpg - (57.62KB , 500x375 , sheeit.jpg )
119287 No. 119287 ID: aaf1d6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>cops attempt to enter your home at night
>fail to identify themselves
>get shot
>get assigned a public defendant that isn't certified to handle murder trials
>spend 5 years in jail, trial date pushed back multiple times
>gag order placed on attorneys in perpetuity
>bail is $4,000,000

I read about this on here when it happened and they haven't even actually started the trial. I guess they are waiting for him to just die in jail?
>> No. 119288 ID: e9abf8
File 159650286187.jpg - (104.92KB , 611x924 , Wtc-billy-mays.jpg )
>> No. 119291 ID: 7b9ee1
They know that if it goes to trial, he will be found not guilty. So the porkers just keep pushing the trial off. It's just a shame he apparently only killed one of them.
>> No. 119306 ID: c30625
File 159867561632.png - (140.91KB , 680x350 , EeG3TgvWAAA9wbt_png:small.png )
Play nice.
>> No. 119352 ID: b67a2e
Americans scream tyranny is wonderful, but Americans are unable to explain why Cubans try to escape even though Cuba has gun control and free medical care.

File 160234798738.jpg - (185.97KB , 1280x838 , Corona Chan 2.jpg )
119347 No. 119347 ID: 9c11fb hide watch quickreply [Reply]
COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE!

The very concept of germs/viruses has never been proven: https://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/you-cannot-catch-bugs-germs-bacteria-or-candidafungi/

COVID19 is fake and is being used to create a new world order, a one-world government: http://tapnewswire.com/2020/09/ultimate-proof-covid-19-was-planned-to-usher-in-the-new-world-order/

>> No. 119348 ID: 7db4d4
It's real. You're just retarded.
>> No. 119350 ID: a3d350
Resistance becomes a duty when you live in a police state.

Why is Assange in jail, but Clinton isn't?

Why did Snowden throw away his life to warn Americans about the dangers of tyranny?

How can officials and the Gestapo take an oath to defend the Constitution and then violate it everyday? Is a paycheck more important than freedom?

No. 119196 ID: dc570e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
They're using the "shelter in place" ordinance to shut down "nonessential" businesses, and they're saying gun stores are nonessential. This effectively means that there is no legal way to acquire guns in the state now, and you can only buy ammunition at Walmart, but they'll probably find a way to stop that too.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 119208 ID: d21093
Believe me, if we could organize a statewide tax revolt that actually worked, I'd support it. But the vast majority of the population are dumbshit normies and soccer moms, and they just can't handle life without an omnipresent police state brutalizing groups of people they don't like. And that's definitely the case here- whenever I see some comment online about how we need to vote California's unjust laws away, I'm reminded of the cultural divide between the states. They have a supermajority, my vote essentially does not matter. All the dumbshit soccer moms will continue voting away my gun rights and increasing my taxes, and the supreme court isn't doing a damn thing about it.
>> No. 119209 ID: 3743c7
So they're open just restricting sales? What convinces you that the management didn't decide to this on his own?

It must be made clear, there are absolutely people who for whatever rhymes or reasons don't give a shit about accuracy of reporting, and want to use this happening as a pretext to grab power for themselves.

T. I believe there's an option besides another fascist regime. And I understand that belief.
>> No. 119211 ID: d75e02
If you read the articles I posted, it's clear that the state and local government are saying gun stores are "nonessential" businesses, which are being shut down. Various other kinds of businesses are also shutting down, and most of them post signs saying they'll be shut down for a while. None of the signs are typed in such a way as to say they were ordered to shut down, but that's basically what happened. They were told that if they're "nonessential," they are to close. How long these businesses will remain closed, or if some will be allowed to open in the coming weeks, is not certain. Knowing this place, I wouldn't be surprised if they specifically keep guns stores shut down longer than other businesses. And I'm quite concerned that Gavin Nuisance and Javier Basura will decide to drag this on for a year or more, specifically to keep guns from being sold.
>> No. 119218 ID: f2172d
Meanwhile in Texas, the AG says shelter in place orders can't close gun stores.

>> No. 119349 ID: ea3b98
Maybe the real reason the economy has collapsed is because the government has placed everyone under house arrest.

File 159796115393.png - (80.83KB , 600x226 , 600px-Threegorges.png )
119300 No. 119300 ID: b09df8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This place isn't so popular as it once was. In addition to many of us just growing up and without as strong a feeder community, I blame the format favoring a desktop web browser when the world shifted to a phone/tablet view and social media platforms overtaking message boards. But I remember a time when big international goings-on meant there was a thread here.

The flooding along the Yangtze this summer is one of those big deals. And a collapse of the largest gravity dam on the planet could potentially touch off the greatest international economic crisis in history, as well as military conflict grown out of saving face and "controlling the situation."

Be nice if there were enough people to share interesting Twitter threads, thinktank blogs or news reports about it. The rain isn't stopping in its VAST upriver watershed, the flooding and abnormally high stress on the dam has been going on for months, and today the water reached a record height against the dam and volume/minute passing through the sluices.
10 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 119317 ID: 3e69e0
>speaks moonspeak
Thanks I appreciate your concern.

>'He'll be damned if he's gonna let some slope get his hands on his son's birthright'
P.S. Did you hide it in your rectum?
>> No. 119334 ID: 1ad934

I mean, you're wrong, this is not an anime site, in fact for the longest time it was ban-on-site outside the DMZ...

It's a chan, but it's not even remotely anime related.
>> No. 119335 ID: 1dc649
File 160169601332.jpg - (11.47KB , 230x164 , tumblr_inline_opeozifJaa1r9bq4i_250.jpg )
Get off his dick.
>> No. 119345 ID: 132e8e
File 16021966471.jpg - (715.29KB , 1920x1080 , kona_chan147.jpg )
>this derelict hulk drifting along at roughly 4 (You)s per month

I'm starting to remember why I don't come back here more often. There's literally no reason to visit more than once or twice a year; you won't miss anything at all.

Welp, I'm off to wherever the fish are *really* biting. Enjoy your... erm... have a nice day.
>> No. 119346 ID: 7fa206
>pretends to be saddened by shitposting
>hides behind smug indifference

if you really were indifferent you wouldn't post yourself.

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