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File 150552453245.jpg - (174.32KB , 1920x1152 , 3500.jpg )
117289 No. 117289 ID: 3e9aae
Basically the conservative ruling party was secretly pardoning child rapists, with the prime minister's father petitioning for the pardon of one of them.
>Following wide outrage in Icelandic society after it was revealed yesterday that the Minister of the Interior had lied to Parliament and kept information from the public and that the Prime Minister had also kept information from the public, the junior coalition partner, the centrist Bright Future, has announced it will no longer support the government. The Prime Minister has yet to appear publicly.

>Bright Future made the decision to withdraw from the coalition government at a meeting yesterday evening. The announcement was made shortly after midnight. At the heart of the story is fallout from a child abuse scandal which had ensnared the father of the Prime Minister, Benedikt Sveinsson. Mass protests have been announced in front of the house of parliament today afternoon at 16:00.

>The reason Bright Future has withdrawn its support for the government is that yesterday the public learned that the father of the Prime Minister, Benedikt Sveinsson, one of the wealthiest men in Iceland, had written a letter on behalf of Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson, the most notorious child molesters to be sentenced in Icelandic court, asking for his full pardon and that his criminal record to be expunged and "honor restored".

>In Iceland criminals can apply for a full pardon five years after they have served their sentence. An applicant for pardon must present letters from two "respected and well known people" vouching for their changed and good character. The pardon application is approved by the Ministry of the Interior, then reviewed by a parliamentary committee and finally signed by the President of Iceland.

>The case of two of Iceland's most notorious child molesters who received a full pardon this summer has rattled Icelandic society. The Icelandic public and media have spent much of summer discussing the two cases and the horrifying world of violence and abuse they revealed.

>One of the two men, who has changed his named to Róbert Downey, had been a prominent attorney before he was sentenced. He had systematically groomed dozens of young girls in difficult social circumstances whom he had singled out as potential victims. The family of one of his victims launched a campaign to answer why this man had been granted a full pardon. This campaign then drew public attention to the pardoning of a second child molester. One of their demands was that it would be revealed who had written letters on behalf of Róbert Downey.

>The unwillingness of the government and the Minister of the Interior, as well as the majority of the Judiciary committee of Parliament to support these calls or just take them seriously, was interpreted by many as proof of a cover-up. Not least because the actions and statements of the parliamentary leaders of the Conservative party after the case became front page news alternated between fumbling and arrogance.

>This second man, Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson, had raped and abused his adopted daughter for 12 years, from the age of 5 until the girl finally managed to escape and press charges. He was sentenced in 2004 to five and a half years in prison, which is one of the longest sentences ever handed down in sex abuse cases in Iceland.

>The details of the case are nothing short of horrifying. This summer the man was then granted a full pardon, despite the fact that there is no indication he has ever repented. His victim has revealed in interviews that the man has continued to harass her and her family, among other things by approaching her six year old daughter while she was on a field trip with her school. The man was working as a school bus driver at the time.

>Yesterday it was revealed tha tone of the two people who had written letters on behalf of Hjalti Sigurjón was the father of the Prime Minister, Benedikt Sveinsson. Benedikt is a prominent businessman, one of the wealthiest people in Iceland, and widely considered to be one of the most powerful actors in the Conservative party.

>The Minister of the Interior knew that Benedikt had written the latter on behalf of the child molester, and had told the Prime Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, of this fact in June. Neither the Prime Minister, nor the Minister of the Interior, had ny legal obligation to keep the identity of the person who had written the letter secret. It was only after media had been granted access to the information, following an Freedom of Information request, that the information came forth.
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>> No. 117290 ID: 278cbe
>support Icelandic democracy, they said
>they know how to handle those bankers, they said
>> No. 117299 ID: f21a80
this is the pro-bank wing of Icelandic politics though. they (and the other right-wing party, the Progressive Party) had their last two coalition governments collapse due to financial corruption related stuff.

(unsurprisingly the corrupt pedophiles are also russia lovers.)
>> No. 117301 ID: e1063c
  Kinda sad to find out that people are the same the world over. I thought the Scandinavians were supposed to be too pure to be involved in this kind of thing.
One of the moderators at Bronnen.net is the son of one of the politicians involved in the pedoing, he claims to be uninvolved himself, but he also has been picked to take over the family seat in government so nobody believes his denial.
>> No. 117306 ID: 278cbe
>pro-bank wing of Icelandic politics
>russia lovers
They are all liberals, there's no way they can like any country at all.

>I thought the Scandinavians were supposed to be too pure to be involved in this kind of thing.
You are not safe from such "thing" as long as you are staying in the first world. If you remember Strauss-Kahn, you should know what is it all about.
>> No. 117307 ID: 9dc901
File 15058366889.gif - (3.59MB , 400x253 , tenor.gif )
>Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson, had raped and abused his adopted daughter for 12 years
>five and a half years in prison, which is one of the longest sentences ever handed down in sex abuse cases in Iceland.
>> No. 117308 ID: cdc880
Russia is one of the only modern countries that has not banned child pornography entirely. Even Japan banned possession a couple years ago.

>it's not a crime if it's your traditional cultural values that are under attack from western jew liberals
>> No. 117310 ID: 278cbe
>traditional cultural values that are under attack from western jew liberals
Really? Wasn't CP and other sexual deviations a traditional liberal privileged value?
>> No. 117315 ID: 77c809
>The records contained the official testimony from Colonel R.S. Sarkisov and Colonel V. Nadaraia, two of Beria's most senior NKVD bodyguards. They stated that on warm nights during the war years, Beria was often driven slowly through the streets of Moscow in his armored Packard limousine. He would point out young women to be detained and escorted to his mansion where wine and a feast awaited them. After dining, Beria would take the women into his soundproofed office and rape them. Beria's bodyguards reported that their orders included handing each victim a flower bouquet as she left Beria's house. The implication was that to accept made it consensual; refusal would mean arrest. In one incident his chief bodyguard, Sarkisov, reported that a woman who had been brought to Beria rejected his advances and ran out of his office; Sarkisov mistakenly handed her the flowers anyway prompting the enraged Beria to declare "Now it's not a bouquet, it's a wreath! May it rot on your grave!" The woman was arrested by the NKVD the next day.

>Beria's sexually predatory nature was well-known to the Politburo, and though Stalin took an indulgent viewpoint (considering Beria's wartime importance), he said, "I don't trust Beria." In one instance when Stalin learned his daughter was alone with Beria at his house, he telephoned her and told her to leave immediately. When Beria complimented Alexander Poskrebyshev's daughter on her beauty, Poskrebyshev quickly pulled her aside and instructed her, "Don't ever accept a lift from Beria." After taking an interest in Marshal Kliment Voroshilov's daughter-in-law during a party at their summer dacha, Beria shadowed their car closely all the way back to the Kremlin terrifying Voroshilov's wife.
>> No. 117317 ID: 278cbe
>immediately posts a piece of shameless liberal propaganda
Well, I guess, thank you for proving my point again.
>> No. 117318 ID: 7e33e7
File 150601637746.jpg - (172.15KB , 600x423 , 1388770_stock-photo-chickens-rooster-hen-chicks-ru.jpg )
>NKVD officers and Comrade Stalin are liberal propaganda!
>> No. 117327 ID: dd666f
The Russian Orthodox church is well known to run child brothels that cater to it's members and members of the government. The Russian government has repeatedly overturned the convictions of monks arrested for abducting and raping children.
>> No. 117380 ID: 1989a8
Wut? Gib source on that.
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