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File 148955950235.jpg - (46.85KB , 512x341 , dead-children-drones.jpg )
115910 No. 115910 ID: cce514

>The Trump administration is pushing ahead with plans to loosen restrictions on drone strikes, removing the “near certainty” requirement of no civilian deaths outside war zones, according to US media reports.

>It has already given the CIA new authority to launch its own strikes against militants, reported the Wall Street Journal.

>And a senior White House official told The Washington Post that a review of drone policy was almost complete and would roll back other constraints imposed by Barack Obama.

>In particular, it will allow the Pentagon and CIA more autonomy to launch strikes against al-Qaeda and Isil terrorists without needing White House approval.

>“Some of the Obama administration rules were getting in the way of good strikes,” a US official briefed on the matter told NBC News.

>President George W Bush authorised America’s first drone strike in 2004 but the programme was rapidly scaled up by Mr Obama, provoking international condemnation and protests in countries such as Pakistan where CIA attacks were blamed for killing hundreds of civilians.

>As a result, Mr Obama introduced a rule that no strike could take place outside a war zone unless there was a “near certainty” that civilian deaths could be avoided.

>The military or CIA was also required to show an imminent threat to the US.

>The requirements, introduced from 2013 onwards, have on occasion been blamed for hampering timely responses to intelligence but were designed in part to set a global standard for regulation as more countries acquired lethal drone technology.

>Critics said strikes tended to turn civilian populations against Washington and into the arms of recruiters for terrorist organisations, while supporters said there as no more effective way of removing key militant leaders.

>Last July, the American government accepted responsibility for killing up to 116 civilians in strikes in countries where the US was not at war.
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>> No. 115911 ID: f9b63c
>fake dead muslims
Clearly we need larger blast yields.
>> No. 115958 ID: cce514
File 148976782230.jpg - (174.31KB , 1200x900 , C7EfNjCW4AM3bzw.jpg )
>A spokesman for the United States Central Command said the American aircraft had struck a nearby building, but did not hit the mosque.

>"We did not target any mosques,” said Col. John J. Thomas, a spokesman for the Central Command, which has responsibility for American military missions in the Middle East. “What we did target was destroyed. There is a mosque within 50 feet of that building that is still standing.”


>Both the Russian Air Force as well as the United States(-led Coalition) have been accused of targeting the mosque in Al-Jīnah.

>However, a photo showing an alleged weapon remnant found in the rubble of the mosque may reveal more about the perpetrator of the attack.

>The photo was published on Twitter by Sakir Khader, a Dutch journalist, who said he received the photo from local activists on the ground. No results show up in a reverse image search, suggesting the photo has not been indexed by Google and may thus be authentic. The location and authenticity of the photo could not be independently referenced, and we are currently awaiting more photos and videos from the targeted site.

>A text in Latin is visible on the alleged weapon remnant: “WT: 52.0 kg”. ‘WT’ is an abbreviation for ‘weight’, possibly referring to the weight of the missile.

>Interestingly, the specific font and abbreviation are used on US missiles, as can be seen in hundreds of reference pictures of AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles, as shown below. This fact, combined with the striking similarity of rivets, paint, et cetera, strongly suggests the photographed object is a remnant of a US AGM-variant.
>> No. 115959 ID: 334c17
No, you are still being yourself.

Now you can pick your choice of words:
>there was no air strike, it is all fake news
>there was an air strike, but in different place and/or different time
>there was an air strike, but there were only terrorists
>there was an air strike, but the civilian deaths are accidental
>there was an air strike, but muslims are not humans anyway
>there was an air strike, but actually Russians did it
Yes you are right, my friend, the right choice is the last one.
>> No. 115985 ID: 334c17
  In other news that will not be reported.

>Members of Russia's State Duma and members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) arrived in Damascus, Monday, ahead of a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, and joint talks between Russian and Syrian parliamentarians.

>The European delegation is represented by 10 parliamentarians from Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Belgium. Among them is leader of the political group, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Jordi Xucla and chairman of the assembly’s committee on legal affairs and human rights Alain Destexhe, according to Slutsky.

>"As part of these meetings, we would like to discuss issues of Syrian settlement and the possible role of parliamentarians in this process and also in solving those tasks defined at the talks in Geneva, Astana and implementing Resolution 2254 of the UN Security Council at this stage,"
>> No. 116040 ID: cce514
200+ civilians dead in Iraq from US airstrikes.
>"An initial review of strike data from March 16-23 indicates that, at the request of the Iraqi Security Forces, the coalition struck ISIS fighters and equipment, March 17, in West Mosul at the location corresponding to allegations of civilian casualties," stated a media release from the task force Saturday. A formal review of the March 17 operation "is underway to determine the facts surrounding this strike and the validity of the allegation of civilian casualties," the release said.

>The military’s release came after it earlier announced a review of whether any of three airstrikes in Syria and Iraq over the past week were linked to reported deaths of hundreds of civilians.

>In addition to the March 17 airstrike in western Mosul that reportedly killed 200 civilians, Central Command also said this week it is reviewing a March 16 airstrike near a mosque in al-Jinnah, Syria, that is said to have killed dozens, and an airstrike Monday, March 20, on a school building outside of Raqqa, Syria, that may have also killed dozens of civilians fleeing local fighting.

>U.S. Central Command has also opened a credibility assessment into an airstrike Monday night, March 20, that targeted a school building near Raqqa, ISIS's de facto capital inside Syria.

>The activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights alleges that an airstrike on the school killed 33 civilians who had been seeking shelter from local fighting.
>> No. 116067 ID: 334c17
>“My initial assessment is that we probably had a role in these casualties,” said General Townsend, who commands the American-led task force that is fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But he asserted that “the munition that we used should not have collapsed an entire building.”

>While General Townsend acknowledged an American role in the Mosul strike, he said the allegations that the United States had bombed a school full of refugees in Syria were not credible.


>"It's not a war crime to accidentally kill civilians,” Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the top U.S. general in Baghdad, told reporters. “It's unfortunate, but it's not a crime because these solders have to make these decisions in seconds sometimes in circumstances that you cannot image unless you have experienced them."

>“It sure looks like they were” forced into the building, Townsend said, noting that ISIS has long used human shields. “The enemy had a hand in this.”

>"It's not a war crime to accidentally kill civilians,”
>It's unfortunate, but it's not a crime

You accidentially your entire reputation.
>> No. 116074 ID: e188a9
Make America Mai Lai Again.
>> No. 116102 ID: dd244d
It's ok because Obama did it too.

Same for when Trump starts spying on Democrats.
>> No. 116103 ID: dd244d
Oh and using the IRS to harass Democrat organizations.

I can't wait for that.
>> No. 116145 ID: 334c17
  White helmets are at it again.

Worst Chemical Attack in Years in Syria; U.S. Blames Assad

>the United States blamed the Syrian government and its patrons, Russia and Iran, on Tuesday for one of the deadliest chemical weapons attacks in years in Syria, one that killed dozens of people in Idlib Province, including children, and sickened scores more.

>A senior State Department official said the attack appeared to be a war crime and called on Russia and Iran to restrain the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria from carrying out further chemical strikes.

>Britain, France and Turkey joined Washington in condemning the attack, which they also attributed to Mr. Assad’s government. The United Nations Security Council was scheduled to be briefed on the attack on Wednesday.

And so on and so forth, I wonder if their titles even change a little from time to time.
>> No. 116146 ID: ba3dd1
>war going really well, rebels recently lost a major battle in Aleppo and are on the back-foot on all fronts. In-fighting happening amongst rebel factions in Ibdil keeps happening.

>only thing left at this point that can turn the tide is full-scale western intervention

>SSSSSSSHHHHEEEEIIIIIETTT lets just lob some chemicals into some civilians for shits and giggles and piss off all the of western world and give them an excuse to intervene

yeah excuse me if I'm not gonna take all of it in at face value. Its the same shit playing out last time in East Ghouta, when Hezbollah intervention reversed the war situation.

Assad is either suddenly suicidal or this is a bit fishy.
>> No. 116150 ID: d4c8ee
Or you know, Assad is reacting to the White House saying that the US won't do anything about him.

>Tillerson said Assad's future is up to the Syrian people to decide, while Haley said "our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out."

>At his daily news briefing, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that regarding Assad, "there is a political reality that we have to accept in terms of where we are right now."
>> No. 116152 ID: e188a9
Watch Trump start a fucking war to distract people from Russiagate. (how many of you all are still IRR?)
>US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley strongly condemned Russia and the Syrian government Wednesday over the chemical weapons attack on civilians, suggesting that the US is open to using military action to solve the country's ongoing civil war.

>"When the United Nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action," Haley said. "For the sake of the victims, I hope the rest of the council is finally willing to do the same."

>Haley, who is also the UN Security Council president, was speaking as the council considers a resolution condemning the Assad regime for the attack, which killed dozens, including many children. Russia, which backs the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has troops in Syria, is likely to veto the resolution.
>> No. 116153 ID: ba3dd1
yes because Assad is going take vague statements from the administration of THE most flaky president in US history, one that is surrounded by neo-con warhawks itching to blow their load on Syria for years- and take actions of major consequence based on that. I know people don't have a very high opinion of Assad, but he's not that retarded.

And surprise, surprise Trump's lackey at the UN is already threatening unilateral action against Assad over this.


At this point the Islamist opposition have no hope of a military victory - barring intervention. The Syrian government have had very cordial relations with the Kurds and the SDF throughout this war, and a peaceful negotiated settlement is fairly likely with them.

Assad has clear and stable path to winning this war - and he's gonna go throw it away for what? A cheap terror attack on an unimportant rebel city that is of no military or political value? Especially when regular airstrikes have been working perfectly well at pounding rebel cities into submission - but no we're just gonna start randomly using WMDs just to stick a middle finger up at the US.

Sorry but Assad has nothing to gain and everything to lose pulling shit like this. And past instances of convenient events like this during major upswings for the Syrian military (E. Ghouta "chemical attack" during the height of Hezbollah/Iranian intervention, government "death squads" randomly killing civilians during the fall of Aleppo etc) doesn't exactly shine a great light to any of this.
>> No. 116154 ID: 185975
File 149143860484.jpg - (20.47KB , 561x309 , C8qDPmmWsAAeQeL.jpg )
>Or you know, Assad is reacting to the White House saying that the US won't do anything about him.
And his reaction is, what?

There are only five deaths and maybe a dozen casualties. A single sarin shell fired off in a city would kill a hundred and cripple more.

So Assad would need to invent an even smaller delivery container, maybe a 30mm autocannon. There are reports that the attack was carried out by aircraft, so the autocannon would be mounted on a jet.... which fired JUST ONE of these brand new 30mm delivery shells..... at children? And the children just happened to have atropine injections so they could save themselves?

The entire sequence of events is ridiculous.

If this was Assad it would be a normal artillery barrage of standardized gas delivery shells which he has access to, and it would be aimed at an insurgent position which is unreachable by regular bombs like a bunker or a tunnel network. These shells wouldn't disintegrate into dust, they would be recoverable, and the White Helmets could show them to us. These shells would have ID codes which tracked down the EXACT stockpile they came from.

But this sequence of events didn't happen.

Anything else is either a terrorist who had an accident and spilled some sarin while cooking it in the basement of a school, or a deliberate false flag attack. If ISIS denies UN access to the area to conduct investigations like the last time this happened, I'm going to place my bets on false flag.

Evidence so far suggests false flag attack.
>> No. 116160 ID: a1c7fe
File 149144698960.jpg - (101.88KB , 764x507 , syrian-observatory-for-human-rights_Foto_zu_Interv.jpg )
Some perspective is needed regarding sources.

The only source regarding details of the sarin attack is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. SOHR is used as a source by Vice, Huffington Post, BBC, CNN, Reuters, and NPR.

It is founded, owned, operated and run by Osama Suleiman out of his flat in Coventry, UK.

Osama Suleiman, also known as Osama Ali Suleiman, also known as Rami Abdulrahman, also known as Rami Abdul Rahman, also known as Abdel Rahman, is an extremist wahhabi con man in the employ of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mainstream media call him a "London based monitoring group" or a "London based watchdog".
>Twenty children were among the 72 civilian casualties from an air raid accompanied by the apparent chemical attack on the rebel-held city Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province in Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
>The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack killed at least 58 people and was believed to have been carried out by Syrian government jets.
>At least 58 people have reportedly been killed in a chemical attack on a rebel town in northern Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring network.
>Warplanes mounted five air strikes on Wednesday in a rebel-held area of northwestern Syria where dozens of people were killed the day before in a suspected chemical attack, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

One dude.

In his basement.

A monitoring network.

Interestingly when the Muslim Brotherhood weenie reported a US strike took out a mosque, this was the response:
>"The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is not [acting] on the ground but is situated in London. Even though it indeed has a good network [of informants] on the ground, not everything that it reports about eventually reflects the truth,” foreign ministry spokesman Sebastian Fischer said Friday at a daily press briefing.

Take from that what you will, but I'm not believing jack shit until impartial investigators from Vietnam or some other country with no skin in the game arrive at a conclusion.
>> No. 116166 ID: 334c17
File 149149077116.jpg - (151.07KB , 1280x853 , 14913384928341.jpg )

>The Security Council held an emergency meeting on Wednesday about the attack, during which Russia and Syria again rejected the allegations — blaming the release of gas on the rebels while accusing other council members of relying on misinformation to attempt a regime change in Damascus.

>Moscow's representative repeated the Kremlin's earlier claim that the gas was released when a conventional airstrike hit a warehouse where rebels were secretly storing their own chemical weapons.

>Russia, which is among the countries with veto power over UN resolutions, said the draft proposal by the "anti-Damascus camp" was based on "falsified reports … taken at face value."

So you are stupid as fuck ISIS sandnigger (labelled as "Syrian rebel").
1. You take your home-cooked dirty bombs in the middle of densely populated area.
2. A bomb strikes and all the chemicals go up in the sky.
3. ...
4. Blame everything on Russia and Assad.

>>'Have you even checked what you wrote?'
>>— Deputy Russian UN Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov

Apparently not. Never. Neither you should. It would certainly break the suspension of disbelief.

>Survivors of a deadly airstrike in Syria have described chemical bombs being dropped from planes, in accounts that directly contradicted the Assad regime's version of a dawn attack that drew condemnation around the world.

I bet those civilians have damn great eyesight to make a difference between chemical and regular bombs before the explosion.

>"Nerve agents are the result of a very expensive, exotic, industrial chemical process -- these are not something you just whip up," said Kaszeta, managing director of Strongpoint Security, a security consulting firm based in London.


That's right, certainly you can't expect such a feat from illiterate, dim-witted and fundamentalist "rebels" who are fighting with scavenged guns for spreading of their mangled superstitions. Only highly-positioned officials with a lot of connections could use such complicated industrial process in remote country consumed by civil war.
>> No. 116167 ID: 185975
File 149150754155.png - (1.13MB , 1280x583 , Untitled.png )
>said Kaszeta, managing director of Strongpoint Security, a security consulting firm based in London.
Pic related their offices, a residential flat next to a pub. This is like that terrorist guy posting from his flat in Coventry.

Globalists really need to put some effort into their propaganda mouthpieces.
>> No. 116171 ID: e188a9
Trump now saying that the Air Force has radar data that the Syrians did it and that "something should happen" to Assad.
>> No. 116172 ID: d4c8ee

I'm fucking laughing my ass off at all the people who were going "BUT HILLARY WOULD HAVE STARTED A WAR WITH RUSSIA!"

>The proposed strike would involve launching Tomahawk cruise missiles to overwhelm Russian air defense systems used by the Syrian military. The Russian government currently helps maintain the air defense sites and advises the Syrian military.

>According to both U.S. military officials, the current proposal would likely result in Russian military deaths and mark a drastic escalation of U.S. force in Syria.

>One U.S. military official said the decision to allow the strikes, which would kill Russians, signals a significant change in policy by the Trump administration. A decision by Trump to go forward with the plan would be a reversal from the Obama administration, which denied multiple air strike proposals that would likely cause Russian personnel casualties in Syria.
>> No. 116175 ID: d4c8ee

>Two U.S. warships in the Mediterranean Sea fired 59 Tomahawk missiles intended for a single target — Ash Sha'irat in Homs province in western Syria, the officials said. That's the airfield from which the United States believes the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad fired the banned weapons.

>President Donald Trump was expected to make remarks shortly from Mar-a-Lago, his family compound in Palm Beach, Florida, where he hosted a dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinpeng.
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