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File 150301121286.jpg - (33.97KB , 480x300 , TELEMMGLPICT000137672193_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqkxXMN.jpg )
117141 No. 117141 ID: 9ea624


Islamic van of peace and tolerance visits Barcelona

- multiple attackers drove van into crowded tourist area
- 13 dead so far
- 2 suspects arrested, driver still on the run
- 1 person shot dead after he ran over police officers at a roadblock, currently unknown if this is related to the attack
- ISIS claims responsibility as per usual

>A white van crashed into a packed summer crowd this evening in Barcelona's historic Las Ramblas district. Barcelona police confirmed it was a terror attack. Officials said 13 people were killed and more than 100 injured.

>The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. The terror group has frequently declared that it was behind terrorist incidents in recent years, but experts have warned their claims should be treated with caution.

>Two suspects were arrested. Police later said the driver was still on the run.

>Police shot dead a third man who drove at officers at a checkpoint. It was not clear whether he was connected to the Las Ramblas attack.

>State-owned broadcaster RTVE reported that investigators think two vans were used - one for the attack and a second as a getaway vehicle.

>Las Ramblas, a street of stalls and shops that cuts through the center of Barcelona, is one of the city's top tourist destinations. People walk down a wide, pedestrian path in the center of the street while cars can travel on either side.
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>> No. 117142 ID: 9ea624

Police are now saying that an explosion in a house yesterday, which killed 1 woman, was related to today's attack.
>> No. 117143 ID: 5c87e8
Putin-backed proxy terrorists attacking within NATO borders and our limp wristed, draft dodging, numale president's big response is to hit back on social media.
EU will likely takes a more pragmatic approach of banning automobiles. Or they can't do more than 15km/h and have big soft round front ends (except for politicians who still get bullet proof limos and armed guards)
>> No. 117147 ID: 821a29
File barfelona.webm - (3.96MB )
>> No. 117149 ID: 02cde4
Oukabir, the driver, attended multiple rallies hosted by the Syrian Socialist National Party, a pro-Assad national socialist (no "neo-nazi" here, they were founded in Berlin during WW2 by Arabs who fled the failed revolution in Iraq) group.
>> No. 117152 ID: 278cbe
File 150307572986.jpg - (29.31KB , 334x395 , assadonrapefugees.jpg )
>> No. 117153 ID: 821a29
File finland_stabbings_of_peace.webm - (1.17MB , finland stabbings of peace.webm )
Group of sandniggers stabbed 2 Fins dead so far, others injured, happenings still underway.
>> No. 117156 ID: 9ea624


>Moussa Oukabir wrote online about his desire to "kill the infidels." Newsweek reported that "infidels" refers to non-Muslims.[63] The Spanish daily El Mundo reported that Oukabir posted: "I would kill all the infidels, would only allow the Muslims who follow the religion."[64][65][66]

sounds more like generic durka ranting than anything resembling Baathist Arab Nationalism...
>> No. 117157 ID: 3e9aae
before the terrorist's russian links
>haha yeah gettim! the west deserves every death for opposing russia! send more terrorists assad!

after the terrorist's russian links
>we must be very careful in assigning blame, clearly this is a lone wolf and his values do not represent those of russoslamic society or the arab nazi party
>> No. 117158 ID: 9ea624
what are you even talking about? Did I miss a bunch of posts or something? Or did you mean to reply to someone else?

That was beyond chatbot levels of unintelligible.
>> No. 117159 ID: 278cbe
>inb4 this is propaganda setup created in Mosfilm
>> No. 117161 ID: 9dc901
I guess this year they won't be running with bulls, but with vans instead :DDD

We should surely clamp down on right-wing terrorists to prevent hate speech from this incident.
>> No. 117207 ID: 4d2c2c
Interesting how we haven't heard a peep out of our usual suspects about the ISIS stabbing attack in Russia. Of course Russian media didn't cover it either, on the day it happened the three main news channels gave it less than 2 minutes of coverage and two of the channels said it was domestic violence, since Russia is, after all, the protector of traditional values such as driving vehicles into crowds.
>> No. 117208 ID: 9dc901




Go peddle your lies somewhere else retard.

(Rule 2)
>> No. 117209 ID: f21a80
RT is a propaganda outlet, not internal news for Russians.

And of course again our moderate anti-american pro-islam anti-zionists haven't said anything.
>> No. 117210 ID: 9dc901








And so on and so forth.

Wish shitposting liars were banned.
>> No. 117213 ID: e188a9
>Wish shitposting liars were banned.

A blanket ban on Russian IPs and stormfaggot behavior? Sounds good.
>> No. 117237 ID: da203f
File 150463805749.png - (11.31KB , 405x294 , muslim shariah poll3.png )
Once again, with feeling: They are all Islamicists.
>> No. 117238 ID: cdc880
nice fake poll, russophobe.
>“I would prefer Islam not be mentioned in vain alongside terrorism” -V. Putin
>> No. 117240 ID: 278cbe
But Islamists are America's best friends.


>The secretary of state came under pressure from Congress, which appropriated $80 million for countering messages from Islamist extremists — and Russia.

>The Global Engagement Center is an inter-agency unit that is housed at the State Department. It was created in spring 2016, replacing the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. Its original mission was about countering terrorist propaganda, but it has expanded since to deal with state-sponsored disinformation campaigns.

Since State Department doesn't say directly how much will go either direction we might as well suppose that most of the money will go to fighting "Russia's propaganda" and rest of the money will go to support Islamist propaganda in Russia.
>> No. 117241 ID: e188a9
File 150464339380.jpg - (121.53KB , 1280x1009 , rtrb75f.jpg )
>p-pay no attention to how Russia created modern Islamic terrorism!

Funny how the Taliban and ISIS keep ending up with brand new Russian-made weapons that don't have any serial numbers on them.
>> No. 117242 ID: 278cbe
File 15046443609.png - (135.33KB , 500x522 , anonymous-03-02-12-fri-1739-no-1921453-if-only-you.png )
>Russia created modern Islamic terrorism
And Taliban. And Islam. And terrorism. Also it is historically accurate to say Russia created a wheel and a gun. Russia also created propaganda and politics. Also oil and oil market are Russia's inventions - terrorism can not function without oil.

>Russian-made weapons that don't have any serial numbers on them
Basically Russia created all weapons on Earth as well. Also Russia created serial numbers. How can Americans keep talking about these numbers if they don't own them?

American liars will always say that they are not the sponsors of terrorism and do not supply any terrorists with Russian weapons, but the truth is that they've stolen everything from Russia and try to use it against Russia all the time.
>> No. 117243 ID: 958a96
>upon being called out, the tankie will spasam incoherently instead of presenting a counter-argument, as refutation is a western tool of imperialism
>> No. 117244 ID: 278cbe
>day 41
>a free-running CIA robot is caught in a trap on Site 12
>attempts to approach are met with usual shift-the-blame attack profiles
>attempting to crash OS by introducing a mix of output and input information
>caught unsuspected, robot started to cite basic instructions and manuals
>let us call it a partial success
>> No. 117250 ID: 9dc901

Maybe start with trolling faggots hiding behind several IDs.
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