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File 152988548524.jpg - (29.40KB , 474x378 , 11.jpg )
118423 No. 118423 ID: 7c7f93
Trump urges ban on gun devices like bump stocks

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>> No. 118428 ID: e3e022
File 153006073222.jpg - (252.35KB , 1025x1031 , tmp_30612-1094614611063432105.jpg )
>> No. 118429 ID: ffe1b2
The government is destroying the US, but Americans want more government.

The USA is collapsing, but Americans say nothing.

>> No. 118430 ID: 336722
Some Americans may have felt uneasy 35 years ago when DUI laws, DWI checkpoints, seatbelt laws, and car liability insurance laws were started, but most people felt that the experts must be right.

Pro-police state shows like "COPS" and "America's Most Wanted" were then aired, neighborhood watch groups were formed, "get tough on crime" candidates were elected, and laws allowing mandatory minimums, IMBRA, 3 strikes laws, curfews, police militarization, teen boot camps, school metal detectors, private prisons, and chain gangs were enacted.

Nanny state smoking laws then started appearing.

When 9/11 happened, the Patriot Act was passed, NSA wiretapping, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, kill switches, National Security Letters, DNA databases, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, Jade Helm, sneak and peek warrants, policing for profit, no refusal blood checkpoints, license plate readers, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, tattoo databases, gun bans, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, CISPA, SOPA, private prison quotas, supermax prisons, FOSTA, sex offender registration laws, and sex offender restriction laws were allowed.

Now that the USA is a total police state, Americans are finding out that changing anything is impossible and that freedom is lost forever.
>> No. 118432 ID: 95b638

Your rights end where mine begin. You don't get to massively increase the chances of other peoples' untimely death because you want to drive drunk or smoke like a chimney in public places.

That is a separate issue entirely from shit like the Patriot Act, conflating the two is wrong on many levels...
>> No. 118433 ID: 8a5b02
Does anyone get the feeling that anyone supporting the police state now is a paid NSA shill?

>> No. 118434 ID: 9568c0
File 153017689555.jpg - (56.68KB , 580x480 , think-of-the-children.jpg )
>Your rights end where mine begin so anything that i imagine might endanger me or my property must be banned
OK chicken little, but why don't you hand over those guns because sometimes people get shot by accident and give me that soda too because I don't want you being fat near me.
>> No. 118435 ID: 8a5b02
Americans said that alcohol was dangerous so it must be outlawed.

Americans later found out that alcohol wasn't so bad and should be legal.

Americans then said that marijuana was dangerous so it must be banned.

Americans later found out that pot wasn't so bad and should be legal.

Now Americans scream guns are dangerous so they must be illegal.

If people were wrong before, how can they can be so sure that they are right now?

>> No. 118446 ID: 95b638

That's not what was said at all. You can have your guns, I can have my guns, that's not an issue. You don't have a right to actively poison me because you make poor life choices. That just makes you an asshole.
>> No. 118447 ID: 64af1e
Supporting the police state doesn't make you a brave man. Defending tyranny just means that are a disgusting coward and traitor.
>> No. 118448 ID: 5c87e8
>You don't have a right to actively poison me because you make poor life choices. That just makes you an asshole.

OK you don't have the right to risk accidentally shooting me or drive up my health insurance costs by being fat near me because you make poor life choices, hand over the guns & soda.
>> No. 118449 ID: 3056ca

Americans are such pussified snowflakes now that they want the Gestapo to hold their hand when they pee-pee.

Americans used to support freedom, but they have now morphed into Nazis and Communists. Americans will easily go to the gulags because Fascists think the police state only affects Commies and Communists believe tyranny targets Nazis.

Conservatives tend to support small government, be moral, go to church, be responsible, be independent, and oppose killing unborn children. Conservatives generally dislike alcohol, drugs, premarital sex, and minorities.

Liberals often favor science and Socialism and are impulsive. Leftists are more likely to support welfare, drinking, drug use, homosexuality, and open borders.

Since Americans tolerate debt, wars, nanny state laws, Obamacare, food stamps, regulations, offshoring, homosexuality, increasing taxes, illegal immigrants, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, searches without warrants, mandatory minimums, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, private prisons, FOSTA, TSA groping, and Jade Helm then what is to stop the elites from sending the 99% to the concentration camps?

The US has crossed every line.

Life has become unbearable. Who wants to live in a prison? Hard work is punished with taxes and regulations, jobs have been offshored, illegal immigrants are flooding the country, and laziness is rewarded with welfare.

Wake the fuck up.
>> No. 118451 ID: 95b638
Ah right, I forgot this is 2018 and rational thought no longer exists on this board.
>> No. 118452 ID: 66bcae
>rational thought no longer exists on this board.
if people don't agree with your big government nanny state bullshit its not because they're irrational, its because you are. next time keep your hysterical helen lovejoy antics to yourself.
>> No. 118453 ID: 3e748b
Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty.
>> No. 118459 ID: 02cdbc
Modern Democracy is a fucking sham, and every multi ethnic/multi cultural state moves towards Authoritarianism to maintain public order and stability
>> No. 118464 ID: 1718b2
Americans seem to have forgotten their history and have tunnel vision about the past.

Conservatives think the US never had black people before today.

Liberals think the US always had food stamps.

Americans insist everybody worked for free when there was no minimum wage.

Americans think the USA always had TSA groping.

Americans say everyone died when there were no seatbelt laws.

Americans believe North Korea is successful because they have closed borders.

Americans think either that the USA is the country with the most freedom in the world or think that the US was always a police state.
>> No. 118465 ID: e35b40
>Americans believe North Korea is successful because they have closed borders.
No they don't. Americans understand that North Korea is a shithole.
>> No. 118467 ID: 170046
>> No. 118475 ID: 336722
Turning the NRA into a widely distrusted organization and weakening it by associating the organization with supposed unpatriotic activities it going to make it much, much easier for the government to institute severe gun control. Distrust of NRA effectively eliminates the possibility of large scale organized resistance to gun control.
>> No. 118479 ID: 098cfa
>> No. 118486 ID: f5c3ed
This, join GOA.
>> No. 118487 ID: 2c7962
Living in a police state is dehumanizing.

Americans are just slaves, zombies, and sheep now.
>> No. 118488 ID: d67e40
File 153325625319.jpg - (23.41KB , 500x375 , tmp_2807-15841101810171557020530.jpg )
>> No. 118489 ID: 96a11e
The US is a police state now. Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches, but instead they would rather shut up, cover their ears, and put their heads in the sand.

>> No. 118490 ID: 5c87e8
File 153335719013.jpg - (5.77KB , 300x249 , space pepe.jpg )
>> No. 118492 ID: 829ec6
The whole world is a prison now. We're being wiretapped and watched 24/7.

The elites have turned everyone into criminals, liars, hypocrites, and cowards.

Americans say that they love freedom, but they eagerly submit when the government forces them to be molested to ride a bus, open their bags to be searched so they can ride a subway, give DNA samples, give fingerprints, get microchip implants, and be registered in a facial scan database. Even if your wife tells you did that right thing by cooperating, you will still feel like a pussy for just being another weak dullard.

There is really no reason to work now that everything is illegal and the 1% will end up with everything through taxes, forfeiture, fines, inflation, tariffs, subsidies, and fees.

If we're being treated like criminals, we might as well act like it. When doing good and doing bad both are illegal and the government and illegal aliens don't obey the law, why obey the law at all?

Your votes don't count.

The elites give the politicians campaign donations and cushy job promises to make decrees, the Gestapo enforces the laws, and the 99% obeys the laws. The only reason the system works now is because everyone still thinks it is legit. If no one obeyed, the whole rigged game would crumble.

One way to protest if you have any artistic skills is to record songs, write books, and paint pictures promoting freedom and encouraging resistance.


Americans could also resist tyranny by starting anonymous webhosts, buses and transportation services, PO mailboxes, banks, libraries that require deposits instead of ID, motels, self-storage, clinics, and using shell companies to buy property.

If Americans can avoid gambling laws by going to Indian casinos then why couldn't Indian reservations sell pot and have brothels, too?

If the private market MPAA and BBB can rate movies and businesses then why do we need government regulations?

Another way to spread freedom is to give away guns and ammo to avoid government gun registration laws.

Nobody rules if no one obeys.

Take your money out the banks. Go Galt. Dropout. Go underground. Go off the books. Go off the grid. Lose your name. Become stateless. Stay silent before the state.

The government is only legitimate as long as people cooperate.

Get out while you can.

Now that the USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, Americans must know how Germans felt like in 1932.

Every country has the government it deserves.

Yesterday the government wanted your photo.

Today the government wants your fingerprints.

Tomorrow the government will want your DNA.

Next week the government will want you to register your guns.

Next month the government will confiscate your guns.

Next year the government will send you to the concentration camps.

How much are you going to take?

Americans should go hardcore about resisting oppression now.

The police state doesn't keep you safe. Tyranny actually increases danger because it gives people a false sense of security and leads to more terrorism. The government takes away your right protect yourself, but the state won't protect you.

The main point of the police state is to crush resistance to the 1%

If there is TSA groping and NSA wiretapping then why is there still terrorism?

Americans should start wearing wigs, disguises, bandages, beards, hats, sunglasses, head scarves, and surgical masks.

Americans should report everyone to the police as terrorists to keep the police busy and to make a mockery of the police state while waking people up about the danger of tyranny.

Americans should get fake ID's and sell, trade, or give away like candy copies of their birth certificates, Social Security cards, passports, and driver licenses.

Americans should smuggle to avoid taxes and tariffs and make victimless gun possession, prostitution, drugs, licensing, and gambling laws unenforceable.

They can't kill us all.

The government and illegal immigrants don't obey the law, so why should Americans obey the law and pay taxes that they didn't vote for?

The USA is no longer a democracy. Everything is illegal and everyone is a criminal. Obeying the law is difficult when the laws constantly change, the laws are contradictory, and our overlords don't even tell us what the laws are.

Many Americans feel powerless to do anything about the expanding police state, but they can still fight back.

What if Americans just dropped out and stopped supporting US wars, debt, and tyranny?

What if everyone became stateless?





What if everyone stopped using their name?


What if everyone stopped using banks and started buying gold, bartering, and hiding cash?


What if everyone bought farms using anonymous private shell corporations?


What if everyone stopped driving cars and getting driver licenses?


What if everyone stopped using phones and the Internet?


What if everyone stopped flying?


What if everyone stopped paying taxes?


What if everyone stopped joining the military?


What if everyone stopped voting?


What if everyone avoided being photographed?


What if everyone took responsibility for themselves and refused to sign up for Obamacare instead of relying on the government?


Maybe the elites want everyone to give up, but at least we won't be paying them.


Pass the word.





















>> No. 118494 ID: 296082
Americans used to think hippies were lazy fruits for dropping out during the Vietnam War, but maybe the hippies had the right idea after all.

If you can't change a corrupt system, why be a part of it?
>> No. 118496 ID: 5c87e8
Hippies were entitled egotists, bratty spoiled children who were never taught to behave. Their self-serving anti-war and anti-government sentiments ended once they were past the draft age and once they were old enough to have significant influence over the government respectively. All of the representative of liberal left who were of that generation stupidly voted to authorize the invasion of iraq.
also the same generation under who's leadership the federal deficit has grown over 2000%
>> No. 118498 ID: a79101
Life is a nightmare now.

You'll be wiretapped if you make a phone call and tracked by license plate readers if you drive.

If you go to a baseball game or Disneyland, you'll need to give your fingerprints, be molested, and be made to carry a microchip.

We're all slaves living in a prison.

Who would want to be born into this world?

>> No. 118500 ID: 8aeb84
File 153353778517.jpg - (73.31KB , 750x551 , 1533537127698.jpg )
>> No. 118502 ID: a79101
The US used to love personal responsibility, freedom, morality, peace, and balanced budgets.

Americans are now embracing welfare, tyranny, immorality, war, and debt.

Some Americans are not adjusting well to the changes and the hypocrisy.

You just need to go outside to see the insanity. Have you noticed the panhandlers, the illegal immigrants, the cashier high on drugs, a black man using his fingers while pretending to shoot you, the homosexual in the gym shower leering at you, the white man spitting, the fat girl wearing pajamas at the supermarket, and the old lady driving slow on purpose in the parking lot talking to herself?

People living in the US would think this was normal, but Americans don't realize how far the USA has fallen until they travel abroad.

Being a fat, tattooed single mother in Vietnam would be shameful.
>> No. 118503 ID: 0ffdc8
Alright i'm tired of seeing this bullshit. I'm all for freedom of speech and all but give it a rest.
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