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File 15162206098.png - (140.37KB , 900x600 , new-california-republic-two-headed-grizzley.png )
117793 No. 117793 ID: c1b306
>SAN FRANCISCO -- There's another effort underway to divide California.

>It's called the "New California" campaign, and its founders want to create a 51st state by separating the rural areas from the coastal cities and Sacramento.

>They say California is a failed state and that we've become governed by a tyranny.

>On Monday, the founders read their own Declaration of Independence.

>They say they'll work with the state legislature, who would have to vote to split up the state before a resolution can be submitted to Congress.

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>> No. 117794 ID: 47e17e
inb4 it turns out it's that same guy behind the last two "Californian separatist" movements who had renounced his American citizenship and immigrated to Siberia.
>> No. 117801 ID: bcc440
How likely is this to happen? I feel like it's literally a 0% chance in hell. But who knows with the state of how crazy shit is now days.
>> No. 117802 ID: 41441c
Really unlikely, they'd loose all their farm subsidies they get for growing monsoon crops in the desert. And all the money for maintaining the levee system in the valley. And they'd still have a blue majority inside the areas they want.

It's just the usual whining from the redhat morons who think Obama is still president, and like >>117794 said it's probably some kind of Russian disinfo op.
>> No. 117807 ID: 9dcda2
I wish a motherfucker would.
>> No. 117808 ID: dd409f
contiguous west coast narcostate reaching from barrow all the way to tierra del fuego
>> No. 117811 ID: 738b31
>failed state
>separate from strongest economy in country
>ask for more fed money when state income drops to nothing
>> No. 117868 ID: da203f
You don't know where your food and water and electricity and stuff comes from, do you city boy?
>> No. 117871 ID: 5c87e8
country bumpkin servants deliver them
>> No. 117873 ID: f5abbc
File 151772097436.png - (1.17MB , 2502x2107 , lOeYVVs.png )
>no guys a bunch of untrained hicks will totally be able to starve cities into submission

Wonder how long it'll be until the oxy and diabetes medications runs out and they start surrendering? And of course you can't farm without access to refineries or power plants, which coincidentally are located near cities. And never mind that the military has spent the last two decades slaughtering illiterate dirt farmers from far more martial and physically able cultures vis a vis those who "farm" by getting millions in government subsidies to pay illegal immigrants to run semi-automated equipment.
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