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File 157066777138.jpg - (185.82KB , 1484x989 , EPXYERRBSYI6RFG25P45CEQVTQ.jpg )
119078 No. 119078 ID: 4fa264

Why, bros? Fucking why?
>> No. 119079 ID: 0d57bf
As a rule I don't read your threads and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.
>> No. 119083 ID: 793056
Because in the Great Game, it's not the little people that matter.

Seriously, NATO really has no option but to back Jonny Turk on this front, otherwise we potentially lose the Southerrn containment flank.

They should have cut a deal with Turkey in a 3 way sit down. US, Turks and Kurds/Free Assirians and thrashed out a Turk occupied zone with the rest left to the anti-IS/Assadist forces.
>> No. 119087 ID: 9a2bfd

It's been about 40 years of US intervention in the middle east and there is no end in sight. Why exactly are we still involved? Don't tell me ISIS. ISIS wasn't a thing 36 years ago when 200 Americans were blown up in Beruit.

What has this nation gotten out of decades of intervention in he middle east?
>> No. 119088 ID: 4fa264
>US withdraws troops from Syrian-Turkish border.
>Kurdish fighters pushed out of Turkish safe-zone.
>Al-Baghdadi is in Turkish safe zone for some reason.
>Special forces swoop in to area we withdrew from, where our allies got pushed out, controlled by an increasingly belligerent nation, and kill the leader of ISIS.
What kind of fucking 4D chess is going on?
>> No. 119112 ID: 2499e2
Now that the US is a police state, every American should expect to be arrested at some point.
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