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File 145746234392.jpg - (97.71KB , 620x349 , Tiffanie-Hupps-feature.jpg )
110753 No. 110753 ID: c1ae99 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
A West Virginia woman who stood between her dog and a cop who was about to shoot it was acquitted by a jury of obstruction charges on February, 29th, 2016.

West Virginia state trooper Seth Cook testified that he was not afraid of the dog, but was following training that required him to kill all dogs that approach him, even if it was chained and wagging its tail as Buddy was doing in this case.

And because Tiffanie Hupp tried to stop him from doing so, she was arrested.

Hupp, 23, and mother of two, told Photography is Not a Crime that the cops weren’t even called to her family’s property in Parkersburg for a dispute involving a dog on May 9, 2015.

Instead, they were there to mediate a tiff between her stepfather-in-law and his neighbor.

In fact, they were the ones that called police in the first place.

Cook had just talked to her neighbor’s and had stepped onto her family’s property when Buddy began barking and approaching the officer, reaching the end of its chain.

That’s when Hupp’s husband, Ryan Hupp, 25, began recording.
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>> No. 110771 ID: 50cd85
>was following training that required him to kill all dogs that approach him, even if it was chained ..

Produce documentation of said training, or be prepared to do time, you fucktard.
>> No. 110772 ID: a18c5a
"Gentlemen of the Jury: The one, absolute, unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog." -George Graham Vest
>> No. 110788 ID: 53e7c0
reminds me of that case in Utah last year, or two ago, where a toddler was missing and during a search of the neighborhood a cop hopped in someone's fenced in yard and shot their dog...

Turned out the kid was asleep in the corner of the house.
>> No. 110791 ID: dda126
They know what dogs can do from their own practices. Cops are feeding people to their "k9s" regularly. Somebody pls go find the vid of a dog being sent in and directly going for the jugular of an unarmed man sitting on a couch killing him. In reality we should have a

>standard operating procedure to shoot cops that approach us
>> No. 110792 ID: 90a126
File 145762638080.jpg - (21.35KB , 400x400 , Puppycide_Sign.jpg )
The problem is obvious, cops being trigger happy. And thats not just to dawgs unless you count black people and mentally ill people as dogs but why would you?

Police are far too liable to shoot first rather then taking the time to assess a situation resulting in dogs being shot for being dogs, kids being shot for holding airshit guns and Wii-motes, and crap like that.

The solution? Dunno. Police retraining certainly can help. More research into less lethal but still effective alternatives to a Glawk and Taser that gives the ranger and reliability of a pistol with the less deading ability of a taser. More public outcry over these senseless killings and not some black lives matter bullshit that defends every thug and punks that got themselves shot by being fucktards right alongside innocent victims. Greater punishments for cops who fuck up, which is probably the hardest.

One of the best solutions is probably something mentioned in the article, people recording the cops. Cops try, try, try to stop it of course, sometimes even have the courts backing them but the best defense against trigger happy cops is to record the fuck out of them and send the video to as many people as possible.

Anyway, I've been following this story since it was close to home (literally) and glad the woman didn't go to jail. This entire case was all kinds of shady and hopefully the cop and the public defender get some punishment (unlikely).

Whats interesting is usually in the area WV State Troopers are seen as more fair and honest then locals. Pretty much everyone says its better to deal with a ST then a local cop because the local cops are usually emotional assholes who act like bullies (which to be fair some do) while the STs act more professional.

A single bad apple? Maybe, though I dunno considering the conflict of interest shenanigans with the Troopers boss and the public defender.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 110634 ID: 9dc901 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
  It looks to have survived it well, but it is a frontal shot against ERA.
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>> No. 110717 ID: de0bec
As if it weren't obvious enough who they were run by...
>> No. 110721 ID: 385f49
File 14570155328170.webm - (4.84MB )

>The Spanish authorities on Thursday released a video showing a large pile of seized camouflage clothing. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry later said that the uniforms were not made in Spain and that an investigation was still underway to determine where they came from. It was unclear whether the uniforms were intended to be used for specific operations.

Video related. New uniform. Tactical boots. Lots of ammo.
>> No. 110777 ID: 037541
  Interesting video, people protection unit Abrams operating in Iraq. One point you get to see the thermal view and watch a bunch of ISIS disappear when a 120mm tank shell obliterates them.
>> No. 110778 ID: fdcde4
Are you suggesting that all of those poor refugees go naked?
>> No. 110780 ID: 385f49
File 145753342014.jpg - (189.30KB , 563x633 , 1222361901351.jpg )
Excuse me, but those aren't poor refugees at all, they look more like tourists.

About 100 years ago some people called it "population control" or some shit. This was before WWI happened, so they didn't know what are they talking about.

File 145745403042.jpg - (41.61KB , 453x604 , peace.jpg )
110748 No. 110748 ID: dda126 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>Shitposting is over.

Not even close!

2nd attempt:



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>> No. 110762 ID: dda126
>Yeah well that means you wouldn't be sure if she was a touched in the head or an actual member of terrorist cell or some larger operation.

As if it mattered. Russia was trying to silence this just like GER was trying to silence the Cologne happenings citing "not inflaming the Muslims further" as a reason. Her being mental is already the established narrative, which again goes something like "this incident has nothing to do with Islam, it's a regrettable singular incident and the doing of a deranged woman."
>> No. 110763 ID: b86cd3
>buttmad little turk thinks russia isn't directly supporting islamic terrorism

just lmao
>> No. 110766 ID: 360765
I assume no one expected it to be a real babys head because... holy shit no one is that insane.

u wot m8?
>> No. 110773 ID: da34c8
you must be new here.
>> No. 110775 ID: e59f1a

Yea Russia was trying to silence it so bad the spokeschanel of the state was running the story hours after it happened.

And where do you NOT see her being mental? If she actually wanted to commit a terrorist act, why not connect to a terror cell? Why not manufacture homemade explosives? Why not kill somebody other than a handicapped girl, which actually is sort of a blessing in disguise for the parents.

1. You should stop making shit up.
2. You should think about the circumstances a bit.

File 145728892898.jpg - (60.04KB , 334x750 , atf mind blown.jpg )
110735 No. 110735 ID: dda126 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

probably going to be deleted by the FB-employed hate speech police ruling this shitheap gain but you gotta keep on fighting the good fight...
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 110741 ID: dda126
File 145736176810.gif - (1.40MB , 413x192 , you.gif )
>moose limb nanny decapitates 3 year old toddler
>parades head in square
>screams Allahu snackbar!
>say it's revenge for Putin's fight in Syria
>[i]Not particularly interesting news.
>> No. 110743 ID: ddcecc
File 145738876173.gif - (114.35KB , 550x400 , 135389580626.gif )

What's actually newsworthy here?

Muslim nations live under various levels of Sharia.

Sharia is Muslim.

This means that if you do shit against the Islamic religion, you're FUCKED. IT IS NOT NEW NEWS.

and regarding nanny nanny chop chop, if you trust a muslim at this point, you're generally pretty fucking stupid with the way that the planet is going. Peace with Islam = no other religions BUT Islam.
>> No. 110744 ID: 356b5c
  >be barbaric muslim
>force women to hide skin & stay innadoors
>horney but can't enjoy fellow barbaric women
>pimp young boys to crossdress, dance , & screw
>it's ok its just our culture

>mfw isis probably prefers the same
>> No. 110745 ID: 360765
File 145740786777.gif - (0.96MB , 384x288 , shamecube.gif )
>This means that if you do shit against the Islamic religion, you're FUCKED.
I think after millions dead and civilizations ruined so far we've proven if they do shit against the west, they're FUCKED.

Oh that guy... go back to your failed website that everyone left. You're worse than venjude, back to your shame box.
>> No. 110747 ID: ae87b5
File 145744258311.gif - (37.12KB , 400x400 , Lockout-Tag-Hard-Hat-Decal-HH-0218.gif )
Shitposting is over.

File 145709701116.png - (131.65KB , 600x465 , Apple-and-terrorism.png )
110719 No. 110719 ID: 5a0b76 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Didn't see a thread about it so I figured I'd start one.

Apple encryption is in fact strong enough to block da guberment and there wasn't a back door already built into the system. Quit frankly that surprised me.



My 2 cents- encryption is always in the best interest of the general public and state organizations. If the FBI can't get the job done now, how did they ever get anything done before when the most you had to go on was 'a call was made to X' and there was no fucking records period.

FBI is being lazy, and it highlights the lack tech savvy. Apple is fighting the good fight which makes it hard for me to be smug from my linux box. I hate not getting to be smug
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 110730 ID: 7c90e8
>OPERATED by the dead terrorists... and OWNED by the company they worked for
Apple products are generally only leased and operated by their customers, and owned by the company itself, or by the service provider.

Most cell phones in fact keep some functions of the phone reserved for the service provider. One key function is the root access for the phone, which if given to FBI they can easily bypass all your passwords.

Putting valuable shit on an cellphone is dumb, the only thing I keep on it is smut, my own cock pictures and naked pictures women send me. If FBI wants to look at that, go right ahead.
>> No. 110732 ID: a18c5a
The way I've always understood it when it came to warrants is, it gives the government the permission to get into something they otherwise couldn't. However, other than gaining the permission, they have no special help in gaining access. They still have to break in to plant the bug, tap the phone, or in more recent years, track emails and electronic locations. The government can hack to their hearts content provided they have the warrant, but they still have to hack. How in the ever loving fuck can a court require a tech company to program software to hack a device? Supposing they say no? How would you then compel them to carry out this technologically difficult and nuanced task? It must be difficult, or some braniac in the federal government would've done so already with his court given permission. Is an agent going to hold a team of Apple programmers and developers at gunpoint until the task is complete?
>> No. 110733 ID: ae87b5

Well enter the handy All Writs Act - the court can order literally anything.

In the past this is usually stuff like ordering landlords to give you a key rather than breaking down the door and similar stuff, this is one of the first really big tests on it about technology.

TBH the AWA is outrageously broad and essentially grants the courts unlimited power. It needs to be changed.
>> No. 110734 ID: 20f52b
>How would you then compel them to carry out this technologically difficult and nuanced task?
>Is an agent going to hold a team of Apple programmers and developers at gunpoint until the task is complete?
A big, solid wad of cash would convince them enough. But I can't really imagine the pile of money big enough to satisfy Apple, maybe that's the main problem.
>> No. 110742 ID: 82a3e8
The man has been doing all sorts of dick moves to "combat terrorism" that probably dont really combat terrorism.

File 145540059497.jpg - (33.30KB , 605x328 , 111005_antonin_scalia_ap_605.jpg )
110443 No. 110443 ID: 3052f4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.
According to a report, Scalia arrived at the ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people. When he did not appear for breakfast, a person associated with the ranch went to his room and found a body.
U.S. District Judge Fred Biery said he was among those notified about Scalia's death.
"I was told it was this morning," Biery said of Scalia's death. "It happened on a ranch out near Marfa. As far as the details, I think it's pretty vague right now as to how," he said. "My reaction is it's really unfortunate with any death. And now, politically, in the presidential cycle we're in my educated guess is nothing will happen before the next president is elected."

49 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 110685 ID: 7c90e8
obama cum gargler #56521334 detected
>> No. 110689 ID: a18c5a
File 145679779466.jpg - (29.47KB , 320x218 , Skull%2BBones.jpg )
Sounds like typical exclusive rich people shit. I don't think his death had to do with much more than being fat and old.
>> No. 110691 ID: edd03a

$20 says some sort of "Mr. Hands" video will leak.
>> No. 110713 ID: a18c5a
File 145694458036.jpg - (21.93KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
I don't understand.
>> No. 110718 ID: edd03a

You should look into it.

The journey leads to a video of some guy named Mr. Hands being fucked to death by a horse.

File 145557796950.png - (151.90KB , 819x1024 , Air_America_wings_svg.png )
110521 No. 110521 ID: e649f7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It was supposed to be a routine refueling stop in Zimbabwe by an American-owned cargo plane, traveling from Germany to South Africa. Then airport officials noticed blood splattered on the fuselage, and found a corpse and a small fortune in South African cash inside.

The discovery on Sunday led the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe to impound the aircraft, an unmarked chartered MD11 freighter owned by Western Global Airlines, a well-established international cargo carrier based in Estero, Fla. As of Monday, the aircraft remained on the tarmac at the airport in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, and officials said they were still investigating.

The identity of the corpse was not clear. Western Global Airlines, which confirmed on Monday that it owned the plane, said in a statement that the corpse was suspected to have been a stowaway “who may have entered the airplane during a previous stop.”

The airline said the plane had been leased to Network Airline Management, a longtime customer based in Britain that uses Western Global Airlines aircraft and crews for several flights a week from Europe to Africa. Western Global said the cash was a shipment for the South African Reserve Bank.

Officials at Network Airline Management, whose headquarters are at Gatwick Airport, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Herald, Zimbabwe’s leading newspaper, which was among the first to report the episode, said the plane had been “stashed with millions of rands.” One million rand is equivalent to about $62,500.

The newspaper also said that South Africa’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Vusi Mavimbela, confirmed the incident but could not give further details.

News agency accounts said the crew members — two Americans, a South African and a Pakistani — had not been aware of the corpse. The accounts speculated that the person found dead, who apparently had sneaked into the landing gear opening, was crushed when the gear retracted after takeoff.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 110538 ID: b86cd3
>rando guy sneaks onto airport and dies in landing gear, 50/50 chance to get to europe!
>zimboobwans "impound" currency that's actually worth something
>"It's a conspiracy!"
>> No. 110560 ID: e649f7
File 145591294943.jpg - (42.30KB , 670x300 , South-African-mercenaries-are-reportedly-operating.jpg )
I doubt SA is the target. AFRICOM and the Intel agencies have interests basically anywhere
1) there are Islamic political groups of any degree of militant
2) where the Chinese have economic interests.

SA is a great place for intelligence and recruiting ground for "partners." Link related.

>> No. 110589 ID: 254d85
South African mercenaries/advisers generally work better with African forces because they're not as racist as Americans/Europoors and better understand the abilities and limits of having poorly trained conscripts and few skilled NCOs.

But anyways, turns out the money was owned by the South African government.
>The airline confirmed that their aircraft was leased to Network Airline Management. The shipment picked up in Munich was destined for South African Reserve Bank. The aircraft operates to Africa for Network Airline Management several times a week on a regular basis with Western Global providing aircraft and crew and Network Airline Management providing security, ground handling and cargo. The airline wrote: "During a routine fuel stop in Zimbabwe, a body was found in the lower compartment. The body is presumed to be a stowaway who may have entered the airplane during a previous stop. The situation is currently under review."

>South African Reserve Bank stated: "The bulk of the annual production of banknotes is done locally in South Africa and a small percentage is done offshore as part of the contingency plans of the SARB. The aircraft currently detained at Harare Airport is carrying a consignment of South African banknotes that was produced overseas as part of the SARB's annual production plan."

>On Feb 20th 2016 Zimbabwean police stated, that the autopsy of the body revealed no internal or external injuries, the death was result of lack of oxygen. There was no suspicious activity by the crew, nothing suspicious around the cargo of 67 tons of bank notes. The aircraft and crew therefore were released to continue the flight.
>> No. 110601 ID: 1b32b6

>South African mercenaries/advisers

>not as racist as Americans/Europoors


Saffie mercs are generally effective because they can go into other African countries and not be allied to any of the twelve parties involved... because they tend to really, really hate black people.
>> No. 110694 ID: cf4435
>I doubt SA is the target. AFRICOM and the Intel agencies have interests basically anywhere
i like your conspiracy theory.
It would explain why their explanations of what the money was for came across as really awkward, at least according to some blog. Like someone repeatedly saying "this is not what it looks like!" when nobody thought it looked like anything:

File 145591418876.png - (285.88KB , 536x400 , epic lulz.png )
110561 No. 110561 ID: 649f2c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
By urging his followers to vote against Donald Trump, the Roman Catholic Church has left the realm of impartial, tax-exempt charitable organizations and joined the realm of partisan politics. Welcome to the realm, Pope Francis, its gonna cost your at least $500,000,000 a year in taxes paid to Uncle Sam if you want to pontificate on our elections. If you don't pay, maybe we need to build a wall to keep foreign politicians who don't pay their taxes out of the country, but only after we're done building a wall to keep the Pope's Mexican zerg rush out of the country.


Donald Trump has received his very own, highly publicized Day of Judgment.

Charges brought against him suggest there is a deep divide between the claims he has made about himself and his behavior.

But just who are the National Review editors to judge?

A kind of conservative judgment day came in January when the magazine first unveiled its polemic against Trump’s candidacy. The arguments made in the “Against Trump” symposium declared that Trump is just not a conservative.

[What Donald Trump and Pope Francis actually have in common]

On top of that, Trump’s religious beliefs have now been called into question by a very prominent source, the spiritual leader for more than 1 billion Christians around the world.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
24 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 110613 ID: 649f2c
how can anyone legit believe that all those weird made up rules are somehow "gods way" or some this like that? it reminds of MMO rules. can i suck on mary maglene's horny titties in heaven if i pay vietnamese WoW gold miners to do a million rosaries for me? fukken weird nonsensical superstitions these motherfuckers live by, they got no real grasp on reality at all.
>> No. 110617 ID: 9723b1
"Doing works of mercy" = "donating to the vatican so they can pretend to do works of mercy while buying gold toilet seats", no one is getting fooled anymore.

>doesn't save your soul from Hell
You're a fucking idiot. If purgatory is passed, the person goes to heaven. Intervening in purgatory with wizard paper is EXACTLY SAVING THEIR SOUL FROM HELL.

Ah yes that mysterious thing that Protestants don't believe exist and Orthodox barely acknowledge exists, Catholics have managed to turn into a business model. This is A-OK.

>a lot of catholics
A Roman Catholic is someone who believes what the pope says, and holds to the dogma of the vatican. If your catholic upbringing didn't include the purgatory... guess what, you're a protestant!

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 110628 ID: 53e7c0
Orthodoxy doesn't believe Purgatory exists. They have totally different concepts. When you die, your soul separates from your body, and it can hang around Earth for a while, or you pass GO and collect your "temporary Judgment" where you get to go to Paradise or Hell depending.
However, they think your soul gets a taste of either of these until Final Judgment, Judgment Day, etc. where your soul and body reunite and you experience your perfect state in Heaven.

I'm not an expert on this stuff, I just took some theology and religion classes to satisfy Gen Ed. I found it to be a lot more educational and professional than the "Ethnic Studies" disciplines.
>> No. 110668 ID: a569d7
>A Roman Catholic is someone who believes what the pope says, and holds to the dogma of the vatican. If your catholic upbringing didn't include the purgatory... guess what, you're a protestant!

You're kind of doing the thing Soren does--treating a religion like D&D and acting like there's a Dungeon Master watching the rules and making sure everyone sticks to their class and alignment. You can't be a Paladin you just did ___! Reality just doesn't work that way.
>> No. 110669 ID: a569d7
That is--religion just doesn't work that way. There's a lot of shit doctrine in a lot of religions say people shouldn't do that they still do. They're still in those religions.

I mean look at what happened when the Vatican tried to do away with a bunch of saints we're pretty sure never actually existed. Did people stop wearing St. Christopher medals? Nope.

File 145628857654.jpg - (473.86KB , 1278x1600 , 1455592668228-1.jpg )
110610 No. 110610 ID: e07445 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Trump shows up at a caucus Glenn Beck was at shilling for Cruz and does a speech
16 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 110657 ID: d0041a
These are good things, it's about fucking time someone put the evangelical right in their place and not pander to their horseshit.
It's either going to be live and let live and be left alone for them, or their going to see increased marginalization and hostility in politics.
And then there is the crowd who would rather vote Hillary than trump.......

I can't stand Rubio, he's just flat out wrong/flip flopping on immigration.

You know why this all sounding crazy? Because this primary is not for you; they aren't trying to get 20-30 something quasi libertarian average guy who uses logic 'yet', they (really and esp trump because he's swinging the narrative and target away from traditional conservatives) are trying to attract the discontent, fed up, disaffected, and the politically inefficate.

Isn't Trump's economic policy more like Barry Goldwater than Reaganomics? As in actually fiscal conservative?
>> No. 110659 ID: cfaec1
>just because they have more vested interest in "the system"
Not quite.
>> No. 110660 ID: cfaec1
  And of course this...
>> No. 110662 ID: 53e7c0
Uh yeah. There's a clear and well documented correlation between age, education, working experience, and political beliefs.

I see your snazzy youtube video by a talk show host, and raise you an actual scholarly source.

Conservatives have broader moral sense than liberals, says ‘Righteous Mind’ author
>> No. 110663 ID: 53e7c0
University of Virginia professor Jonathan Haidt’s research study asked individuals to answer questionnaires regarding their core moral beliefs, questions like what sorts of values they consider sacred, which they would compromise on, and how much it would take to get them to make those compromises. By themselves, these exercises are interesting.

But Haidt’s research went one step further, asking self-indentified conservatives to answer those questionnaires as if they were liberals and for liberals to do the opposite. What Haidt found is that conservatives understand liberals’ moral values better than liberals understand where conservatives are coming from. Worse yet, liberals don’t know what they don’t know; they don’t understand how limited their knowledge of conservative values is. If anyone is close-minded here it’s not conservatives.

Haidt is a self-identified leftist by the way. He went into the study with clear ideas about how the left was going to be the more "emotionally mature" and "open-minded" group, just like all the media buzzwords and propaganda says. However, Haidt's research, time after time shut his theory down.

File 145653706782.jpg - (51.56KB , 289x350 , 9b2286dff0b38c4ad45cae530b37e5a5.jpg )
110646 No. 110646 ID: a18c5a hide watch quickreply [Reply]

The man suspected of killing three people at the Kansas lawnmower factory where he worked was served 90 minutes before his shooting spree with a court order to stay away from a woman who said he had abused her, authorities said on Friday.
>> No. 110647 ID: e07445
Racemixer, the guy was black. Do you honestly think democrats will even care?
>> No. 110649 ID: f4ee2b
a woman has been arrested for giving the guns to the suspect, whom she knew was a felon.
>Glock pistol
>AK47 rifle
>> No. 110650 ID: f2112f

>Glock pistol
>AK47 rifle

In other words a Hi-point and a Mossberg 500. Or since the article says .223 it could be a Olympic Arms AR.
>> No. 110658 ID: 90a126
File 145666808340.jpg - (72.80KB , 498x820 , 387df4ed1fd3ec7ad1dfbcd6e0e82e595dfdef8ce2864df791.jpg )
You would think with the amount of shootings they would hire someone who knows firearms. Of course that would mean first they'd have to find someone who knows firearms but is willing to work with a bunch of anti-gun media shills and two would mean they'd have to do something beyond making attention grabbing highly biased news reports.

I've said it befo and I'll say it again, the way to prevent these fucking shootings is to quit making celebs of the shooters. A bunch of lonely assholes who have nobody who loves them and want to be remembered will be far, FAR less likely to pop a cap in someones ass beyond themselves if the media wasn't turning them into stars, having in dept coverage of their entire lives and making them famous.

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