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File 151954470364.jpg - (57.83KB , 954x537 , RFfGCZo.jpg )
117966 No. 117966 ID: 1ea8c0
Wow can't believe Barak Obama is still forcing Russian athletes to cheat at sports.
>Russian bobsleigh pilot Nadezhda Sergeeva has been banned from the Winter Olympics for doping - just a day before Olympic chiefs meet to discuss lifting sanctions on her country.

>The International Olympic Committee banned Russia over "systemic" doping at Sochi 2014, which the country hosted.

>However, 168 athletes who proved they were clean were allowed to compete as neutrals at the Pyeongchang Games.

>Sergeeva is the second of those 168 to have failed a doping test.

>The IOC's executive board met on Saturday, when a discussion on whether to maintain or lift the suspension on Russia took place - a decision is now expected on Sunday.

>Lifting the suspension would allow Russian athletes to parade with their national flag at Sunday's closing ceremony.

>The first athletes from Russia to win an Olympic medal in mixed-doubles curling have been stripped of their bronze medal and disqualified from the Winter Games after one of them tested positive for doping.

>Russian Olympic athletes have been plagued by doping allegations since a 2016 report by the World Anti-Doping Agency accused Russia of running a “state-sponsored doping program” to cover up positive drug tests for its athletes at major international competitions. Dozens of athletes from the country's team were banned from participating in the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea this month.

>Russian Olympic athlete Alexander Kurshelnitsky was stripped of his bronze medal after he was “found guilty of an anti-doping rule violation with meldonium,” the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced on Thursday.

>Krushelnitsky first tested positive for meldonium a week after claiming bronze with his wife Anastasiya Bryzgalova at the Winter Games in South Korea. The athlete has returned the medal and a sports court trial scheduled for Thursday was cancelled after he said the hearing would be “pointless.”

>Russia’s mixed-doubles curling team would be disqualified from participating in the 2018 Olympics, CAS added.
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>> No. 117967 ID: 278cbe
File 151957447366.gif - (19.62KB , 556x328 , pavlov_classical_conditioning_dogs.gif )
Yeah, keep posting that, pupper. We all know the routine.

Doping bad, medicine good.
Cheating wrong, fair good.
Russia bad, America good.
Lossing bad, winning good.

There's just nothing left to say.

>Athletes with asthma tend to do better at the Winter Olympics
>But it's not really clear where the advantage comes from.

>As the world’s best winter athletes compete in PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the heavy demands of both training and competition will leave many of them with breathing problems.

>Olympians with asthma are almost twice as likely to medal. Science has yet to determine why.

>Norway have powered to the top of the Olympics medal table on a budget a 10th of Britain’s thanks to an inclusive approach based on camaraderie and grassroots participation
>In 2016 Norwegian sport was rocked to its foundations when Martin Johnsrud Sundby – who has two golds and a silver in Pyeongchang – was banned for overuse of an asthma medicine. It prompted the Norwegian Ski Federation to open an investigation and it found asthma medication was freely available in the trailer used for waxing the skis of the competitors.
Seriously it is so stupid it is not fucking funny.
>> No. 117968 ID: 278cbe
And furthermore. If you simple citizens think it is somewhat bougous situation in the sports right now and there's nowhere to go from it, you got to see what a piss-metering agency known as WADA is yet to prepare for your enjoyment.


>Enhancing athletic performance on a genetic level

>WADA calls it: the non-therapeutic use of cells, genes, genetic elements or modulation of genetic expression having the capacity to enhance performance.

>In fact, WADA has been talking about how to detect and deter athletes from gene doping for years now, and recently had a meeting in Montreal about considering asking all athletes to have their entire genome sequenced prior to competition.

So, yeah, just about any moment now, you can observe the new age of sports medicine competition, where a person may be banned for having, um, wrong genetics. Well of course, if you have right genetics, supported by hefty sponsorship fund, political lobby, industry investments, there's nothing to fear.
>> No. 117969 ID: 734a2c
>dem cops is raycist for profiling us muggers and rapists!

lol okay tyrone.
>> No. 118396 ID: 278cbe
  I am fascinated that my news feeds do not even let these threads go deep enough to disappear. Here's what came up just recently.

It's been going for a long time but now it is coming to the end.


>United States lawmakers took a step on Tuesday toward criminalizing doping in international sports, introducing a bill in the House that would attach prison time to the use, manufacturing or distribution of performance-enhancing drugs in global competitions.

>The law would establish America’s jurisdiction over international sports events, even those outside of the United States, if they include at least three other nations, with at least four American athletes participating or two American companies acting as sponsors. It would also enhance the ability of cheated athletes and corporate sponsors to seek damages, expanding the window of time during which civil lawsuits could be filed.

>The bill would establish a window of seven years for criminal actions and 10 years for civil lawsuits. It also seeks to protect whistle-blowers from retaliation, making it illegal to take “adverse action” against a person because he or she has disclosed information about doping fraud.

Effectively, US unilaterally establishes itself as the judge, jury and executioner of every international sport event they can lay they hand on, under the force of criminal law.

And this is just after the case that is supposed to be a basis for that law literally collapses under it's own weight.



>> No. 118417 ID: 62e901
File 152963043825.jpg - (17.15KB , 400x400 , tmp_20686-123536222195168821.jpg )

>> No. 119430 ID: 691eea

Everything changes in a police state.

The friendly Gestapo who once only arrested robbers and murderers is now also responsible for jailing Christians, beggars, smokers, protestors, reporters, lawyers, parents, business people, pet owners, bank customers, gun owners, and pedestrians.

The law-abiding citizen no longer can obey the law because everything is illegal.
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