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File 148095876948.gif - (1.78MB , 240x192 , lololo.gif )
114420 No. 114420 ID: 9dc901

>Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a high-ranking EU official, was returning from a party in the university city of Freiburg in Germany when she was assaulted on a cycle path.

>The shocking incident happened on October 16 but details have only been released after an arrest on Friday.

>The unnamed migrant arrived in Germany last year as an unaccompanied minor and lived with a local family in the city.

I'm lovin' it.
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>> No. 116081 ID: e188a9
File 149090681430.jpg - (46.62KB , 400x527 , 1101811221_400.jpg )
yeah let's just pretend the poster-child of soviet-backed arab terrorism didn't exist
>> No. 116085 ID: 9dc901

So how many attacks were there? Go ahead, count them out.
>> No. 116087 ID: b70387
Are we talking about Libya or Italy?

>> No. 116088 ID: 334c17
The reason is simple - Italy is a transit country and migrants are interested in getting out of it ASAP because they view more developed countries as their destination. So is Spain, Balkans and Ukraine - nobody gives a shit about them since they don't have any real importance.

Makes it grand total one terrorist act.

Knowing the affinity of modern NATO countries to false flag operations, we would never know if Gaddafi himself has any involvement in it.
>> No. 116089 ID: cce514
File 149100559852.png - (352.80KB , 1333x553 , 1481479180415.png )
Except Italy was already targeted by plenty of rampaging bands of immigrants who destroyed all culture and left the region ruined for centuries, setting learning back hundreds of years.

We just ignore what they did because "muh whites" and "Paganism/Christianity is a religion of peace!"

>nato false flagged those poor innocent islamic terrorists!
>> No. 116093 ID: 3a6567
File 14910572431.jpg - (49.31KB , 640x640 , 1483481718008.jpg )
See, according to OPchan moderators this type of post is ok. In fact, it might even have been a mod who posted it. Now, don't mistake my post for a call to delete the post/ban the user because I'm not a Marxist who sends dissenters to the gulag to die. I'm just pointing out the double standard on this board which might just as well fancy itself gulag-chan because it's basically just a prison...
>> No. 116094 ID: b70387
>Just ignore these pitiful creatures.
>"Paganism/Christianity is a religion of peace!"
Pretty sure it's a joke.
>> No. 116095 ID: b430d1
File 149108654615.jpg - (315.98KB , 1125x1378 , 1407841787461.jpg )
>double standards
>demands safe-space
>> No. 116096 ID: 9dc901

What? Can't read?
>> No. 116098 ID: dd244d
>horn of africa
>middle east
>north india
>> No. 116099 ID: 185975

Are we seriously doing this now? The region is 99% Albanian and they're all a bunch of wahhabis. Using a term like "Kosovan" implies a possibility that it was the 1% of Christian Serbs who were discussing potential bombing and support for Isis. As if the general public wasn't confused enough already.
>> No. 116107 ID: 9723b1
Oh we understand. When cce514/ b70387/b430d1 insults other people it's a Religion of Joke.

But when cce514/ b70387/b430d1 is rightly called a douchetard for behaving like one (or when youre losing an argument) suddenly it's seriouse as fukk Insultophobia, and you have to whip out the hammer.

Are you enjoying his warty limp SJW cock in your ass? He probably has to fold it in half just to get it in there!

(Settle down, dude.)
(/n/ rule 1)
>> No. 116115 ID: b70387
>Italy isn't targeted by terrorists much
>Gaddafi's Libya was the poster-child of Soviet-backed Arab terrorism
>like a Libyan attach on Italy is just common knowledge or something
I just now found this
but one attack 32 years ago still sounds like not being targeted much.
>So how many attacks were there?
Oh, yes. Very clear.

I just banned cce514 a week and a half ago, >>115968, you pathetic snownigger.
And again, IHC bans someone who's aggravated at me. Maybe he can ban me too.

(/n/ rule 1)
>> No. 116235 ID: 9dc901
>> No. 116244 ID: da203f
File 149187784370.png - (2.61MB , 2154x1718 , Ebba Akerland.png )
>> No. 116265 ID: b70387
Police believe explosions near Dortmund bus were 'targeted attack'

>Three explosions left one Borussia Dortmund player injured in what police believe to be a targeted attack on Tuesday, resulting in a planned Champions League match being postponed.

>Police are still investigating what they believe to be a targeted attack against the Borussia Dortmund team on Tuesday after three explosions went off near the team's bus on the way to a match.

>Spanish defender Marc Bartra was wounded in the blasts and taken to hospital where he had to undergo surgery after sustaining a broken bone in his wrist and other injuries.
>> No. 116294 ID: 3a6567
File 149207670281.jpg - (125.23KB , 652x901 , 1491993709001.jpg )
>> No. 116295 ID: 925619
File 149208155283.jpg - (14.99KB , 250x250 , helen-lovejoy-wont-somebody-please-think-of-the-ch.jpg )
so many victims to post and you have to pick the cute little girl.
girls are more valuable because they're cute and adorable, right? productivity and merit be damned! awwww ittss kawaii! (kawaii means cute)

hahaha ok thats enough fun, you can go back to fagchan now.

(Terminal stupidity.)
>> No. 116297 ID: b70387
>> No. 116301 ID: 9dc901
File 149209823360.png - (149.95KB , 570x392 , YES.png )

>> No. 116306 ID: 9723b1
Children are valuable because of their potential and their innocence, the rest of us are already set on a single path and we've made serious fuckups in our life.

Notice that liberals love using kids in ads, except they usually make the kids say "fuck" a lot.
>> No. 116318 ID: 9dc901
File 149218732381.jpg - (23.30KB , 480x360 , sweden_sucks.jpg )


>The asylum seekers directly involved in the rape, aged 18 and 21, will not face deportation after the prosecution withdrew their previous claim. “The prosecutor has taken a wise decision. It is against the Aliens Act, which I pointed out here before,” said lawyer Stefan Wallin who is defending one of the men accused of the rape, 24 Uppsala reports.

>Melander said the likely punishment for the two involved in the attack would be three years in prison, while the 25-year-old who filmed it could receive a one-year sentence. The prosecution argued the sentence for slander should be at least one year due to the fact the video was spread widely on social media and the victim would have to live with it for the rest of her life.

3 years, eh? Well I wasn't far off with my estimate. >>115121
>> No. 116328 ID: a1c7fe
You win the saddest trophy in the world.
>> No. 116329 ID: 989584
File 149224037254.jpg - (225.98KB , 900x1273 , 5Cwzhn1.jpg )
>gaymergayters upset about rape
>> No. 116330 ID: 28fd4d
Well yeah. Wouldn't you be upset if someone were to violate your sweet porcine sphincter?

Why wouldn't the gamergaters be upset about it.
Rape is bad, m'kay?

(banning myself lel)
(/n/ rule 2. Giving myself a 24 hour ban because I damn well know the rule. )
>> No. 116334 ID: a1c7fe
>non-gamergater supporters of pedo gawker, supporters of islamic rape culture, caring about rape
>> No. 116339 ID: 2e2521
File 149232973472.jpg - (88.58KB , 400x706 , d44073860b7139051b7a222779651d0c7b4cac9e78e31b6597.jpg )
>> No. 116341 ID: 5a12de
This thread went to weird places fast.
>> No. 116349 ID: 3a6567
File 149242972538.jpg - (121.32KB , 770x610 , celebrate diversity.jpg )
From the makers of Red Christmas we present to you BEASTER SUNDAY:






>> No. 116355 ID: 9dc901

>> No. 116356 ID: 3a6567
File 149261836999.jpg - (105.76KB , 500x667 , 1490567986818.jpg )
probably bc some shtick about you being a racist bigot islamophobe etc.



TL;DR: Kosovo shitskin shoots guy with "bosnian roots" innahead, baznian dies, Kosvo dude turns himself in.

Gee boy am I glad we are getting those stricter gun laws bc they sure could have prevented this... right? RIGHT? Gun was a "pistol in 7,62mm" according to the article.
>> No. 116357 ID: 9dc901

My guess is a TT. Maybe Yugoslav M57 which is popular among the Balkan underworld. Which is not really touched by the upcoming firearms regulations set by the EU. That is unless your state decides to fuck you up just for the hell of it.
>> No. 116371 ID: cce514
Turns out it was some Russian guy trying to do fraud.

>German police have arrested a 28-year-old man suspected of carrying out last week’s attack on the team bus of football team Borussia Dortmund that injured two people.

>Prosecutors said the suspect, known only as Sergej W., had been speculating in the football club’s shares. There was no extremist background to the crime, they said. The man faces charges of attempted murder, causing an explosion and grievous bodily harm.

>Prosecutors said that on April 3 the suspect had taken out a five-figure loan, and on April 11 he had bought 15,000 put options on shares in Borussia Dortmund, apparently speculating that the club’s shares would fall in the aftermath of the blast.

>Shares fell 3 per cent the day following the attack.

>Ralf Jäger, the North Rhine-Westphalia interior minister, said the suspect had bet €79,000 in buying the options and could have made profits in the “millions” had the attack resulted in deaths and the team’s shares had plummeted.
>> No. 116372 ID: 9dc901
File 149278969569.jpg - (171.47KB , 1225x735 , 4385.jpg )

Meanwhile the religion of peace up to its' old tricks.

>> No. 116373 ID: b430d1
File 149279093711.jpg - (51.56KB , 800x430 , Marine-Le-Pen-and-Vladimir-Putin-Screen-Capture-1-.jpg )
>head of ISIS announces endorsement of Le Pen
>> No. 116374 ID: 9dc901
File 149279697172.jpg - (21.59KB , 396x386 , 7664b25b990f182f73ae2fe0795a8be8.jpg )


This is priceless.

A faggot who went to Greece twice to participate in bringing islamists into his country is now killed by one. Maybe this isn't so bad after all :D
>> No. 116376 ID: da203f
File 149281543589.jpg - (62.93KB , 800x391 , republican hate kills ny faggot parade 2 weeks aft.jpg )
Der Narrative Uber Alles.
>> No. 116378 ID: 9dcda2
Operator reads:
> He also went to Greece to help police officers deal with migrants who had crossed the Aegean Sea and were seeking shelter in the European Union.

Then posts:
> A faggot who went to Greece twice to participate in bringing islamists into his country is now killed by one.

I understood the article differently.
>> No. 116379 ID: 791f24
Don't be such a nattering nabob of negativity, they just want to enjoy the terrorism as much as ISIS does.
>> No. 116384 ID: 9dc901

Was he not in effect a participant of bringing islamists into Europe?

Ostensibly he was there to police borders. In reality he was there to facilitate the passing of migrants into Europe.

Seeing as how he was a faggot, AND went there TWICE, there is no doubt in my mind he was one of the people promoting a multi-culti tolerant paradise and wholefully volunteered for the Frontex mission.
>> No. 116385 ID: caeac2
>this is what kremlin funded neo-nazis actually believe

(Accusations of shilling)
>> No. 116386 ID: 040900
From the Marianne.net article:
>parti deux fois en Grèce pour sécuriser les migrants (who had gone to Greece twice to secure the migrants)
Something was lost in translation there but I think that meant "to detain"

>> No. 116387 ID: 9dc901

I'm pretty sure he didn't go there to detain anyone :)


Here it translates to "manage" the influx of migrants.

And we all know how the EU "managed" it, don't we?

Besides, the writing is on the wall, he was openly a faggot and an activist. Who went there twice. If he was against illegal migration, he would not have gone the second time, as in effect all they were doing was shuffling migrants into Europe in an organised fashion.
>> No. 116388 ID: 5628cf
File 149315464976.jpg - (40.10KB , 606x593 , Double-Down-Dog-4.jpg )
>he went to help the Greek police
>so CLEARLY this means he was helping Syrians get into the country!
>> No. 116390 ID: 9dc901

So let's clear some shit up then, since you don't seem to get it.
Yes he clearly was helping not only Syrians I bet it's easier to keep up the mantra about refugee doctors, isn't it?, but all sorts of trash into the EU. Because of what the policy of the EU and/or Greece was/is.

What I was referring to was his motivation for doing so. It is speculative, but based on the fact he was a faggot activist does one stop being a faggot once they die?, and that he went there twice (the mission being most likely voluntary as is quoted on the Frontex website: "While participation in Frontex Joint Operations is voluntary, Member States are obliged to send border guards and technical equipment for the rapid deployment, unless they themselves face an exceptional situation substantially affecting the discharge of national tasks." http://frontex.europa.eu/news/frontex-and-greece-agree-on-operational-plan-for-poseidon-rapid-intervention-yiSxga), it's pretty indicative.
>> No. 116391 ID: 2c73e2
Well at this point it doesn't really matter now does it?

>Dude did stuff
>butt stuff
>Dude got kill't

And that's that. I don't see what it matters what he did in Greece or wherever.
>> No. 116395 ID: 821a29
File 149321682130.png - (310.24KB , 954x284 , 1493216339001.png )

Swedish women feel threatened. 25% of women who are at least 16-years old are afraid to go outside, so they stay inside.

There was similar research done in the year 2012 and back then, 17% of Swedish women were afraid.

Research shows that 3% of 16+ year old Swedish women have been the target of sexual violence in last 12 months. These are only the cases that have been reported by the department of crime statistics.
>> No. 116399 ID: c02103
There are four groups that Russians fear and hate absolutely:
Gay men.

So since he was part of one of those groups, and was actively involved in foiling Russian terror-propagation operations in Greece and died preventing a terror attack that would have helped Russian interests, he will be ruthlessly slandered.
>> No. 116406 ID: 4cc772
File 149331290841.png - (10.10KB , 505x195 , 14882977886142.png )
Two snowniggers arrested for planning false flag attack.

>The 28-year-old lieutenant, whose name wasn't released, faces charges of preparing an act of violence, said Frankfurt prosecutor's spokeswoman Nadja Niesen.

>The officer, who was "of German background" and stationed in France, allegedly stashed a loaded pistol in a bathroom at the Vienna airport that was discovered, leading Austrian authorities to take him into temporary custody when he went to retrieve it in February, Niesen said.

>Though under investigation in Austria, authorities there did not keep him in custody and he was arrested in southern Germany on Wednesday.

>A 24-year-old student from the soldier's hometown of Offenbach was also arrested.

>"We know from various voice recordings that both had anti-foreigner views," Niesen said.

>The officer had registered as a Syrian refugee in the state of Hesse at the end of 2015 and had been living "sporadically" at a home for asylum seekers since January 2016. Though he was officially stationed with the Bundeswehr in France, authorities say he wasn't required to be present at all times.

>Prosecutors believe the officer may have intended to orchestrate an attack so that it was blamed on foreigners, though they haven't yet found evidence to support the theory, Niesen said. Refugees have carried out several deadly attacks in Germany over the past year, stoking anti-migrant sentiment in the country.

>"It sounds more than strange," Niesen told reporters. "I think we have to await more from the investigation to find out more about his motivation."

>Sixteen buildings were searched in Germany, Austria and France in connection with the investigation, and multiple mobile telephones and other electronic devices were seized as evidence, Niesen said.

>Niesen said the suspect knows no Arabic and she did not know how he managed to pass himself off as a Syrian refugee.

>"This is quite an unusual story," she said.
>> No. 116410 ID: 9dc901

Doesn't really matter.

But the irony is to laugh at. That's all.
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