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File 150549152882.jpg - (91.93KB , 876x493 , 1505481813916.jpg )
117283 No. 117283 ID: 04ff43
>The convoy became stuck in the no man’s land between the front lines of the Syrian army and the Islamic State after the U.S. military bombed the road ahead to prevent it from reaching Islamic State territory in eastern Syria. It had been traveling there from western Syria under the terms of a deal struck between the Islamic State and the Lebanese Hezbollah movement to end fighting along the Lebanese border.

>Because Syrian troops are now in control of the area, the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State agreed to a Russian request to halt the surveillance, in the interests of deconflicting the rival Russian- and U.S.-backed efforts to defeat the militants, the statement said.

>Islamic State militants stranded in the Syrian desert for two weeks have reached their destination in eastern Syria, opposition activists said, after the U.S.-led coalition heeded Russia’s request to cease airstrikes on the convoy’s route.

>The convoy of buses traveled across Syria as part of a controversial deal brokered in August by the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah that allowed 600 people—Islamic State fighters and their families—to withdraw from the Lebanese border in southwestern Syria and head toward its border with Iraq.

>The convoy was able to reach Deir Ezzour province, an Islamic State-held area in eastern Syria, after the coalition ended its aerial surveillance and airstrikes on the group, according to the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has a network of activists across the country.

>Col. Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria, said Thursday morning he couldn’t confirm that the buses reached their final destination and said that the coalition hadn’t had persistent surveillance of them for days.

>The U.S. had been preventing Islamic State convoy from moving toward the Iraqi border by bombing roadways and using aircraft to attack fighters who attempted to move forward. But it set aside those efforts and withdrew U.S. aircraft from the area last week at the request of Russian officials who cited a “deconfliction” agreement between Moscow and Washington, Pentagon officials said in a statement at the time.

>The Russian officials said their planes were involved in operations against Islamic State in Deir Ezzour, Pentagon officials said in a statement. At the same time, fighters described as pro-Syrian regime forces advanced past Islamic State convoy. Pentagon officials said they would continue to take steps to prevent Islamic State fighters from moving toward Iraq, but haven’t specified how they intend to stop them.

>“From the start of this situation on Aug. 29, we have placed responsibility for the buses and passengers on the Syrian regime, who in conjunction with Lebanese Hezbollah, brokered a deal with ISIS to move its terrorists into Iraq,” Brig. Gen. Jon Braga, director of operations for the U.S. coalition, said in a statement.

>Previously, the coalition had criticized the deal, launching airstrikes that cratered a road and destroyed a bridge, preventing the convoy from continuing its journey.

>The coalition then targeted Islamic State fighters trying to reach the convoy to assist it, striking 85 militants and more than 40 vehicles—describing it as an unexpected boon in the fight against the group.

>“It presented an opportunity for the coalition to strike and remove several ISIS fighters and resources from the battlefield,” said coalition spokesman U.S. Army Col. Ryan Dillon.

>Deir Ezzour is one of Islamic State’s last strongholds, but faces separate offensives by Syrian regime forces and the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

>The deal to allow the convoy safe passage was reached after the Lebanese army and Syrian regime forces backed by Hezbollah launched simultaneous offensives to clear Islamic State from a mountainous Lebanese area bordering Syria.

>In return, Islamic State provided information on the remains of eight Lebanese soldiers who had been kidnapped in 2014 and handed over the bodies of two Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian military adviser.

>One Hezbollah prisoner who remained with the convoy as insurance for its safe passage was released once it reached Islamic State-controlled territory, according to the Observatory.

>The deal was criticized by both the U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who called it “an insult to the Iraqi people.”

>“We are fighting terrorism in Iraq and we are killing them in Iraq. We don’t send them to Syria,” he said.
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>> No. 117284 ID: 278cbe
File 150549495538.jpg - (48.32KB , 604x454 , usa-isis-dummy.jpg )
>The U.S. had been preventing Islamic State convoy from moving toward the Iraqi border by bombing roadways and using aircraft to attack fighters who attempted to move forward.
>preventing Islamic State convoy from moving toward the Iraqi border by bombing roadways
>bombing roadways
>launching airstrikes that cratered a road and destroyed a bridge
US be like "Look, I'm shooting terrorists! Why don't you allow me to shoot terrorists?".
>> No. 117286 ID: 3e9aae
File 150550591880.gif - (60.67KB , 386x710 , real-arty-2.gif )
>cratering roadways and destroying bridges to impede enemy mobility and increase the time they spend in a kill zone is not a valid military tactic!

lol okay ivan.

Simple fact of the matter is that Russia told the US to stop bombing ISIS once they crossed into a certain region. The US complied, and then the Russians and Syrians did nothing to further attack the convoy.
>> No. 117287 ID: 5c87e8
no way that a 25% increase in shell diameter results in a 250% increase in crater depth.
both shell diameter and crater depth are measurements of one dimension of the explosive power of the shell. Crater volume will be a function of the cube of the depth and the explosive potential of the shell (it's weight) is a function of the cube of the diameter. Unless they use something in the 152mm that blows up 1000x harder than what they put in the 122.
and its hilarious that the soviet government's own internal technical documents were fake news.
>> No. 117288 ID: 278cbe
>not a valid military tactic
>Russians and Syrians did nothing to further attack the convoy
Apparently you can't read very well, let me point out the reasons why nobody shot at convoy.

>The convoy of buses traveled across Syria as part of a controversial deal brokered in August by the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah that allowed 600 people—Islamic State fighters and their families—to withdraw from the Lebanese border in southwestern Syria and head toward its border with Iraq.
Good luck bombing a convoy of buses full of women and children. I bet Americans would never hesitate on that in any other country without Russian presence.

Still, the point is, NATO used this excuse to bomb civilian infrastructure, as they always did for the last 4 years, nothing new here. They just didn't complain loudly about it before.

I imagine next step will be something about this:
>"who build all these stupid cities, roads and factories"
>"the terrorists hide in here and we can't bomb them properly"
>"it is clearly and evil plan of some Middle Eastern dictator"
>> No. 117293 ID: 3e9aae
122mm HE-FRAG shells have a 3.6kg HE filler, 152mm shells have a 6.8kg filler. Pure HE shells are 4.8kg and 8.9kg respectively.

>complaining about the US bombing a road and bridge
>blaming NATO, a defensive organization created by European states to protect against Russian imperialism, for something outside of Europe
>but not complaining about how Russia has primarily targeted civilians and infrastructure in Syria due to their lack of military training and capabilities
>"America is weak because they didn't massacre woman and children like Russia!

inb4 the usual "CIA shill! reeee!" accusations, my little rooster.
>> No. 117294 ID: 278cbe
File 150559685165.jpg - (47.06KB , 390x470 , 13949790282313.jpg )
>a defensive organization
>something outside of Europe
Stop, I can only laugh so hard at this point.

>America is weak
I think your brain functions are pretty weak, if you are talking about that.

("lol ur dum")
(rule 2)
>> No. 117305 ID: 278cbe
>lol ur dum
>rule 2
This is not a personal attack, this is called "personal opinion". You may or may not agree with that, but it is becoming more common for people in American politics to fail at basic logic and demonstrate lack of common sense.
>> No. 117311 ID: 82910e
See >>90929.
>"Someone saying "your ideas are retarded" is not a personal attack. Someone saying "you are retarded" is a personal attack.

I though about your statement for a while, looked at it from a couple different angles and came up with "yep, that's a 'you are retarded'".
If it had been worded a little differently it would have been fine.
>> No. 117322 ID: 278cbe
File 150625228310.png - (122.96KB , 1209x1710 , Russia_Hates_Dogs_(Part_5_-_Trolling_the_Web).png )
>yfw your puppet terrorist state is falling faster then you can cope with

>The Russian Ministry of Defense has released aerial images which they say show US Army special forces equipment north of the town of Deir er-Zor, where ISIS militants are deployed.

>“Without resistance from ISIS militants the SDF troops are moving along the left bank of the Euphrates river towards the town of Deir Ezzor,” the statement from the Ministry of Defense read.

>Deir Ezzor (Syria News) The Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by the international coalition troops, managed to capture one of the biggest gas fields in the city of Deir Ezzor, Enab Baladi News reported on Saturday.
Protip: you don't need to fight over a territory if you can bribe it's owners.

>but ISIS are the people too
Their status as legal combatants has been revoked long time ago.
Doesn't mean US can't use them as a cannon fodder though.
>> No. 117323 ID: 056a4a
File 150627271812.jpg - (81.73KB , 460x626 , 12.jpg )
>> No. 117325 ID: 278cbe


>Wednesday, 20 September 2017
>The Russian Defense Ministry says that, according to their data, an offensive launched by Al Nusra terrorists and their allies in Syria was orchestrated by the US security services, aiming at derailing and slowing down the Syrian Army operation near Deir ez-Zor.


>Russia on Thursday raised the threat of a direct confrontation with U.S. forces in Syria, saying that the Russian military would target areas occupied by American units and U.S.-backed militias if Moscow’s troops come under fire.

>Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov, of the Russian armed forces, has been killed after coming under shelling from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants near Deir ez-Zor, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced.

I really hope this is a last straw. The general's position could have been discovered only by direct involvement of special forces and their surveillance.

It is time to show US and NATO special forces that they are uninvited guests in the country. Otherwise they will stay there forever to support civil war, terrorism and civilian unrest in the region.

>DEIR EZZOR, Syria: US-allied militias in northern Syria have announced the formation of a civilian council to govern the oil rich eastern province of Deir Ezzor where they are racing with the Syrian regime’s troops to capture territory held by Daesh.

>US boosts surveillance amid Russian threats in Syria
>Updated 1752 GMT (0152 HKT) September 24, 2017
I think they already realized what they have done. Have fun running back in to Iraq through your terrorist brethren ranks.
>> No. 117326 ID: dd666f

good work yevgeni, double vodka ration tonight
>> No. 117329 ID: 278cbe
  >identifying conformism


>The Ministry of Defence said there was "no credible evidence" civilians had been killed in RAF strikes


>Major-General Rupert Jones said it was impossible to target the ‘evil’ extremists holed up in packed cities in Iraq and Syria without the loss of innocent life

Yep, that's a conformism.
>> No. 117378 ID: 1989a8
I'm all for calling out US on their bullshit but why do we bother to make deals with muslim extremists? There is no such thing as a civvie muslim, so the more casualties we or murrica causes the better for both our countries.
>> No. 117387 ID: 278cbe
File 150704059634.png - (1.02MB , 1158x1349 , 15068804636970.png )
Merica and the others of a free world can't exterminate them all, you see. They are not yet in their civilization's decline, like those Indians were, so it is hard to contain them in set limits and recycle them into oil, diamonds or canned pork by use of brute force of law.

>There is no such thing as a civvie muslim
On average - pretty much no; in general, there are several countries that were civilized enough to bear with them. These ones, though, Merica hates the most, because yankees don't understand and refuse to adnmit that it's possible.
>> No. 117395 ID: 1989a8
"Civvie" as in "civilian" not "civilized". They're civilized in their own countries, doesn't mean they wouldn't want yours. At the expense of your freedom, life, etc. If it was a convoy with your women and children they would have bombed it without any pangs of conscience. They kids would shoot or behead you, their women would stone you when given the chance. The margin of that chance may be different across countries but that sentiment will be universal across the muslim world and should be met accordingly. Same can be applied to jews as well, just their methods being different.
>> No. 117396 ID: 278cbe
File 150705502543.jpg - (115.21KB , 1023x576 , 15066093337830.jpg )
>They're civilized in their own countries, doesn't mean they wouldn't want yours.
This is a normal situation for nationalist extrimists, within Mislim world or within American. You, as far as I observe, are no different.

>If it was a convoy with your women and children they would have bombed it without any pangs of conscience.
>implying drone operators have "pangs of conscience" when they are bombing citizens of soverign countries

>They kids would shoot or behead you, their women would stone you when given the chance.
Probably you shouldn't have treated them as cattle in the first place. In fact, anybody would react all the same.
>> No. 117400 ID: ab6d3e
No, we should have. Should have treated them even worse than cattle as their beliefs contain a doctrine of deceit and sabotage aimed at usurping a state from other confessions' or secular control. This isn't cattle, this is pests at best.
>> No. 117403 ID: 41d5f8
Stop feeding the shill.
>> No. 117404 ID: 278cbe
File 150706256045.jpg - (105.90KB , 640x564 , ISIS news site #amaq claims Vegas shooter Stephen .jpg )
>This isn't cattle, this is pests at best.
>doctrine of deceit and sabotage aimed at usurping a state
>Should have treated them even worse than cattle
But it is already too late. Just now you generously elaborated your moral principles, and they are no different from those of Islamic terrorist's.

It comes as no surprise that you are fighting together now as ever. You have lost you religious war before you even started it.
>> No. 117413 ID: ab6d3e
This isn't a question of moral principles but survival. I enjoy my way of living and my country, I want it and my family in it to thrive and prosper. If there is a clear implacable menace to that existence it should be faced with brutality and without remorse. If you aren't willing to commit that brutality on them they will sooner or later commit it on you.
This war in essence isn't religious, it's for power and control, not ideology. It can be argued very reasonably that religion and faith is part of power and control but Islam is that concept crystallized. Has been ever since its inception. Due to that peculiarity one should treat Islam and its followers not as religious fanatics and less fervent adherents that want to worship our mutual God in their own unique fashion but agents seeking to undermine your way of life and to take what's yours. They did so historically and they will continue to do so in the future.
>> No. 117414 ID: ab6d3e
A shill for what? This board with 3,5 users is way off the radar to really shill for something.
>> No. 117415 ID: 278cbe
File 150712685845.jpg - (23.64KB , 403x403 , every-war-when-it-comes-or-before-it-comes-is-repr.jpg )
>This isn't a question of moral principles but survival. I enjoy my way of living and my country, I want it and my family in it to thrive and prosper.
Living inside a country that is a sole global superpower shouldn't be as hard as to care about any survival beyond common sense - obviously, your fellow countrymen pose immensely more danger in that regard. It is understandable that you can feel threatened and envied by the rest of the world, but naturally it is easier to deduce that you are not concerned with these people.

Rather then that, you are concerned with your greed and sense or righteousness. A defensive mechanism that allows robbers and swindlers to continue their business is the same in nature - they proclaim and convince themselves that it is not their fault that they have committed a crime, it was just society's fault that they are in position where there's no choice but to commit a crime.
>> No. 117416 ID: ab6d3e
My country isn't the sole global superpower and yet the threat Islam poses is very obvious even here and probably even more than in the US.
I am indeed concerned with my greed because what's greed to you for me is a way to grow and prosper. Robbers and swindlers exist universally across humanity, more in some nations, less in others and they're internal matters. Muslims do infiltrate western countries but their motives are just as external as war and espionage which exist parallel to corruption. You cannot close your eyes to either one or use one as argument against the other.
In terms of states there is no defense or attack. You have to further your goals regardless of what you believe to be right or wrong on a personal level or you'll become the stepping stone instead.
This is what Muslims do like everybody else and that's why you shouldn't let them do it. Them specifically and the sooner the better because they are about the most alien nation towards everything you enjoy and strive for. Again, similar is mostly applicable to Jews.
>> No. 117418 ID: 278cbe
File 150713685062.jpg - (21.17KB , 372x340 , 15059927118950.jpg )
>In terms of states there is no defence or attack.
Which is quite the opposite. States have borders that they are protecting and laws they are respecting, that is pretty much all there is to state. Only extremists have no respect for borders and laws.

>This is what Muslims do like everybody else and that's why you shouldn't let them do it.
As the matter of fact, I see no reason to allow that to people like you also, with or without Muslims on board.

>Them specifically and the sooner the better because they are about the most alien nation towards everything you enjoy and strive for.
Then you don't know much about the world yet. Probably will never know. The NWO media agenda is seated deeply within you, so you probably don't know what "nation" means as well.
>> No. 117423 ID: f770de
We've had them since Russia invaded Ukraine, or a little bit before if you count Syrian islamist fanboys. Just ask the mods, a while back they posted that the IP addresses of our Russia-boosters were coming from St. Petersberg and from some ISP in the Kazan-Yekaterinburg area.

And it doesn't matter if this is some half-dead image board, they get paid by the post. The goal is to cause enough pro-Russia/pro-nazi/pro-jihadist noise that everything else is drowned out.
>> No. 117424 ID: ab6d3e
Then educate me on what does "nation" mean.

>Only extremists have no respect for borders and laws.

Laws only go as far as they're being enforced. Good luck doing that at international level. As for borders, Europe is an alarming example of how borders are being opened to Muslims or regular godless criminals by legal ways or by smuggling. A clear disturbing agenda can be seen and it uses Islam as a destructive means. Results are paraded as achievements in media and any concern is shut down as swiftly as possible so as not to leak out via traditional media.
Why should you or me pretend it doesn't exist? Why should we brush it away as state looking for an enemy when you can see the enemy yourself and his plans for are all laid out in a book?
>> No. 117427 ID: 278cbe
File 150715113762.png - (225.92KB , 550x321 , k46821_putin.png )
>We've had them since Russia invaded Ukraine, or a little bit before if you count Syrian islamist fanboys.
See, you've just described yourself. I've been on this board since very, veeery long time ago.

>Laws only go as far as they're being enforced.
Every borders have two sides, and every side has it's own law. And nations were created to keep population within set borders after transportation became easier - for their good or bad. "Muslim" is not a nation, not even ethnicity or cult - it is one of the religions, far more sublime, universal and important than all of these things. The harder you hit it, the stronger a recoil will be.

>A clear disturbing agenda can be seen and it uses Islam as a destructive means.
This is a payback for trying to use Islam as pawns in your greater game. It's not like that somebody is specifically enforcing it from elsewhere - it is just another mother nature's law. If you play with dynamite long enough, it will blow your ass away. Now you enjoy it.
>> No. 117437 ID: ab6d3e
I'd get pro-Russian posts but pro-jihadist ones just seems like shooting your own foot. Then again, maybe it wouldn't matter too much since the amount of Russians that know English is irrelevant in terms of recoil as well as most of us dislike sandniggers too much too buy it anyway. Nazi post would be the strangest. Probably your LARPing feds or some genuine autists. I could understand trying to entice US with nationalism or even fascism but NS specifically is very dubious.

You never told me what's a "nation" to you.
>> No. 117452 ID: 278cbe
  How NOT to fight terrorism.
1. Declare that a certain country has "ISIS" on it's territory and invade it.
2. Target as much civilian infrastructure as you can. In fact, kill everything that moves as long as you have ammo.
3. Avoid hitting military targets, so that someone can capture them later.
4. Disrupt and destroy local government, police and army. Open prisons and borders.
5. Support separatists and dissidents and help them capture military infrastructure.
6. Introduce sanctions against state. Provide aid to countries and groups that actively fight the state.
7. Deliver humanitarian aid and military supplies to random locations so that better armed people can take them.
8. Interfere with any peace talks as much as you can.
9. If everything fails, start to supply terrorists with arms and information directly, support them from air, land, and internet.
10. Never, ever avoid the opportunity to remind everyone that you are fighting the righteous war.

How to fight terrorism.
1. Respond to international requests on fighting terrorism, made by legitimized government.
2. Avoid hitting civilian targets and other unnecessary casualties. Seek help from local population.
3. Concentrate effort on gaining territory and neutralizing military targets - bunkers, depots, command posts, lines of supply.
4. Support and reinforce local government and police, rebuild services and order.
5. Destroy separatists and criminals with impunity and protect military assets.
6. Disrupt alliances that support terrorism. Reinforce borders and improve international security.
7. Deliver humanitarian aid directly to population and military supplies directly to the people who can make a good use of it.
8. Always introduce an option of peaceful surrender - on your conditions.
9. Never, ever make any pacts with armed, organized and externally supplied terrorist cells. Destroy them and their supporters.
10. Always remind to everyone, who is responsible for the situation.
>> No. 117453 ID: 278cbe
  Free Syrian Army? More like American Mercenary Legion.
>> No. 117477 ID: da203f
File 15079295814.png - (13.20KB , 405x313 , muslim poll2 suicide bombing.png )
No, it's just Islam being itself. It's the only belief system extant that explicitly calls for human sacrifice. It's evil people believing evil things.
>> No. 117481 ID: a7b658

>> No. 117486 ID: 278cbe

>Iraqi forces have reportedly captured a military base, an airport and oilfields outside the northern city of Kirkuk after the prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, ordered the army to “impose security” on the Kurdish-held territory.

>Iraqi troops began advancing on the oil city in the early hours of Monday morning amid reports of clashes with the Kurdish peshmerga fighters, the special forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Oops indeed.

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