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File 151805117250.jpg - (47.24KB , 598x442 , DVd35HfX0AAPjIc.jpg )
117878 No. 117878 ID: 89d7f8
But but but but but RT assured us that Hillary would be the one who started a war with Russia!

>The US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria conducted strikes against pro-regime forces in Syria Wednesday, the coalition said in a statement.

>The coalition said the strikes were carried out after forces allied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "initiated an unprovoked attack" against a well-established Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters where coalition advisers were working with US-backed Syrian fighters.

>A US official told CNN that the attackers crossed the Euphrates River and were armed with artillery and other weapons. The US official said that US forces in the region counterattacked using artillery and aircraft.

>The official added that no US personnel were killed or wounded in the engagement.

>The official added that it was unclear exactly who the pro-regime forces were but the US is looking into whether Russian contractors operating in the vicinity might have been involved but added that there is no direct evidence yet that the Russians fired on the Syrian Democratic Forces facility where the US advisers were located. The official said they have not ruled out that Iranian backed-forces might have also been involved in the attack.

>"In defense of coalition and partner forces, the coalition conducted strikes against attacking forces to repel the act of aggression against partners engaged in the Global Coalition's defeat-Daesh mission," the coalition statement said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.
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>> No. 117880 ID: b6e249
File 151807536458.png - (197.65KB , 540x426 , not_peace_but_a_sword.png )
So.... What you're saying... Is that the military responded to an unprovoked attack, as it should?

And this is somehow Trump's fault?

Reminder; if the shitlibs had won the election, we'd be INVADING Syria, and thus guaranteeing a conflict with Russia.

And we'd also have another AWB.
>> No. 117881 ID: 278cbe
>US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria
>conducted strikes against pro-regime forces
You've had one job, Uncle Sam, one fucking job.


>Syrian state television accused the United States of a “new aggression” on Thursday after U.S. warplanes bombed pro-government forces attempting to storm a U.S.-allied rebel base in the eastern desert.

>U.S. forces targeted the pro-government troops with airstrikes and artillery after they launched an attack against a base belonging to the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, according to military spokesman Col. Thomas F. Veale.

>The hostilities erupted, he said, after a battalion-sized detachment of infantry — several hundred fighters — backed by tanks and artillery began advancing on a SDF position in the town of Khisham, located around five miles east of the informal deconfliction line established between the U.S. and Russian militaries last year.

>The clash came after a week in which the U.S. military had noted a build up of pro-government forces in the vicinity, and it appeared the advancing forces were intending to seize nearby oil fields that the SDF had captured from the Islamic State last year, Veale added.

>Shareholders: General Petroleum Corporation (GPC) (50%), Shell Petroleum Development (SSPD) (32%)
>> No. 117882 ID: 8b34a3
CENTCOM is trying to keep a lid on it but apparently what happened was a unit of Russian mercenaries started the initial attack and then retreated through a Syrian position before dispersing.
>> No. 117883 ID: 6ed282
File 15181267014.jpg - (32.22KB , 852x480 , 1.jpg )
>not peace but a sword

>> No. 117889 ID: 278cbe
  >implying there's difference between Trump and Hillary when it comes to war
>> No. 117890 ID: 1fa029
>call yourself "ISIS hunters"
>fight against Syrian rebels instead of ISIS
>declare jihad on the people fighting against ISIS because you got bombed after attacking the people actually fighting ISIS

>> No. 117892 ID: 278cbe
>but Syrian rebels are not ISIS!
>Assad must go!
Only a absolutely convoluted foreign policy like US has could imagine the situation where you call your forces "anti-ISIS" and then become allies with ISIS to fight "undemocratic president".
>> No. 117899 ID: 8ea750
>when you try to false flag your allies but get owned instead

>U.S. forces killed scores of Russian mercenaries in Syria last week in what may be the deadliest clash between citizens of the former foes since the Cold War, according to one U.S. official and three Russians familiar with the matter.

>More than 200 contract soldiers, mostly Russians fighting on behalf of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, died in a failed attack on a base held by U.S. and mainly Kurdish forces in the oil-rich Deir Ezzor region, two of the Russians said. The U.S. official put the death toll at about 100, with 200 to 300 injured.

>The Russian assault may have been a rogue operation, underscoring the complexity of a conflict that started as a domestic crackdown only to morph into a proxy war involving Islamic extremists, stateless Kurds and regional powers Iran, Turkey and now Israel. Russia’s military said it had nothing to do with the attack and the U.S. accepted the claim. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called the whole thing “perplexing,” but provided no further details.

>President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, declined to comment on reports of Russian casualties, saying the Kremlin only tracks data on the country’s armed forces. Putin talked with U.S. President Donald Trump by phone Monday, but the military action in Syria wasn’t discussed, he said.
>> No. 117900 ID: 278cbe
File 151854415585.gif - (278.20KB , 355x186 , f8a.gif )
>More than 200 contract soldiers, mostly Russians
>The U.S. official put the death toll at about 100, with 200 to 300 injured.
I'm kinda baffled by this statement from such respectable source because last time I checked (it was about 10 hours ago) there were only 4.

>according to one U.S. official and three Russians familiar with the matter

>Several Russians who had been hired as paramilitary contractors were among more than 100 men killed in US airstrikes in northern Syria last week, according to their friends and families.
>friends and families
Oh well.

>Ensure Fair Trials of Syria ISIS Suspects
>Foreign ISIS Detainees Raise Due Process, Victim Participation Issues
>"Please save the ISIS! ISIS are people too!"
Well, if moderate islamic beheaders are considered to be "democratic opposition", it is just a natural step-up to proclaim not-so-moderate beheaders to be victims too.
>> No. 117902 ID: 41441c
>handful of ODA guys and a couple companies of Kurds
>versus a battalion sized element of Syrians and Russians with tanks and artillery

That's some Siege at Jadotville shit.
>> No. 117903 ID: 41441c

>Hassan says he had intelligence reports that the pro-regime attack was coming. So at 9:30 Wednesday night, about a half-hour before the assault began, he called his regular Russian liaison contact in Deir al-Zour — hoping to avoid a battle.

>“We told them there is some movement, and we don’t like to … attack on this movement. They [the Russians] don’t accept our offer and denied, said there’s nothing happening,” Hassan said through an interpreter. He was speaking to several reporters who traveled here Thursday with Maj. Gen. James B. Jarrard, who oversees U.S. Special Operations forces in Syria and Iraq.

>U.S. commanders attempted a similar de-confliction. According to a Pentagon statement Thursday, “Coalition officials were in regular communication with Russian counterparts before, during and after” the attack. “Russian officials assured coalition officials they would not engage coalition forces in the vicinity,” the statement said.

"lol what attack"

>Hassan said that as the carnage spread, the Russian liaison officer contacted him again, asking for a pause to collect the dead and wounded — from an attack he had earlier denied was coming. The Kurdish commander saw this as a breach of faith.

>“We don’t trust Russia anymore,” Hassan said. When a reporter asked about the irony of the Russian officer denying the attack and then asking for a truce, Hassan responded: “It’s funny that a superpower doesn’t know what their forces are conducting on the ground.”

>> No. 117905 ID: 6e9258
>unprovoked attack
>a rogue operation
>some movement
>forces allied to Syrian President
>pro-regime forces
>contract soldiers, mostly Russians
>Iranian backed-forces
>Several Russians
>death toll at about 100, with 200 to 300 injured
How it feels to talk to mentally impaired.

>handful of ODA guys and a couple companies of Kurds
>The US official said that US forces in the region counterattacked using artillery and aircraft.
I think it was clear enough that Kurds did not engage in battle. A standard tactic for a terrorist-supporting state like USA - attack first and then declare to be attacked (even if your enemy has no such capacity).
>> No. 117907 ID: c7eea1
According to Russian local papers that have interviewed the families of the deceased, the mercenaries attacked because "local businessmen" promised them a share of the oil fields the Kurds had captured, and they thought the Kurds and Americans would surrender after getting shelled because they weren't strong manly men like Russians.
>> No. 117929 ID: 278cbe
>According to Russian local papers that have interviewed the families of the deceased
Hey, I found you new proofs.

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