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No. 117215 ID: 3e9aae
>A nurse says she was assaulted and illegally arrested by a Salt Lake City police detective for following a hospital policy that does not allow blood draws from unconscious patients.

>Footage from University Hospital and officer body cameras shows Detective Jeff Payne and nurse Alex Wubbels in a standoff over whether the policeman should be allowed to get a blood sample from a patient who had been injured in a July 26 collision in northern Utah that left another driver dead.

>Wubbels says blood cannot be taken from an unconscious patient unless the patient is under arrest, unless there is a warrant allowing the draw or unless the patient consents. The detective acknowledges in the footage that none of those requirements is in place, but he insists that he has the authority to obtain the draw, according to the footage.

>At one point, Payne threatens to take Wubbels to jail if he doesn’t get the sample, and he accuses her of interfering with a criminal case.

>"I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow,” Payne says.

>After Wubbels consults with several hospital officials and repeats the policy, Payne tells her she is under arrest and grabs her, pulling her arms behind her back and handcuffing her. The footage shows the detective dragging Wubbels out of the hospital and putting her inside a patrol car as she screams, “Help! Help! Somebody help me! Stop! Stop! I did nothing wrong!”

>A University of Utah police officer and Department of Public Safety officers, who provide security for the hospital, were present at time of the arrest and did not intervene.

>As he stands in the hospital parking lot after the arrest, Payne says to another officer that he wonders how this event will affect an off-duty job transporting patients for an ambulance company.

>“I’ll bring them all the transients and take good patients elsewhere,” Payne says.
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>> No. 117216 ID: 3e843b
File 150426907098.jpg - (76.10KB , 664x441 , Samantha Sepulveda.jpg )
Shit like this is jsut one of the many reason that I support universal body cams.

I'm not the hugest fan of cops but I think the majority of them are just doing their job. But there are some pretty freaking bad apples that make shit tough for everyone else. And the fact is the responsibility and power a cop carries, the power to literally end your life or imprison you, means they need to have checks put into place to help guard against abuse of those powers.

Body cams help keep everyone honest. Nobody is going to be able to say police brutality if its on film. No cop is going to be able to say he was coming right for him if its on some made in taiwan computer pringle.

This detective has probably bullied people for years into doing what he wants, forcing people to break the law because he has the power to arrest them on trumped up charges. I shudder to think how many people before Nurse Wubbalubdubdub were arrested on false charges and this cunt got away with it. Thankfully for her this time he couldn't, atleast couldn't keep her in jail. Whether he actually gets punished I guess we will see.

Also I bet that nurse is going to have some trust issues with the cops and guards for her hospital after this.
>> No. 117223 ID: 02cde4
It's important to note that the person they were trying to get blood from was the *victim* in a crash. The police were chasing some other person who went across the median and hit a tractor trailer, which caught fire and the truck driver was severely burned and comatose.

He is also a reserve police officer.
>On July 26 of this year, one of our reserve officers, William Gray, was the victim in a horrific accident in northern Utah while working his full-time job as a truck driver.

>The suspect in this incident was fleeing from Utah State Highway Patrol, when he crossed into oncoming traffic and collided head on with Gray’s truck, severely injuring Gray and killing himself. Officer Gray was flown to the University of Utah’s burn unit where he remains under their watchful, professional, and competent care.

>Within the first hours of Officer Gray being admitted into the burn unit, an incident occurred between hospital staff and an officer from an agency in Utah who was assisting with the investigation.

>The Rigby Police Department was not aware of this incident until Aug. 31, 2017.

>The Rigby Police Department would like to thank the nurse involved and hospital staff for standing firm and protecting Officer Gray’s rights as a patient and victim. Protecting the rights of others is truly a heroic act.

>The Rigby Police Department would also like to acknowledge the hard work of the involved agencies, and trusts that this unfortunate incident will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate action will be taken.

>It is important to remember that Officer Gray is the victim in this horrible event, and that at no time was he under any suspicion of wrongdoing.

>As he continues to heal, we would ask that his family be given privacy, respect, and prayers for continued recovery and peace.
>> No. 117224 ID: 6ef9f1

Hopefully the officer is pushed into a new career, against his wishes of continued employment
>> No. 117225 ID: af47f0
It's incredibly obvious they were trying to get blood from the guy so they could go "it's not our fault the person we were chasing died! this other person was drunk/high!"

Hah more like they'll get a few months of unpaid vacation thanks to the police unions and because THIN BLUE LINE! FIGHTING THE WAR ON CRIME EVERY DAY! JUST LIKE SOLDIERS! MOST DANGEROUS JOB IN THE WORLD! MAGA!
>> No. 117227 ID: 5c87e8
Its not at all uncommon for an inebriated person involved in a auto accident to attempt to force intoxicants into the other driver before the cops arrive. They're driving along fat and happy not a care in the world on second and next moment OH SHIT looking at years in jail think fast think fast ah-ha! I'll lay it on the dead guy, pouring this bottle in his face won't hurt him anymore than he already is.
>> No. 117231 ID: 9315da


Hours after Salt Lake City’s mayor and police chief apologized for an officer handcuffing a hospital nurse who refused to take blood from an unconscious patient, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill announced Friday he wanted a criminal investigation into the episode.

that may be but this cop clearly didn't know WTF he was doing, at best
>> No. 117233 ID: 738b31
dog an pony show with the cop getting off scot free after a prolong paid administrative leave.

really, fuck police unions and blue line culture. People should be held accountable for their mistakes.
>> No. 117234 ID: aaf1f1
The officer is also a paramedic and his job as a paramedic is at stake after comments he made about it on the video. It's claimed he was sent on behalf of the state police to draw the blood himself, as he is one of the few officers that is qualified to do so, in a program that could be used to skirt HIPAA and was asking where the patient was located.

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