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File 153571827768.jpg - (20.22KB , 340x234 , ca1.jpg )
118581 No. 118581 ID: 1dc11c
Lawmakers vote to expand background checks, limit magazines

>> No. 118638 ID: 525252

I-1639 is the nation’s only statewide firearms measure on the ballot this fall, and it puts Washington back in the center of the debate over gun violence and constitutional rights.

It comes after a continuing string of high-profile mass shootings that have become known by their locations: Newtown, Aurora, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland.

As part of the campaign, Kramer attends fundraisers, rallies and newspaper editorial-board meetings to advocate for regulations that neither Congress nor the state Legislature have been willing to take up.

If voters approve the measure, Washington’s firearms laws would be among the strictest in the country. The sprawling, 30-page initiative would beef up a broad range of gun regulations.

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