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File 14896272743.jpg - (37.83KB , 750x781 , tr2.jpg )
115931 No. 115931 ID: 26690c
they cost more than an f-35 now. $20 trillion dollar national debt and it cost $122million (and climbing quickly) to replace a $24million piece of equipment. they way the budget deficit is going they won't be able to afford to fuel the things once they're ready for action (6 years behind schedule and 9000% over budget as always).

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>> No. 115932 ID: d4c8ee
>Jarheads ruin a defense procurement program YET AGAIN

Is anyone really surprised at this point?

Though it looks like it's just cost issues, as opposed to the insanity of the Canadians trying to buy new helicopters.
>> No. 115936 ID: cb5d31
Be surprised all you want, or not. But the reality is that thinking you can fix these problems without fixing the debt based fractional reserve monetary system is playing in the dark.

You hope for that which will never come.
>> No. 115953 ID: 9723b1
>to replace a $24million piece of equipmen
Closer to $50 million current year dollars. It's a freight helicopter that carries twice what the previous aircraft carried to the same range, while being the same size. That's a pretty monumental increase in improvement and would warrant the cost...



if it was real. But it's not, the idiots arrive at the cost of $122 million by dividing the total program cost ($25 billion) by 200 of the lot aircraft plus prototypes. This is fucking retarded, by that logic F-35 is $691 million.

Also are you blaming Trump for a procurement program started under the closing years of Bush, inflated through Obama, and shat on Trumps carpet now?
>> No. 115954 ID: b430d1
File 14897351322.jpg - (31.91KB , 760x726 , dce419dba7f022c01a9c4616d0a949dfa796ade4.jpg )
>are you blaming Trump for a procurement program started under the closing years of Bush
>everything is still Bush's fault

OK, throw you hands up in the air and bankrupt the country because its not your fault, with a responsible attitude like that trump people are certain to provide effective, insightful leadership. I'm looking forward to it!
>> No. 115956 ID: cce514
The CH-53K continues the time honored tradition of designating a entirely new aircraft as a upgrade so that Congress will actually pay for it.

See also:
B-50 Superfortress.
F-86D Sabre.
AH-1 Cobra.
>> No. 115961 ID: d4c8ee
The B-50 was the other way around. The USAF needed the improved B-29D but they were scrapping most of the old war production B-29s. So to get congress to approve it they changed the designation number.

There was also the FJ-1 Fury, a straight wing jet derived from the P-51 design, and the FJ-2/3 Fury, a navilized F-86. And the FJ-4 Fury which was again a F-86 but was again different from the FJ-2.
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