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File 150253530588.jpg - (66.56KB , 600x410 , 1295386433697.jpg )
117084 No. 117084 ID: bf333d
>This week’s target list of Army jobs is looking for recruits in 50 roles — but 35 of those are only available to women, including on the front line in the armoured cavalry and as a combat engineer.
>The navy and air force have similar recruitment quotas. Of 18 jobs listed for the navy in the next six months just one is open to male recruits. None of the seven targeted air force roles is open to men, unless they are indigenous Australians.

>> No. 117085 ID: 821a29
File women_vs_men_summary.webm - (872.59KB , women vs men summary.webm )
Seems like they are forgetting those women aren't actually immune to fire (pun) and and don't have dragons....

>> No. 117089 ID: 649f2c
>free do-nothing government jobs for welfare recipients
absolutely brilliant. concentrating all of the white men in private sector where genuine brainpower and ability is required for success and the potential rewards dwarf a lifetime of cradle-to-grave government care and freemoney pensions - which is the best a soldier can hope for. australia will conquer the globe by releasing their best and brightest from bullshit government service jobs and allowing them succeed on their own as only real men can.
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