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File 152394615156.jpg - (32.10KB , 500x395 , hvqVd9.jpg )
118178 No. 118178 ID: e648b0
Trump urges ban on gun devices like bump stocks

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>> No. 118181 ID: 3a0157
File 152396340332.jpg - (80.35KB , 640x640 , Pepe-2.jpg )
watch what happens when the supposed inevitable upcoming democrat landslide midterm victory when the election becomes a referendum on gun control
>> No. 118198 ID: 67a48e
Have you spoken to every each single American?

Having a story is nice but it's important to reality-check.
>> No. 118257 ID: 11afe4
The US is a police state now. Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches, but instead they would rather shut up, cover their ears, and put their heads in the sand.

>> No. 118801 ID: cdd35d
>implying the holocaust was real
>> No. 118814 ID: 777601
Future generations will ask why Americans didn't resist when the US became a police state.
>> No. 118815 ID: 2fe849
because a obese man spraypainted orange shouted at them that MS13 was going to steal the tools out of their garage.
>> No. 118816 ID: a21e7d
Caesar was very popular when he crossed the Rubicon too, the people demanded it. Might have been the people Caesar planted in the crowd that started it all, but eventually everyone was demanding it.
>> No. 118917 ID: a83a04
If Obamacare has not been repealed, the trade deficit is rising, the debt is increasing, the US is still at war, the Bill of Rights has not been restored, there is no wall, and Assange is in jail, but Clinton isn't, is Trump any different from Obama?


3D chess, right?
>> No. 118918 ID: 5c87e8
File 155599738468.png - (285.88KB , 536x400 , epic lulz.png )
>Trump any different from Obama?
>3D chess, right?

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