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File 150907088629.jpg - (30.95KB , 800x430 , bill-oreilly-070816-2-800x430.jpg )
117509 No. 117509 ID: d804d2
>“You know, am I mad at God? Yeah, I’m mad at him,” O’Reilly said, according to CNN. “I wish I had more protection. I wish this stuff didn’t happen. I can’t explain it to you. Yeah, I’m mad at him.”

>O’Reilly was discussing a recent New York Times report that revealed the former Fox News host paid out $32 million to settle a sexual harassment claim by longtime Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl. O’Reilly repeated his frequent claim that the Times report is the product of a media machine bent on his destruction.

>“If they could literally kill me, they would,” O’Reilly said, later arguing the Times published this yet another account of his alleged misconduct because “we didn’t kill him, so we’ve got to kill him again.”

>“If I die tomorrow and I get an opportunity, I’ll say, ‘Why’d you guys work me over like that? Didn’t [you] know my children were going to be punished? And they’re innocent,'” he continued. “But then I think about people who have it much, much rougher than me. And you know, I’m a big mouth. I’m a target. They’re not targets.”

>“So they came back with another bunch of garbage,” he said of the Times. “I talked to them this time just to see the devil that I was dealing with. And I truly believe that these people at the New York Times are out to hurt people with whom they disagree. They don’t want me in the marketplace. That’s what this is all about.”
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>> No. 117511 ID: b69ec3
Bill O’Reilly Hits Ex-Pol With $5M Threat After Sexual Harassment Settlement Posting

>> No. 117535 ID: f9ff99
Bill O’Reilly.
Harvey Weinstein.
Kevin Spacey.
And now the LIEberal conspiracy against white men claims another victim: Danny Masterson.
>> No. 117537 ID: 91fea7
It appears the accusations were made last decade and got buried because the church of scientology is literally the mafia.
>> No. 117574 ID: 90573a
Turns out that Charlie Sheen also raped Corey Haim when he was 13, and Louis C.K. is a sex predator.

Also Alabama Republican Roy Moore is a child rapist.
>> No. 117576 ID: 85023b

A month after Terry Crews shared his own personal sexual-assault story on Twitter in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the actor has reported the incident to police. The LAPD tells TMZ that Crews filed a formal complaint on Wednesday against a Hollywood executive he previously claimed “groped [his] privates” at an event last year. Though Crews hasn’t publicly named the accused, a report identified the exec in question as WME agent Adam Venit, who has since taken a leave of absence from the agency. According to TMZ, the incident is recent enough to launch a criminal investigation. In his original tweets, Crews said he received a vague apology from the exec after the alleged groping, and decided not to go public with his story earlier for fear of being “ostracized” in the industry.
>> No. 117577 ID: 85023b

On November 2, two days after published reports that Dick had been fired from a small role in an upcoming film for sexual harassment and misconduct on the set, CCFF artistic director Jessica Hardy issued a statement that the documentary Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story had been dropped from the festival, which runs this weekend. Hardy says this is the first time in CCFF's seven-year history that it's pulled a film for content.
>> No. 117580 ID: 3e9aae
File 151037176955.jpg - (85.75KB , 606x734 , moderate child rapists.jpg )

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