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File 150984312388.jpg - (50.69KB , 600x590 , Bergdahl-3.jpg )
117538 No. 117538 ID: 9eb8ba
No jail time.
Dishonorable discharge.

I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.
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>> No. 117539 ID: df12a0
While there's many who are deeply offended by the ruling, I'm sure there's plenty of people who are also quite happy with not having further tax dollars spent, for his incarceration, and the opportunity to run the bastard down.
>> No. 117540 ID: 3e9aae
Eh sounds about right. The amount of time he spent in the Taliban Treehouse of Fun (FREE KEBABS) is probably punishment enough. Though from a humanitarian standpoint I question the ethics of denying medical care to a POW via the dishonorable discharge.

Fuck back in Vietnam there was a Marine who straight up defected to and fought with the VC, and that was all but swept under the rug after the war ended because when he came back as a POW he latched onto the Vietnam MIA body recovery and "unreturned POWs" myths that were being supported by political and popular figures.
>> No. 117542 ID: 1e98c8
This is causing a lot of butthurt, but given the mitigating factors it's likely the best choice.
>> No. 117546 ID: f5eda2
File 150998077828.jpg - (148.29KB , 894x894 , nuclear_s_rage_by_leakim_dek-d7nm16d_png.jpg )
>further tax dollars spent, for his incarceration
Didn't need incarceration. Fucker deserted, during a time of war, and misbehaved before the enemy. Mentally unstable or not he deserved a tight knot and a short drop.

On a happier note:
Have I ever told you guys about the time my GF and I went to a burlesque show that featured a fat 40-something year old guy dressed as Lion-O doing a strip-tease?
>> No. 117570 ID: 5a1acb
I'll agree. It was pretty much like instant karma and punishment.

It seems like the most reasonable thing to do.

Surprisingly enough, the military seems like the more peaceful voice of reason these days. While the a large portion of the rest of the country is unrest yelling for one head or another.

I think a lot of the butt hurt around this comes from the "pro" military people who never served.
>> No. 117571 ID: 1668cd
I think its BS. Death penalty is warranted but too easy. I think he should get life.

Also they are talking about giving him $300,000 in back pay now. Thanks Trump.
>> No. 117572 ID: 33630e
Buddy, this is 2017, "treason" now means you're a GOP presidential candidate.
>> No. 117575 ID: 1668cd
Lets just not talk about that it also makes you a democrat presidential candidate
>> No. 117578 ID: 85023b
File 151032763344.png - (233.94KB , 600x382 , A69lNsJCUAEcFWE.png )
If only there had been some viable alternative to the two least popular major party candidates to ever run.
>> No. 117579 ID: 89236d
File 151036866412.jpg - (40.25KB , 600x337 , libertarian stripper.jpg )
If only the Libertarians were a viable political party and not obsessed with moronic economic theories and legalizing child sex slavery.
>> No. 117581 ID: 649f2c
hey enemabag, stop posting that garbage. johnson ran the two most underperforming presidential campaigns on a dollars per vote basis in all of american history. gary johnson is a republican, he was elected as such and the republicans have been sandbagging the libertarian party in america for decades. before johnson the candidate was bob barr, another republican elected official who seemed to be able to do really well in election when he had a (R) next to him name, but somehow lost the knack when running as an (L).
johnson was so desperate to lose that he purposefully went on tv to make an ass out of himself when the real republican candidate was having difficulty projecting an intelligent seeming facade. also take note his strong commitment to libertarian foreign policy ideals.
>> No. 117610 ID: d7e6b8
File 151103835526.jpg - (24.87KB , 466x466 , alice-facepalm.jpg )
That was indeed a very sad day for the Libertarian movement. They were T'd up to potentially make positive movement on a serious national level, but this jackass and Gary Johnson showed up.
>> No. 117611 ID: 48ee34
File 151104435824.jpg - (4.05KB , 300x57 , my captcha.jpg )
you make it sound like that was just random chance rather than an orchestrated campaign to undermine a competing political party and prevent it's member's from exercising their constitutional rights

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