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File 148065182387.jpg - (70.88KB , 768x512 , 00mattis-new-master768.jpg )
114385 No. 114385 ID: 20fb9b
For those of you who didn't catch the Ohio thank-you rally, the president-elect announced it on stage.

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>> No. 114439 ID: 649f2c
i've been unwillingly financing the military defense of europe for 30 years because europeans are too sissy to do it for themselves. you gamergaters are happy to pass it off as "girls r dumb" because you're kids without jobs (or girlfriends) and you don't pay taxes and you're angry at women because they don't want to fuck you. you willingly deny the reality that all europeans are faggots because you can't get over the fact that you yourself are a fat loser who is obsessed with video games because they provide you the 16 hours of escapism that you need between sleeping everyday.
>> No. 114440 ID: ba3dd1
Holy shit the melt down is real.

Take your meds before you try to talk to people on the internet.

Still waiting on how long it takes before you work Russia into your tinfoil stew here.
>> No. 114442 ID: 080af2
File 148100432446.jpg - (12.92KB , 259x194 , dildoes.jpg )
>implying I'd want to fuck a 3DPD over a supple femboy
>even suggesting I'd want a venomous viper near my crotch
>> No. 114462 ID: 20fb9b
Apparently Mattis doesn't like being addressed by his nickname to his face, but if Trump's first term doesn't work out, can he step up and run a campaign under the slogan "Mad Dog 2020"?
>> No. 114463 ID: b430d1
>if Trump's first term doesn't work out

The health insurance industry isn't about to just give up it's $2trillon annual obamabux payout. The chinks now hate and fear him. The entire west coast is suffering hysterical weed withdrawal and thats just the tip of it.
Trump will be dead any second, the only thing currently keeping him alive is the massive barricade of Judaism (and their faithful servants, Night Train included of course) he seems to be trying to surround himself with.
>> No. 114495 ID: eb5fad
>> No. 114496 ID: eb5fad
Hey I just wanted to let you know, because of your comment, I'm going to send another few very violent and detailed rape threats to gurl gamers on Twitch.
>> No. 114499 ID: ff6f67
>i've been unwillingly financing the military defense of europe for 30 years because europeans are too sissy to do it for themselves.

Last time we build an army all you jelous cunts world wide banded together like the little bitches that you are against us. You sold half our POW men into slavery to be worked to death in gulgags. Btw, the military defense against who? Who is threatening us?
>> No. 114500 ID: 649f2c
File 148169557235.jpg - (92.39KB , 780x468 , rnain difference between usa europe.jpg )
nice doubles, but there is no apparent threat to eurofagistan currently because the United States military is still protecting europe for free, like it has been doing for decades. whatever threats exist won't rear their heads while they have American power to fear. 10 seconds after we leave euros will be surrendering to whomever manages to invade first and blaming America, the root cause of all of the world's problems in their eyes.
>> No. 114504 ID: 9dc901

Goddamn you are more than welcome to pack up your welfare queens and go home.

Then we can all rest relieved when Russia nukes only the united states and Britain because no NATO bases on the continent.

>and nothing of value was lost
>> No. 114505 ID: a4650c

>whatever threats exist won't rear their heads while they have American power to fear

Right, we certainly haven't seen any NATO-allied countries get invaded recently or anything at all. Cause if losing territory and your entire navy (lolololol) isn't getting invaded, idk wtf is.

I agree we shouldn't be responsible for their defense, but I don't think we should straight abandon people we told we'd stand up for either. Kinda makes our word about as worthless as it is right now.
>> No. 114537 ID: d4c8ee
>President-elect Donald Trump has nominated as his Army secretary Vincent Viola, an Army veteran who became a billionaire after founding an electronic trading firm and went on to buy the Florida Panthers hockey team.

>Viola is a 1977 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., and funded the creation of its highly regarded Combating Terrorism Center after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. A former infantry officer and Ranger School graduate, he has pressed for innovation in cyber warfare, saying at a conference five years ago that the Army of the future will be built on a “gestalt of geekdom.”

>“We’ve got to find geeks who love their country,” Viola said, according to the military technology website Defense Systems. “At my company, I’ll gladly trade 10 pull-ups and five minutes on a run for 20 IQ points and heart.”
>> No. 114545 ID: cdc490
I don't like Trump. I think he is incompetent, he lacks integrity, he lacks conviction, and he has been making very troubling appointments across the board, setting us up for troubling conflicts of interest throughout the federal government moving forward. But he has been making fantastic appointments regarding national defense. I can appreciate that.
>> No. 114548 ID: b430d1
he is appointing mainly pentagon insiders, which people generally like because they don't know these people as individuals. its the uniform which is popular. the individuals wearing the uniform and running the pentagon are the incompetents who are responsible for managing the F-35, F-22, V-22, Iraq War, Afghanistan war, etc.
most of them started their military career when daddy won them a west point scholarship in a "who can pay the largest bribe" contest held by a senator, its not really a merit based thing so they don't get too many worthy people. patraeus is a good example, his career started with a bribe and it ended with corruption too.
mattis is different, he started in rotc and avoided the gay buttsex scene at the point.
no surprise how he shot up through the ranks like eisenhower once an actual war started and nobody else could get the job done. most of the pentagon treats the place like a country club. they devote more time to discussing the washington redskins than they do military matters.
>> No. 114808 ID: d4c8ee

>Initially, both Mattis and the Trump team intended to engage in a collaborative process whereby Mattis would be given significant influence and participation in selecting top Pentagon appointees.

>But the arrangement started going south only two weeks later when Mattis had to learn from the news media that Trump had selected Vincent Viola, a billionaire Army veteran, to be secretary of the Army, one source close to the transition said.

>“Mattis was furious,” said the source. “It made him suspicious of the transition team, and things devolved from there.”

>Service secretaries represent potential alternate power centers inside the Defense Department, and Mattis as defense secretary has an interest in having secretaries who are loyal to him and don’t have independent relationships with the White House.

>Mattis is also pushing for the Trump transition team to allow “Never Trump” Republicans to serve in the Pentagon, but so far the Trump team is refusing.

>One position that is a source of tension is undersecretary of defense for intelligence, a powerful post that oversees all Defense Department intelligence agencies, which include the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

>Retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, President-elect Trump’s national security adviser-designate, was DIA director until he was sacked by Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. following a dispute with then-Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael G. Vickers.

>Mattis has rejected all of the names the Trump team has offered to be the top intelligence official in the department, another transition source said. Mattis is also unlikely to accept Trump’s top Pentagon transition landing team official, Mira Ricardel, as a top official. She was rumored to be in line to be undersecretary of defense for policy, a hugely influential job.
>> No. 115320 ID: b70387
>President Donald Trump's nominee for Army secretary, businessman Vincent Viola, has withdrawn his name from consideration for the post.
>Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was disappointed but understood and respected Viola's decision, a Pentagon statement said. Mattis will recommend to Trump another candidate soon, the statement said.
>The Military Times reported that Viola said in a statement he was "deeply honored" to be nominated but cited his inability to successfully navigate the confirmation process and Defense Department rules concerning family businesses.
>> No. 115646 ID: 3884dc

>Did you know that the Trump administration almost went to war with Iran at the start of February?

>Perhaps you were distracted by Gen. Michael Flynn’s resignation as national security adviser or by President Trump’s online jihad against Nordstrom. Or maybe you missed the story because the New York Times bizarrely buried it in the midst of a long piece on the turmoil and chaos inside the National Security Council. Defense Secretary James Mattis, according to the paper, had wanted the U.S. Navy to “intercept and board an Iranian ship to look for contraband weapons possibly headed to Houthi fighters in Yemen. … But the ship was in international waters in the Arabian Sea, according to two officials. Mr. Mattis ultimately decided to set the operation aside, at least for now. White House officials said that was because news of the impending operation leaked.”

Everyone in this thread who said it was a good thing that he was brought to his position as secdef can suck a fuck.
>> No. 115657 ID: d4c8ee
Not entirely surprising. It's already well established that Trump and Bannon want to start a war with Iran.
>> No. 115878 ID: 9723b1
>board an Iranian ship to look for contraband weapons
This makes him a warhawk hegemonist?

WTF does it make the Iranians then?
>> No. 116629 ID: aadd02
File 149668420367.jpg - (28.23KB , 300x300 , Mattis-Graphic-300x300.jpg )
>> No. 116630 ID: a8dbe2
I hope it makes him so angry that he rethinks his past statement about never wanting to be president and says "fuck it, I can do it better."

I'd vote for Mattis in a heartbeat.
>> No. 116639 ID: b430d1
yeah but you voted for trump so you're clearly just a moron
with some people the most patriotic thing they can do is stay way from the polls
>> No. 116641 ID: bd9907
On today's edition of "Was this meant seriously?" we have b430d1, who called Jonny Stronk a moron for voting with the majority of OPchanners who voted in America and said that it's patriotic for people to not vote, specifically if they disagree with him. This is all pretty silly.

b430d1, you could win a 12-hour trip to anywhere other than here. What do you have to say for yourself?
>> No. 116644 ID: b9d231
Joke's on you, I didn't vote.

Just didn't seem like a good year for it.

Admittedly I was happy to see Trump win because it was the funniest option.
>> No. 116645 ID: b9d231
Thinking back, I should have voted for Harambe.
>> No. 116646 ID: aadd02
File 149686228615.jpg - (1.01MB , 1280x960 , gettyimages-5889436941.jpg )
Hey, I voted for a meme too! But seriously, he couldn't improve his performance running against the two least popular candidates in history; I am now certain that the Libertarians will never get their five percent.
>> No. 116647 ID: b430d1
>single greatest opportunity for a third party showing so far this century
>"guise lets vote trump"
and once again gary whatshisname, an "ex" republican, effectively took the libertarian nomination away from the libertarians then took a dive in the general election campaign to support the republican nominee. i could be dabbing legal dabs off the hot barrel of a brand new, dirt cheap imported chinese browning m2 replica right now if it wasn't for tools like gary whatever and stooges like yourself.
they're not even legalizing gun dildos, they're just talking about it (or they were in february). my ears are fine btw.
fk u
>> No. 116648 ID: 32fe1e
The last few posts are just red herrings distracting from the last outstanding point which is Mattis was going to attack a foreign navy's vessel, in international waters, without being provoked. That's a cassus belli. Mattis has said several times he wants war with Iran.

If you're new here there was much dick sucking and proselytizing on /n/ (by anons and shit posters 99% of the time) when he was nominated. And yet it was always the same: just repeating macho faggot milboy fantasy with little to no basis in reality or fact. Just like how the same fucking people said the same shit about Trump and hope and all the sound bytes. Wake up. You've been conned.
>> No. 116650 ID: bd9907
Welp, time to get on that constitutional amendment to have a parliamentary system.

Let's keep things in good humor.
>> No. 116651 ID: bd9907
Best thing we can honestly do right now is having a lot more people voting in the primaries. Big part of that would be independent-minded people registering with one or the other of the major parties, so they can influence the parties to be slightly less retarded. Being registered as whatever wouldn't stop you from voting for third-partiers in the general election.
>> No. 116653 ID: a49902
>voting with the majority of OPchanners

would you stop shilling and go back to /pol/ already? or at least just shut the fuck up, everything you post is embarrassingly stupid. the only people who voted for trump are complete fucking morons.

(Not keeping it in good humor)
>> No. 116711 ID: 22c903
98 percent of humanity are morons. about half voted for Trump. What happened to the other half that voted for the demon queen?

Do they get honorary super smartie status?
>> No. 116713 ID: da595d
>What happened to the other half

*more than half, trump lost the popular vote after all.
>> No. 116715 ID: 22c903
File 149774893659.jpg - (135.51KB , 1600x1405 , 594_jpeg.jpg )
>about half voted for the orange Jew-lord
>about half

not even disappointing
>> No. 116716 ID: 5c87e8
most of them can also be categorized as easily lead drones. the 130 million american voters thankfully still constitute a minority of the population, so there is still hope that as a nation we're not genuinely retarded enough to elect such a retard.
>> No. 116804 ID: afef65
The average poor white American is dumber than a box of shit and would give up $20 if it meant a black didn't get $20. They're like Russians, total fucking crab mentality.
>> No. 116807 ID: e546cc
I'm making up the story that you think you're better than some people, and thus an ignorant shit. Is this fair?
>> No. 116809 ID: 821a29
File 14986373411.jpg - (1.31MB , 1600x1200 , the pacific.jpg )
So glad racism and classism is alive and well here...

>halp the poor and uneductated! gibs dem programs! free education!
>what, you're a poor, uneducated cis scum male and want to vote for DRUMPF?
>HA, why would we listen to you, you're poor and uneducated! You're stupid opinions are less than worthless! U R TRASH!
>> No. 116812 ID: 66bcae
attempting to educate the ignorant while disregarding their uniformed opinions is an entirely logical course of action, its how one treats a child. i don't see why it upsets you so thoroughly
>> No. 116816 ID: 958a96
Actually if you grew up in that background you'd agree. Poor whites are no better than the "ghetto ferals" the right constantly whines about. Endemic drug abuse, welfare fraud, etc. And if you try to get out via the military or education, you get ostracized for being "too good for the hood" and a class traitor.
>> No. 116820 ID: aadd02
This shit is not a joke to me. Poor whites suffer the same deleterious effects to health, stability, and quality of life as the poor of any other race, but they are the only ones the mainstream believes are at fault for their own poverty. Their suffering is often treated as a punchline. Due to geographic distribution, the average poor white has less access to resources and aid than more urban bound minorities. They are ridiculed, exploited, and ignored, and nobody gives a fuck. To me, the term "white trash" is as bad as "nigger".

sage for unrelated to thread topic.
>> No. 116821 ID: 5c87e8
>To me, the term "white trash" is as bad as "nigger"

entirely unoffensive?
>> No. 116822 ID: d4c8ee
Yeah try going to Dimebox, Texas and start calling people white trash welfare queens and see how long it takes for you to get your ass kicked.
>> No. 116823 ID: aadd02
Or Okmulgee, Oklahoma or Welch, West Virginia or Schenectady, New York or Boston, Massachusetts or...
>> No. 116824 ID: fcd608
the points you seem to be trying to get across are that you find the word nigger offensive and that lower class whites are worthy of admiration because they'll chimp out at the slightest provocation
>> No. 116838 ID: ba59e8

For some reason, when people have mentioned Schenectady, I've always thought they were saying "Schenectamy", which to me sounded like something Mengele-senpai might do on a lark.
>> No. 116842 ID: 5c8c45
lel!, omg how kawaii!!! u must be very cute ~uguu~ do you post selfies?
>> No. 116845 ID: d98840

Not really. All photos are taken by me, since I don't have any friends, but I'm not usually the principal focus thereof so much as the weapons, or the equipment, or my cat (who likes to climb me like a tree and hang out on my shoulder like a parrot), or my BMW, et cetera. Truth be told, as time goes on, I've increasingly found that my only interest in people is avoiding them to the greatest practicable extent.

Apparently I actually am kind of adorable, though, for whatever that's worth.
>> No. 116947 ID: 47e17e
turns out chaos is woke
>Senior Dem aide tells me Defense Sec Mattis personally called Rep. Hartzler and asked her to pull anti-trans amendment from NDAA.
>> No. 117438 ID: 6fabbf
File 150722125431.jpg - (47.08KB , 530x298 , 104749265-GettyImages-854784434_530x298.jpg )
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