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File 152063877838.jpg - (128.95KB , 800x800 , DXZVEBNXUAI3vzU.jpg )
118004 No. 118004 ID: 40c0cd
So called "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" (FOSTA, H.R. 1865) passes House, moves onto Senate. Big deal as the entire internet up until now has been built on the legal basis that site operators cannot be prosecuted for the activities of their users. EFF write up is here (passed house overwhelmingly):


Related are so called "Human Trafficking Prevention Acts" introduced in 17 state legislatures and counting. It's too RIDICULOUS to believe, except you'd better believe it. Because it's happening. But Won't somebody please think of the children? The story is just too bizarre:

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>> No. 118005 ID: 40c0cd
File 152063884061.jpg - (150.56KB , 636x547 , banklobbyistactmarch-2018.jpg )
The "Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act" (Bank Lobbyist Act, S.2155) is the latest giveaway by politicians to bankers, and is testament to the feudal nature of modern U.S. society/the world at large under the fractional reserve banking and debt-based transnational capitalist system. The lords are politicians and bankers and they would have you as serf.

As I see it --the cause-- is aiming to keep discussion and understanding of anything financial practically nonexistent, and the desired effect is a collective short memory span with regards to banks. Thus, this undermines the ability to recognize and fight them (OODA loop). Vox has a write-up, as do others:

>> No. 118006 ID: 40c0cd
File 152063891697.jpg - (151.49KB , 833x502 , fed-fraud.jpg )
Speaking of the fractional reserve system -- Rand Paul introduced legislation to audit the Federal Reserve ("The Fed").

All the green pieces of paper in your pocket have the words Federal Reserve Note on them. The Fed was enacted by act of congress in 1913 and was the latest implementation of a debt-based fractional reserve monetary system in the U.S. Then in 1933 the gubment under FDR literally confiscated all the gold (demanded that you turn it over, more accurately) from private citizens, to be held in reserve by the Fed to back the "new" money system (ever heard of Ft. Knox?).

But the fed has _never_ been audited. "Our money has been fiat, not backed by gold for years, but what happened to all the gold?", you may ask. Good question.

IMO successful Audit the Fed legislation would be symbolic (and in a good way); I don't see how a gold-backed currency is optimal or desirable except as a historical example. Fuck the bankers at any rate. You know what the collective noun for bankers is, don't you? It's a wunch. As in a wunch of bankers.

The Audit the Fed act of 2016 had nearly unanimous Republican support so it will be interesting to see how this version does.

>> No. 118007 ID: 40c0cd
File 152063898790.jpg - (319.11KB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20171220_095336 - Copy.jpg )
The recent FCC repeal of Net Neutrality under ex-Verizon Lobbyist and bed-wetter Ajit Pai was officially published in the Federal Register two weeks ago. The clock then began on the deadline to repeal the FCC decision via the Congressional Review Act (CRA). As of this writing there are 74 calendar days to go (until May 22, with the FCC repeal taking effect in April; CRA notwithstanding) and there are currently 50 senators who reportedly support using the CRA to restore Net Neutrality.

>> No. 118008 ID: 40c0cd
File 152063904129.jpg - (45.65KB , 456x350 , the_march_of_tyranny_.jpg )
Donny's proposed Infrastructure Plan was released in early February, and it's a hand-out to corporations. It's no surprise that this is coming from Trump, who's been playing by the conservative Republican playbook from the start. But it's not just them: as Democrats, esp. 'neo-liberals' have been pushing bailouts of banks, corporate deregulation, subservience to the banks and financial institutions, endless wars and military/police operations (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan just to name two of the most recent), censorship of free expression e.g. on the internet and through protest for longer than the latest puppet on the cover of People Magazine has been alive. This to me is just a consequence of the consolidation of media control (keep them distracted) and the overlapping ownership and interests of the transnational capitalist class.

Write-ups on Trump infrastructure plan here:
>> No. 118009 ID: 40c0cd
File 152063910667.png - (164.13KB , 657x342 , key-transnational-corporations-that-own-the-world_.png )
Additional reading:

Also, this if you haven't seen it yet.
>> No. 118010 ID: 40c0cd
File 152063925573.jpg - (117.10KB , 800x485 , capitalism-corporations-multi-transnational-global.jpg )
And finally the proposed merger between Sinclair and Tribune is still pending, which would create the largest, most concentrated broadcasting company of all time (not media company, as clearchannel is larger and don't get me started, see the pic related to this post. This is just as bizarre as anything else reported here today, but nonetheless coming to you, just as everything else reporteed above, unless you get political and/or creative (and stop them).

And yes the Ajit Pai FCC is behind this latest incarnation of consolidation. Less and less consolidation is what I hope for -- and that's why, if you put a gun to my head, I would say I'm reporting this grassroots-style:

>> No. 118016 ID: 1c7d30
SPLC article connecting Russian supported fascist groups and the far left gets censored after Max Blumenthal threatens lawsuit.
>> No. 118050 ID: cb5d31
File 152123371184.jpg - (14.16KB , 115x108 , tmp_16523-obscura15212329221881856165201.jpg )
What's your fucking point, Margaret?

Update March 16:
S. 2155 passes Senate with EVERY Republiscam voting for it along with 15 Democons.

HR 1865 coming up for a vote. Kids are walking out of schools: and you can't make a two minute phone call?
>> No. 118070 ID: 8b696a
From the same people who brought you the war on drugs, the military-intelligence-industrial complex, hypermilitarization of local police, national-scale domestic spying and PIZZAGATE!

Congress and Senate pass "Stop Sex Trafficking.Act" which harms human trafficking victims! AI, automated filtering, and just plain censorship exected as a result!


>> No. 118071 ID: 8a9be8
File 152178022938.png - (40.05KB , 295x142 , tmp_27117-11161368928111617229844.png )


>> No. 118096 ID: eb5fad
FOSTA is good, imprison
people who want to trade sex online.

Stay mad libertarian faggots.

Why are you deflecting?
>> No. 118100 ID: cefd5a
Glib doesn't mean right, faggot.
>> No. 119364 ID: 208539
One thing worse than living in a police state is finding out that no one cares.
>> No. 119365 ID: 208539
Those who love freedom should use a scientific equation to find out the most effective way to spread freedom. Which method would result in waking the most people up? Would spending $3000 on a billboard lead to 30 Americans becoming Libertarians?

Couldn't promoting liberty be fun?

Assange, Snowden, John Stossel, John Whitehead, and Ron Paul all love freedom, but the US could use more Libertarian leaders.

The US is running out of time. Tyranny always ends with concentration camps.
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