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File 147502724794.jpg - (89.77KB , 750x400 , duda_232.jpg )
113805 No. 113805 ID: 649f2c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
It’s important to acknowledge when you’ve been wrong, and I’ve probably never been so wrong as I was in an op-ed published on April 13, 2010. At the time, I was stunned by a terrible tragedy: the crash of a plane that had carried the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski. He had been flying to the Russian city of Smolensk to visit the memorial at Katyn, where Stalin murdered 20,000 Polish officers in 1940. Several dozen senior military figures and politicians were also on the plane, many of them friends of mine and colleagues of my husband, who was then the Polish foreign minister. Among them was his deputy, Andrzej Kremer, a wonderful man and brilliant diplomat.

In the sweep of emotion that followed the crash, comparing the event to Katyn, I wrote this sentence: “This time around, nobody suspects a conspiracy.” As an excuse, I offer the fact that the tragedy initially seemed to bring people together. Politicians of all parties, from right to left, had been on the plane. Widely attended funerals were held across the country. Even Vladimir Putin, then the Russian prime minister, seemed moved. He arranged for the broadcast of “Katyn” — an emotional and very anti-Soviet Polish film — on Russian state television as a kind of memorial. Nothing like it has ever been shown so widely in Russia, before or since.

But my optimism was premature. The president’s brother, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, then the unpopular leader of the parliamentary opposition, seems to have initially believed, as all the evidence has always shown, that the crash was an accident. Then he changed his mind. Perhaps he could not accept that his beloved twin had died randomly, in a pointless crash. Perhaps he was maddened by grief. Perhaps he felt guilty: He had helped plan the trip. Or perhaps, like Donald Trump, he saw that a conspiracy theory could help bring him to power.

Much as Trump used birtherism to inspire his core voters, Kaczynski, in the years that followed, used the Smolensk crash to motivate his supporters, that minority of the Polish population that remains convinced that unnamed secret forces control the country, that the “elite” is manipulated by foreigners and that everything that has happened in the country since 1989 is part of a sinister plot. And it worked. Last year, thanks to flukes of the electoral system, less than 40 percent of the vote — reflecting 18 percent of the adult population — proved sufficient for his nationalist-populist party, Law and Justice, to win a slim parliamentary majority.

Readers familiar with my recent op-eds will kn
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113806 ID: c5d518
Yeah, I'm sure the idea of Putin accidentally using some acetone to remove some polish is some crash outlandish scheme
>> No. 113807 ID: d4c8ee
Putin planted those trees as a child when he was a pioneer.
>> No. 113812 ID: 9723b1
Well Dems blamed Putin for Hillarys failing health.

Claimed Vlad gave her pneumonia.
>> No. 113823 ID: 385f49
File 14751646706.jpg - (57.85KB , 660x371 , _82424424_026788094-1.jpg )
Well, you see, Polacks were proven to be very proficient at killing each other already, no one could surprise the world with another stupid trick of that kind.

>Of all the native police forces in occupied Eastern Europe, those of Poland were least involved in anti-Jewish actions.... They [the Polish Blue Police] could not join the Germans in major operations against Jews or Polish resistors, lest they be considered traitors by virtually every Polish onlooker.

Oh my.

While some of you people cry about your enemies "lefties" in the government doing some lefties' shit, you are constantly missing the staggering amount of whitewashing the same people perform on your history.

File 147422452355.jpg - (32.45KB , 470x325 , victims_and_witnesses_of_crime_male_victims.jpg )
113649 No. 113649 ID: c5ecc5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Domestic violence against men soars to record levels as number of cases treble in past decade

Women getting criminal records where maybe they wouldn't have in the past, because people are taking the things they do seriously, now?

>Tory MP Philip Davies, who uncovered the stats, said: “When people think of domestic violence, they automatically think of men abusing women.
>“But the vast increase in the number of women convicted of domestic violence over the past decade must not be overlooked.
>“We must not forget the male victims."

>“It all came to a head one night in a bar when we had both had too much to drink.
>“We got into an argument as we were leaving and she punched me in the face several times and broke my nose.
>“She began kicking me and I was telling her to calm down and was trying to hold her away from me.
>“She was screaming and out of control.
>“Two guys came out of the pub and began attacking me.
>“I was on the floor telling them that I was the victim but they didn’t stop kicking until she told them that she had hit me.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113800 ID: 6f8541
Of course. But I'm not sure this is an issue of more women abusing men, but more men reporting it. Historically it might have been more shameful for a guy to do so but now it's less so.

Does that make sense? It's like similar statistics regarding woman victims. They don't necessarily mean that more women are being abused, just that more are actually reporting abuse as abuse.
>> No. 113801 ID: 6f8541
Or I should say convicted?
>> No. 113803 ID: c5ecc5
That could also be. I'd bet it's some mix of the two.

The article is referencing convictions.
>> No. 113813 ID: 9723b1
File 147510163785.jpg - (60.29KB , 850x400 , robinmorgan_man-hating.jpg )
>clio defending this
>claiming we need to give women even more privileges
Not surprised.
>> No. 113818 ID: a569d7

That's not what I'm doing at all, dude. I'm saying there are very few shelters in the US in general. The only reason we have women's shelters is that people see abused women and children as "deserving victims." If you find yourself without a home for any other reason you are shit out of luck regardless of gender--women who aren't abused aren't exactly better off in most cities. It's a horrible problem and I'm angry it only gets brought up when someone's complaining about women's shelters.

We'd have a lot fewer problems with homeless on the street if someone would actually offer them a cot. Even less if these shelters didn't kick them all back onto the street in the morning.

File 14746721817.jpg - (54.14KB , 619x470 , quantum-radar-12-14-12-02.jpg )
113733 No. 113733 ID: de0bec hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

>In a statement posted on its website on Sunday, CETC said China’s first “single-photon quantum radar system” had “important military application values” because it used entangled photons to identify objects “invisible” to conventional radar systems. Nanjing University physicist Professor Ma Xiaosong, who has studied quantum radar, said he had “not seen anything like this in an open report”. “The effective range reported by the international research community falls far below 100km,” he said.

And an earlier paper on quantum radar

So is this actually a big deal, or is this just a hyped up lidar that can be tossed on the growing pile of things that defeat stealth/jamming measures?
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113783 ID: 5d938c
Honestly I know nothing of flying and aircraft in general.

That smarter every day video did show how losing O2 at high altitudes quickly would be fatal, so from what little I know, weather you're in water or air in the cockpit, you're in trouble if shit goes wrong.

I just think it would be interesting to explore the idea of ignoring stealth altogether for a plane that is made to thrustvector and pull 35+ Gs at any speed/any altitude without the pilot being bothered too much. You don't have to be at 35000 feet, the plane could treetop-graze, let the computer dodge anything sticking out, and the pilot could concentrate on route planning and target discrimination.

Like a reverse SR71. Not near-orbit super speed, but low altitude, subsonic to supersonic, and straight up matrix-dodge but letting the computer handle the evasive while giving it a general heading of "we'll go to the left of those buildings and to the right of that mountain but you take care of not getting hit by stuff fired at us".

Probably a retarded idea, I just would like to understand why it's retarded as again, I know nothing of planes and flying.
>> No. 113791 ID: 959636

In a nutshell, by the time you have all the computerized systems and control to do what you're doing, AND sustain a pilot in a breathable liquid...

There's absolutely no point whatsoever to have the pilot in that craft. The "pilot" is better off strapped into a nice comfy chair with a display and controls, which could be airborne, seaborne, landborne, spaceborne... fuck let's put the comfy chair in another dimension for extra bonus points.

Basically yes, especially in aviation design, the human is the weakest possible link. You could strap a human in what you're thinking and they'd probably have a good chance of surviving 20-30g or so in a liquid atmosphere, but... reaction times. Bear in mind that dogfighting in 50s-era jets was already pushing what a human can do unaided, which is why everything made since then has had to struggle to decrease the actual workload on the pilot.

At some point (which was some while ago, really) it stops making any sense having actual human pilots in aerial combat vehicles, aside from some token systems here and there. You don't take the man out of the loop, though, you just move them.

Now for commercial/logistic "get me the fuck somewhere at ludicrist speed?" Oh fuck yes, please sign me up. I'd happily breath liquid for a while if it gets me to where I want to go that much faster.
>> No. 113792 ID: 504770
>The "pilot" is better off strapped into a nice comfy chair with a display and controls, which could be airborne, seaborne, landborne, spaceborne...
Suddenly ECM out of nowhere.
>> No. 113798 ID: 19518e
This is why I didn't say "a drone that can do high G evasives".

We still need the human in there to make decisions that we, for now, trust humans to make. Sure humans make mistakes, but a pilot going blue on blue versus a drone going SKYNET, getting "hacked", or just fucking up because a few ones and zeroes got crossed when it saw two donkeys fucking... Pick your evil I guess. This isn't a question of the morality/ethics of drones versus humans right now.

Regardless of the answer to the actual "drones versus humans" thing, currently, we can't have a drone flying about in a multi-role 30+G evasives "fuck stealth lol" craft, we have to get the person in there. We keep the guy alive by putting him in a sealed cocoon (coffin shaped, but more form-fitted to reduce the mass of his whole thing) of fluid that's as close to his body's general density as possible. The system has a piston to induce pressure differentials in the fluid (raising or lowering the amount of fluid in the sealed coffin) to let the guy breathe and to further reduce pressure differentials during high-G maneuvers.

NASA had a guy do a 5 second sustained 32G in their tank (45 second test, he held his breath), he reported no problems. Their centrifuge couldn't go any higher.

Even with a half-tank (bathtub) and fluid up to the armpits, the test subject still holds sustained G load record without GLOC. Something like 16 or 19Gs for minutes.

With a bit of tinkering, 30+Gs should be easy-peasy. We already know computers can do flight maneuvers better than humans.

The point is that you have the computer doing all the flying, the guy inside is ONLY for route planning, target discrimination, abort call, and so on.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113802 ID: c5d518
File 147501398864.jpg - (100.84KB , 526x553 , Gun_Servitor2.jpg )
That's why you bypass the human body and hook up their nervous system directly to the electronics. That was you get a cool jet-cyborg and a couple fractions of a millisecond shaved off reaction times.

File 14746063175.png - (65.01KB , 545x301 , trump.png )
113729 No. 113729 ID: d4c8ee hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>Federal authorities in New York have issued a subpoena for records pertaining to allegations that Anthony D. Weiner exchanged sexually explicit messages with a 15-year-old girl, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

>Mr. Weiner was the subject of an article on Wednesday in The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, that said he had an online correspondence with the girl beginning in January that included suggestive texts and explicit messages sent over social media.

>According to The Daily Mail, the girl, who was not identified, said she did not want to press charges “because she believes her relationship with Weiner was consensual.” Still, she and her father agreed to be interviewed out of concern for other underage girls, the publication reported.

>It was not clear which records investigators in the office of the United States attorney, Preet Bharara, would subpoena. The person was not authorized to discuss the matter and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

>A spokesman for the New York Police Department said it was investigating Mr. Weiner but did not elaborate.

>Last month, Mr. Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, told him she wanted to separate, after The New York Post reported that he had exchanged lewd messages with a woman, including a photo that included an image of his crotch as he lay next to the couple’s 4-year-old son.

>The New York City Administration for Children’s Services opened an investigation into his treatment of the 4-year-old, Jordan, Mr. Weiner said at the time.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113730 ID: d0041a
>New Yoek dems

Why am I not surprised

File 147363654685.gif - (161.81KB , 600x399 , 382.gif )
113586 No. 113586 ID: 5c9f49 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The libertarian dreams is coming true!
Corporations are now allowed to perform live experiments on citizens using potentially deadly autonomous machinery.
Killer cops drones that shoot you & steal your wallet (only to collect fines, its lawful) are just around the corner.
Remember all those awful leftists who complained during THE WAR ON TERROR that all that new tech they developed to fuck up the sandkips would soon be turned on American citizens? In libertarian paradise the dream is coming true!
Who gives a shit if a few billionaires in Cali squish some nobody commuter in Pittsburg? It will look so cool on their IG its worth it!

11 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113624 ID: ad2b13
>google has the right idea
>lidar is good
Until the road is dusty/rainy/foggy, when lidar loses all ability to function.

Radar or go home. Tesla or go home.
>> No. 113627 ID: c5ecc5
Would radar in every car on the road interfere with each other?

I'm waiting for some more effective stereoscopic vision tech to come down the pike. Inexpensive cameras and specialized GPU architectures, please.
>> No. 113628 ID: 4cac5f
>responding to shitposting like this
>responding to the shitposter's replies.

Opchan, plz.
>> No. 113651 ID: c5ecc5
File 147424985686.jpg - (83.78KB , 659x439 , BN-OT834_0705te_H_20160705152138.jpg )
Turning troll posts into worthwhile discussions is an old OpChan tradition.

Former Tesla Supplier Says Autopilot Pushed Safety Envelope

>"It is not designed to cover all possible crash situations in a safe manner," Mobileye chairman Amnon Shashua told Reuters. "No matter how you spin it, [Autopilot] is not designed for that. It is a driver assistance system and not a driverless system."

>Tesla, for its part, has maintained that Autopilot remains in beta and that it's not a replacement for the driver. The controversy stems from the fact that the system lets drivers take their hands off the steering wheel for large periods of time, unlike similar products from Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.
>> No. 113722 ID: c5ecc5
Then again, I might be the only guy who gives a shit.

File 147027376278.jpg - (1.73MB , 4096x2304 , P_20160623_192453.jpg )
113133 No. 113133 ID: 938a21 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
A woman has died and five others were injured in a knife attack in Russell Square, central London.
Police and ambulance crews were called at 22:33 BST on Wednesday to reports of a man in possession of a knife and injuring people.
Up to six injured people were found at the scene; one woman was pronounced dead a short time later.
The man was arrested at 22:39; a taser was discharged by one of the arresting officers.
Terrorism is one possible motive being explored, the Metropolitan Police say

Pic unrelated
201 posts and 60 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113717 ID: 9dc901

I don't know, am I the stupid one here? These two just keep going at it with the same bullshit over and over.

Whatever, useless talking to people with the comprehensive abilities of a rock. A pretty dumb one at that.
>> No. 113719 ID: 90a126
File 147451003872.jpg - (163.85KB , 750x770 , risk_chart_2.jpg )
>Damn you and Clio are so much alike.

No we're not. I have a better rack.

One thing we are alike in is I think against the mentality that Islam is by itself evil and Islamic terrorism is somehow unique.

>Notice I never said christianity is compatible with secularism either. Or judaism. In fact I think they are retarded.

Then why are you singling out Islam for attack (the irony)? Because they are currently a hot button issue?

>I'm saying we don't need the one because it's too shitty and you keep trying to compare it to the others. Yes, so what? Why do we need another one that is even worse?

Because its worse right now. That will inevitably change. And it in itself is not worse, its not better or worse then the others. Currently practitioners if Islam are worse then practitioners of Christianity or Judaism but that has not always been that way nor will it remain that way in the future.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113720 ID: de0bec
File 147451159618.jpg - (131.59KB , 875x575 , europe can live with terror.jpg )
You are only stupid insofar as you have been trying to argue with someone who has abandoned the use of reason.

Now that you are aware that all the interaction you had was in bad faith and that there was nothing to learn or be gained from your efforts, you are finally free to ignore our curiously persistent sjw, and instead focus your energy on those who are capable of self reflection and evolution as people.
>> No. 113721 ID: dda126
>who has abandoned the use of reason

Not all SJWs are like that though. Some are pretty calculating in that regard. The NGO folks involved are all making a killing with this. At times I wonder if I should not get involved in the wholesale of my nation too... the ship is sinking, might as well get a raft and as much food and water as I can for myself and leave in the night before the rats tealize what they have done...
>> No. 113925 ID: 22c903

File 14743371751.jpg - (75.52KB , 694x530 , Jean-Luc-Picard-jean-luc-picard-21978663-694-530.jpg )
113673 No. 113673 ID: cc91ac hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>The ACLU of Connecticut is suing state police for fabricating retaliatory criminal charges against a protester after troopers were recorded discussing how to trump up charges against him. In what seems like an unlikely stroke of cosmic karma, the recording came about after a camera belonging to the protester, Michael Picard, was illegally seized by a trooper who didn’t know that it was recording and carried it back to his patrol car, where it then captured the troopers’ plotting.

>“Let’s give him something,” one trooper declared. Another suggested, “we can hit him with creating a public disturbance.” “Gotta cover our ass,” remarked a third.
>> No. 113696 ID: 8c573b
It's Connecticut a WORSE shithole than New York if you can believe.
>> No. 113712 ID: 82a3e8
I would have laughed all the way to the ACLU and then the bank to withdraw my millions.

No. 113569 ID: de0bec hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  It's over. Hillary's declining health has been obvious to anyone capable of accepting reality, but even the thoroughly deluded are going to have to come to terms that she's old and likely in a death spiral. Good riddance. It's a shame that being old and sick will just be an excuse to deflect attention from here crimes.

The question is now who are democrats going to try to fill the void with.
43 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113642 ID: ad2b13
File 147416900521.jpg - (129.94KB , 640x410 , AP_040727016426_gwigpv.jpg )
Fucking whot? Trump has NEVER used a teleprompter at a rally, he only uses them when it's a closed TV session.

Have you even been to his rallies? You should come.
>> No. 113643 ID: ad2b13
  Trump firmly believes it's impossible to get people at rallies energized if you're talking from a prompter.

This is why Obamas speeches were such shit.
>> No. 113644 ID: ad2b13
Obama with teleprompter failure:
Stuttering, grammar problems, can't even talk.

Trump with teleprompter failure:
Wings it, breaks the ice by joking about it, moves on.
>> No. 113689 ID: a569d7
File 147440914868.jpg - (20.20KB , 400x300 , 53789918.jpg )
>he only uses them when it's a closed TV session.

Exactly. I'm not talking about the rallies, the rallies are what scare moderates off. And he needs those moderates, hence the closed TV sessions.

Anyway I'd love to go but it looks like he's mostly avoiding NY. That and I'd probably get kicked out automatically as a potential agitator like that Indian kid. "She brought a book to read in line? Kinda tan? Clearly a protester!"
>> No. 113708 ID: dda126

File 147440411682.jpg - (113.77KB , 1368x1016 , douglas-carswell-ukip-mp-commons.jpg )
113685 No. 113685 ID: b86cd3 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>Ukip MP Douglas Carswell has become embroiled in a bizarre argument with scientists over whether the moon or sun causes ocean tides.

>Scientific knowledge generally holds that tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon orbiting the earth. The Sun’s much further distance means it has a much more limted effect because of the effect of the inverse square law on gravitational pull.

>However, committed eurosceptic Mr Carswell on Monday challenged a top scientist at Sussex University’s Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) over the claim, arguing that the sun in fact primarily causes tides.

>The row comes after fellow Brexiteer Michael Gove declared that “people in this country have had enough of experts” when he refused to name any economists who backed leaving the EU.

>Professor Paul Nightingale, the deputy director of the SPRU, had posted on Twitter mentioning that the gravitational pull of the moon caused tides.

>Mr Carswell however took issue with the suggestion and interjected:

>“Actually, it's the gravitational pull of the sun,” the MP said. “The moon's gravity does Spring / neap tides.”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113686 ID: b2f730
This is very retarded. Worst thing is that he will never know the shame he should as he will never understand how stupid it is.
>> No. 113688 ID: dda126
File 147440847031.png - (367.97KB , 400x524 , faz-woche-nr19.png )
>clearly it is actually immigrants who are stealing the water.

Do you have any arguments or just snarky self-righteous and congratulatory jabs that are neither funny nor make sense? Kinda reminds me of this german attempt of smearing the AfD, pic related.

>What the AfD wants to live like.

Yes, and? Where is the problem my dear "journalists"?
>> No. 113695 ID: 649f2c
>turkroach angry that his buddies are being exposed for the morons they are

File 147395835989.gif - (2.75MB , 300x166 , 1367567171019.gif )
113629 No. 113629 ID: 19518e hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>We will take action to get handguns and assault weapons off our streets.
Aside from the fact that assault weapons are a fictive term, there are no assault weapons on our streets in the first place.

>repeal changes made by Bill C-42 that allow restricted and prohibited weapons to be freely transported without a permit, and we will put decision-making about weapons restrictions back in the hands of police, not politicians;
No such changes were made. Restricted and prohibited weapons ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE TRANSPORTED WITHOUT A PERMIT. This is a contemptible lie. The following is DIRECTLY from the CFO of Ontario regarding current Authorizations of Transport.

Cheryl Taylor, Chief Firearms Office of Ontario
"These licence conditions authorize the transport of restricted and/or prohibited firearms registered to the licence holder within their province of residence by a route that, in all circumstances, is reasonably direct for the specific indicated purposes.

Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited handguns (12(6.1) of the Firearms Act) possessed for the purpose of target practice to and from all shooting clubs and ranges approved under section 29 of the Firearms Act.
Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from any place a peace officer, firearms officer of Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) is located for verification, registration or disposal in accordance with the Firearms Act or Part III of the Criminal Code.
Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a business that holds a licence authorizing it to repair or appraise prohibited or restricted firearms.
Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a gun show.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113630 ID: dda126
>representatives from women’s groups

There gonna be representatives from white-european, heterosexual, CIS-scum male groups too? Guess not....
>> No. 113631 ID: c5ecc5
>require firearms vendors to keep records of all firearms inventory and sales to assist police in investigating firearms trafficking and other gun crimes;
This is effectively how the 4473 in the US works. Not a "registry", because the feds don't track everything themselves. If they want to know where a gun came from, they effectively have to trace its path from its manufacturer/importer, through the various distributors, dealers, and owners, basically just asking each one for any records, which the FFLs only have to keep for ten years. Or just ask local gunshops for any record they might have.

On the bright side, if they're saying they're going to do things that are already done, they may just be pandering to their uninformed base, without planning to change anything. Good luck on the rest of that, though.

Why did you spoiler everything? God, that was annoying to read.
>> No. 113632 ID: 6057a8
To define more clearly what is my opinion and what is the article itself.

ctrl+a is spoiler reading on easymodo sempai made you look :3

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