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File 146407843394.jpg - (5.79KB , 100x100 , laplaceshootgun_1463920872205_2428178_ver1_0.jpg )
111648 No. 111648 ID: d8bff7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

They had a day of family fun ahead of them.

Eric Moore, a father of three from LaPlace, La., was planning to take his kids out to eat before heading to the movie “Angry Birds.”

Before they left the house, police said, Moore jumped in the shower.

“The father said he was taking a shower when he heard a gunshot,” Lt. Greg Baker of the St. John the Baptist Parish sheriff’s office told NBC affiliate WDSU. “He got out of the shower, and that’s when he discovered that his daughter had accidentally shot herself.”

Five-year-old Haley Moore had been playing with her father’s handgun, police said. Moore told investigators that he had left his .45-caliber gun out on a table in the home, the station reported.

Baker told the station that the bullet entered Haley’s right chest and exited under her left arm.

Joy Ursin, a next-door neighbor, described a harrowing scene outside the Moore home about 9:30 a.m. Saturday.
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>> No. 111657 ID: 3dc534
Hiding guns from kids is a bandaid solution that produces just as many accidents and more ignorance.

Responsibility is a personal affair, it isn't something a numale mangina such as yourself gets to ask the government to enforce.

Fuck off and be wrong somewhere else.
>> No. 111658 ID: b66324
Back in the day, when a little girl killed herself in Louisiana, you didn't here about it in Wisconsin. Like many moral panics, it's more likely an increase in coverage than an increase in rate.
>> No. 111660 ID: 074aba
yeah, but i still remember that fucking little bitch who fell down that fucking well. stupid cunt
>> No. 111661 ID: 53e7c0
Back in the day, news was news, as well.

Instead of a bunch of shitty people who are hell-bent on creating a culture of group-think.
>> No. 111664 ID: 9dc901

Hiding guns is not the only solution, but I guess not having foresight means you can't see that.

Now politely you fuck off and be ignorant somewhere else.

File 146302826276.jpg - (58.32KB , 550x364 , 1463021304846.jpg )
111549 No. 111549 ID: 1c3020 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
doesn't it seem like this stuff happens a lot more often lately? ever since bloomberg started throwing his money around. wow, what a fukken coincidence that nobody would ever notice
A 5-year-old girl was playing with her baby brother and 3-year-old neighbor early Wednesday when she found a gun, police said.

The revolver had been tucked under her grandmother’s pillow in the Detroit home. It was loaded. And while in the hands of the little girl, the weapon went off, hitting her in the neck, splattering her head all over the wallpaper and killing her, Detroit police said.

“The grandfather went upstairs and found the baby, and immediately called 911,” officer Jennifer Moreno, a spokeswoman for the Detroit Police Department, told The Post. Medics transported the 5-year-old to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Multiple news outlets, citing family, identified the girl.

“It was an awful tragedy that has all of us shook up and our heart broke,” the girl’s aunt, Freda Davis, told WWJ 950.

#BREAKING PER FAMILY: 5 year old Mariah Davis killed after accidentally shooting herself with grandparents gun pic.twitter.com/tzl5TYgvM0

— Lauren Podell (@Local4Lauren) May 11, 2016
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>> No. 111621 ID: 53e7c0
Exactly. They just did some study and found that kids from gun-homes or pro-gun parents who do not own guns do an infinitely better job teaching their kids gun safety than anti-or non-gun parents.

The kids from the latter group picked it up and started playing with it, while as the kids of the first group generally left it alone, or picked it up and did not touch the trigger or muzzle sweep everyone in the room.
>> No. 111623 ID: 9dc901

My condolences on being functionally illiterate.

>not wearing a hardhat is criminally negligent
>if anyone doesnt wear one, THROW THEM IN PRISON

By your logic not wearing protection, which only potentially harms yourself and not others, is in the same scope as giving a kid a firearm.

And this is why everybody has the stereotypical dumb fat redneck view regarding firearms owners.
>> No. 111626 ID: b49dcc
>And this is why everybody has the stereotypical dumb fat redneck view regarding firearms owners.
Nah the reason everyone* has that view is because shills like you keep trying to force it.

*your retarded liberal family and friends
>> No. 111628 ID: 9dc901

Sure thing junior. Call me when you start functioning in society.
>> No. 111650 ID: bec165
Little different than not putting your infant in a car seat.

File 146394915736.jpg - (3.72MB , 4896x3672 , AVJ6h0n.jpg )
111630 No. 111630 ID: ee4c26 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
post your yfw face while cops don't know how to gunz
mine: https://what.thedailywtf.com/plugins/nodebb-plugin-emoji-static/static/images/tdwtf/rolleyes.gif

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Authorities say the Portland police chief accidentally shot a friend while hunting in Harney County in April.

Harney County Sheriff's Lt. Brian Needham says deputies were called to the Catlow Valley area about 80 miles south of Burns on the afternoon of April 21 for a shooting.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that a 54-year-old man was shot once in the back.

Needham confirmed Portland Police Chief Larry O'Dea was the hunter who fired the shot that hit the man.

Portland police say O'Dea was on vacation when he had a "negligent discharge" from his .22-caliber rifle that injured one of his close friends.

Police say the wounded man was treated at a hospital and released back to the wild.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111632 ID: 9dc901
He should be prosecuted for public endangerment. Wishful thinking, I know.

>> No. 111642 ID: 840548
>public endangerment

it was in the middle of the woods, you safety sally.

No. 111547 ID: 254d85 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>The fire at a fertiliser plant in the US state of Texas that killed 15 people and wounded hundreds in 2013 was a criminal act, say investigators.

>But no arrests have been made and authorities are seeking who was responsible for the blaze.

>A massive explosion which caused a tremor as powerful as a small earthquake left part of the small town of West in ruins.

>Initially it was blamed on an industrial accident.

>On the night of 17 April 2013, a fire broke out at the West Fertilizer Co and was followed by an explosion that possessed the force of a 2.1-magnitude earthquake.

>The explosion flattened homes, shattered a block of flats and badly damaged a nursing home and several schools.

>On Wednesday, the announcement that there was criminal intent was made by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111571 ID: 5d0636

That's kind fucking crazy, hope they catch this fucker.
>> No. 111620 ID: 14d554
not me, i like explosions they're kewl

File 146052496525.jpg - (70.89KB , 600x375 , a-fast-and-furious-life-FF1.jpg )
111381 No. 111381 ID: 7c90e8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Remember that operation where Obama supplied Mexican Drug Cartels with weapons?

>> No. 111586 ID: de0bec
Oh wow, I completely missed this. Bumpen.
>> No. 111587 ID: 86ccb5
So obviously it'll be
>5 years later
>obama is on his way out anyway
>its been so long we cant figure this out
>nothing happens

oh boy!
>> No. 111607 ID: 12481e
aren't document dumps generally to throw people off of something else or hide something?
>> No. 111610 ID: f49edb

Sometimes. Other times they are just a bureaucrat who wanted the documents public finally clearing all the hurdles to release them so they all get vomited out simultaneously.

File 145799395738.png - (601.99KB , 687x406 , Msg3zqK.png )
110849 No. 110849 ID: 254d85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>More than a million Brazilians have joined anti-government rallies across the country, ramping up the pressure on embattled president Dilma Rousseff.

>Already struggling with an impeachment challenge, the worst recession in a century and the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil’s history, the Workers party leader was given another reason to doubt she will complete her four-year term.

>The demonstrations on Sunday – which reached all 26 states and the federal district – were expected to be bigger than similar rallies last year. The largest took place in São Paulo, where the polling company Datafolha estimated the crowd at 450,000, more than double the number it registered last year.

>Organisers, police and local media calculated far greater numbers. According to police sources cited by Globo, 3.5 million people took part nationwide in 326 cites, including 100,000 in Brasilia and 70,000 in Curitiba. The exact figures are contested, but undeniably huge.

>In Rio de Janeiro, dense crowds stretched along the beachfront from Copacabana to Leme, and organisers estimated there were as many as a million participants. Police had yet to provide figures, but it looked likely to exceed 100,000.

>Many protesters wore the canary yellow shirts of the national football team, or draped themselves in the national flag. Others carried banners expressing anger at bribery scandals and economic woes.

>Parents brought children, and some families wore matching “impeachment now” T-shirts. Neighbours travelled on public buses, chanting anti-Rousseff slogans.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 111592 ID: 90a126
File 146352158386.jpg - (36.85KB , 550x396 , 6d48529f1f866208cb56b771697c3683.jpg )
>over a million Brazilians protesting

Darn, should have been playing some MMOs.

Seriously though, good on them. The BRs actually stood up to make their voice heard in pretty massive numbers.

Imagine what America would be like if Americans did the same thing, if protests weren't limited to extremes on both sides with the hippies of Occupy Wall Street and the morons of the Teat Party, if protesting wasn't seen as something only bad people do.
>> No. 111596 ID: 20f52b
>The BRs actually stood up to make their voice heard in pretty massive numbers.
>if protesting wasn't seen as something only bad people do
Except this time they are protesting against impeachment, which will be automatically viewed as something bad or at least insignificant.

Meanwhile, I have to note, it seems like there are a lot of people who were at low start since the first news, so at this point they are rushing to make as much business as possible.

>Brazil installs neoliberal government
>first day
>acquires economist from US
>closes embassies
>sells oil bonds
>starts planting soya
>economy is fucked anyway
>legalize gambling
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111597 ID: 90a126
File 146358592238.jpg - (100.45KB , 317x394 , muslimmarxist.jpg )
>Except this time they are protesting against impeachment

Where do you get that? Even the first line of the OP says they are anti-government rallies.

>More than a million Brazilians have joined anti-government rallies across the country, ramping up the pressure on embattled president Dilma Rousseff

I doubt they would be protesting against the impeachment of the head of the government when they are doing anti-government protests. It would be like saying a Tea Party protest is pro-Obama.
>> No. 111601 ID: 385f49
File 146360620928.jpg - (24.83KB , 644x429 , does this look like a face of mercy.jpg )
>Where do you get that? Even the first line of the OP says they are anti-government rallies.
Yes, people protest against government that impeached President. Many of them still protest against the president, too, but of course, modern law in most countries allows such procedures without nation-wide voting.

A normal person in developed country wouldn't be very friendly towards "feminists", "left" and "nationals" and such, but they have no idea that they are talking about a developing country that has a lot of standards to catch up to.

>Vice President Michel Temer, expected to take over soon as Brazil's acting president, plans to cut the number of government ministries to 22 from 32

>The Science and Technology portfolio will become part of the Communications Ministry, Jucá said.

>More controversial will be Temer's plan to put Agrarian Reform under the wing of the Social Development Ministry and trim other ministries attending to dedicated constituencies.

>Temer plans to subordinate Culture to the Education Ministry and eliminate the Human Rights Ministry, which would become part of a new Justice and Citizenship ministry, three sources familiar with the plan told Reuters.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111602 ID: 385f49
>ultra-conservative government
Term is "a cabinet", of course.

File 14627314763.gif - (12.95KB , 554x374 , df5.gif )
111529 No. 111529 ID: c1c101 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is the world we live in...If you do math on a plane, you're probably a terrorist.

On Thursday evening, a 40-year-old man — with dark, curly hair, olive skin and an exotic foreign accent — boarded a plane. It was a regional jet making a short, uneventful hop from Philadelphia to nearby Syracuse.

Or so dozens of unsuspecting passengers thought.

The curly-haired man tried to keep to himself, intently if inscrutably scribbling on a notepad he’d brought aboard. His seatmate, a blond-haired, 30-something woman sporting flip-flops and a red tote bag, looked him over. He was wearing navy Diesel jeans and a red Lacoste sweater – a look he would later describe as “simple elegance” – but something about him didn’t seem right to her.

She decided to try out some small talk.

Is Syracuse home? She asked.

No, he replied curtly.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 111564 ID: 254d85
Sorry but the rise of Wahhabi Islam can be directly linked to the Saudi government's response to the 1979 Grand Mosque siege. The king believed that the the attack was divine punishment because they weren't being pious enough, and therefore the country needed to be more pious.
>> No. 111565 ID: 9723b1
This is spot on honestly, it's basically what the Islamic Golden Age was.

Sprinkle in some shitty critiques-from-the-Islamic-perspective of previous philosophical works, some forcefully converted foreign philosophers, and some burning of foreigner books so they seemed dumber by comparison through the lens of history.

He's off just by a few years.

Ottoman policy was to de-emphazise Islam in their Muslim conquests, and overemphasize it in their Christian conquests, in an attempt to reach some kind of mad balance. Also because Saudis and Iranians have more claim to the "throne of islam" due to their links to Mohammed.

The desert dwelling Arabs were a non thing, and the Persians over-emphasized Islam as a way to paint an us-vs-them picture, and paint Turks as apostates.

When the Ottoman empire got BTFO, their previous Muslim holdings had the pendulum swing in the other direction, and they over-emphasized Islam.

This came to a head in the 50s with Gutb and the like, when Islamism started being supported by the west as a way to fight the atheist Commies.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111566 ID: 38f673
File 146309930078.jpg - (15.20KB , 480x360 , Neutral president.jpg )
>A fanatically neutral, extreme centrist.

Must be a drab to talk to.
>> No. 111568 ID: 52ed6e
>Atheism is a Religion like Baldness is a Hairstyle
I'm on to you, Alija.
>> No. 111579 ID: b0b6d9

File 146257333511.jpg - (28.52KB , 624x416 , BBsJ4sc.jpg )
111521 No. 111521 ID: 4b8f8e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Police in Montgomery County arrested a man Friday afternoon who is a suspect in the fatal shootings of a man at a mall in Bethesda and a woman at a grocery store in Aspen Hill, and is believed to have killed his estranged wife outside a Prince George’s County school on Thursday.

The arrest of Eulalio Tordil, 62, a federal police officer, ended a manhunt that began Thursday and forced authorities to put Montgomery County schools, government buildings and retail establishments on lockdown. Three other people were wounded in the attacks. The lockdowns were lifted after the arrest.

Police said the Friday incidents began about 11 a.m. when one man was fatally shot, another critically injured and a woman wounded in the parking lot of the Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. Police believe two of the people shot had rushed to the aid of the first victim. A short time later, a woman was shot and killed at the Aspen Hill Giant about nine miles away. Police did not publicly identify any of those victims.

The violence started Thursday evening, police said, when they believe Tordil fatally shot his estranged wife, Gladys Tordil, outside High Point High School in Beltsville. A bystander who had tried to help was wounded.

Two law enforcement officials said Tordil had told his colleagues he had planned to die in a “suicide by cop.” At least one of those individuals said that he wrote a suicide note asking forgiveness for his actions and apologizing to his “brothers in blue.”
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111523 ID: 82a3e8
>Old black cop goes on shooting spree in a place where citizens cant own guns
Welp, This will be out of the news in 3..2..and its gone.
>> No. 111525 ID: 3b980d
Is can be look at disease instead of symptoms tiems nao?

Yeah, who am I kidding. This won't get any notice, even with the antis being desperate to label anything a mass shooting.
>> No. 111526 ID: 9dcda2
File 146267740062.gif - (83.16KB , 659x438 , boston market.gif )
> The silver Hyundai police had been searching for since Thursday was parked in front of Boston Market, where the suspect ate lunch as police watched and waited for a moment to safely nab him.

> Felix Alvarez said two friends who work at Boston Market told him the suspect had a salad and glass of water at a table near the window. They described him as pleasant and said he carried a duffle bag. Police moved in after he left the market.

> The shootings and capture brought an erie reminder of the 2002 sniper shootings, in which 10 people were killed and others wounded in the Washington area. Authorities said those killers, John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, ate at the same Boston Market during their rampage.

Holy fuck I'm glad the Boston Market I go to is 10 miles away. That means I should be safe, right?

Why is it the places where I really want to carry a gun are the places I'm not allowed to? Fuck Maryland.
>> No. 111527 ID: 028b36
Since he is a cop what happen if you shoot him with your legal CCW? Would it still consider assaulting a federal agent? Or It's ok to do that?
>> No. 111535 ID: c05e32
My local channel three news reported on it this morning but omitted his profession.

No. 111498 ID: d57b03 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

BAGHDAD (AP) -- Hundreds of protesters climbed over the blast walls surrounding Baghdad's highly-fortified Green Zone for the first time on Saturday and stormed into parliament, carrying Iraqi flags and chanting against the government.

The breach marked a major escalation in the country's political crisis following months of anti-government protests, sit-ins and demonstrations by supporters of influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The Green Zone is home to most ministries and foreign embassies and has long been the focus of al-Sadr's criticism of the government.

Earlier Saturday, al-Sadr accused Iraqi politicians of blocking political reforms aimed at combating corruption and waste. While al-Sadr didn't call for an escalation to the protests, shortly after his remarks his supporters began scaling the compound's walls. A group of young men then pulled down a section of concrete blast walls to cheers from the crowd of thousands gathered in the streets outside.

Cellphone video uploaded to social media showed dozens of young men running through the halls of parliament, chanting slogans in support of al-Sadr and calling for the government to disband.

"We are all with you (al-Sadr)," one group of men yelled as the entered the building's main chamber.

Increasingly tense protests and a series of failed reform measures have paralyzed Iraq's government as the country struggles to fight the Islamic State group and respond to an economic crisis sparked in part by a plunge in global oil prices.

A broad-based protest movement last summer mobilized millions and pressured Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to submit a proposal to reduce the size of the Cabinet and replace political appointees with independent technocrats.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111500 ID: 70d38f
  >hundreds of freshly made flags
>people in bright clothers
>loud music
>no aggression or clashes
>police doing nothing
That's it, every 21st century revolution from now on is a reality show.
>> No. 111514 ID: ca1f0b

And then they left.

I think our Iraq strategy actually worked and we've achieved full Cocacolanization...

Now they're protesting lazy US style.

>hey, wanna stay for the jihad later on?
>what? nah man, the Kardashians are on later
>oh shit, you're right. Crap, I forgot to set the TV to record
>wow, better get on that before your wife kills you

File 146231318121.jpg - (64.15KB , 650x400 , 3176108_large.jpg )
111513 No. 111513 ID: 1aea9c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A trembling veteran stood before a judge, ready to turn himself in to serve a night in jail for lying to the court. What that judge did for him that night will remain with that vet the rest of his life.

Judge Lou Olivera presides over the Veterans Treatment Court in Cumberland County, N.C. The Veterans Treatment Court program assigns judges, typically vets themselves, to oversee treatment of veterans caught up in the criminal justice system. The program combines strict treatment with personal accountability, something most veterans understand and respond to.

The goal is to end the merry-go-round of substance abuse, mental health problems and criminal activity.

One veteran whom Olivera’s seen a lot of since the Cumberland County program began is Joe Serna. Serna, a medically retired Special Forces Green Beret, has had a rough time of it since his 2008 return from his fourth tour in Afghanistan. Serna suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after nearly drowning in a submerged truck. The only survivor of that incident, Serna is now understandably afraid of small, tight spaces.

A series of problems sent Serna off-track in his post-military life. After an arrest for drunk driving, one of the conditions of his probation was to avoid alcohol. Serna reported for urinalysis to Judge Olivera’s Veterans Treatment Court every two weeks. Recently, he lied about a urinalysis result, but then came clean to the court.

“I gave Joe a night in jail because he had to be held accountable,” Olivera told CBS News. Olivera came to realize, however, that he couldn’t send Serna there alone.

Serna showed up trembling, fearful due to his PTSD, but ready to do his sentence. Olivera personally drove him to the jail. He decided along the way to do something he’d never done before. He would stay with Serna inside that cell all night.

“I knew what Joe was going through and I knew Joe’s history,” Olivera told CBS News. “And he had to be held accountable — but I just felt I had to go with him. I felt I had to go with him.” Serna, surprised and grateful, spent much of that night talking to the judge.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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