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No. 119242 ID: 1c7708
Watch it go nowhere, but I hope I'm wrong.
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>> No. 119243 ID: 3d6d31
So where can I apply for an Antifa hunting license with no limit?
>> No. 119245 ID: 1c7708
Pointless to go after them, follow the money, strike the sponsors, but how?
>> No. 119246 ID: 3d6d31
They're typically well off white kids. Funded by their parents trust funds.
>> No. 119247 ID: a4ba10
Any political tool you create to use against your political rivals will be turned on you during the next administration.
>> No. 119248 ID: 953e24
Happened with communism Russia. As soon as the government was formed, all the hard line communists that helped form it were killed.
>> No. 119249 ID: 1c7708
Antifa is backed by Soros, afaik.
>> No. 119250 ID: ec43cf
Soros is a capitalist who fights capitalism, but he's also a boogie man. I haven't seen any evidence of backing antifa weenies.
>> No. 119257 ID: 6affc4
It's widely repeated online but a superficial search leads to deleted articles and opinion pieces, so who knows. I think it started because a Soros-linked foundation was found helping antifas. They're definitely sponsored just by looking at how the protests are organized all over the world for some reason even though the issue is clearly US-only. Could be CCP, I guess.
>> No. 119258 ID: 5db045
its the kikes. communism is a jewish ideology. there was a large contingent of murderous jews doing the dirty work for gentile figurehead stalin same as with mao.
guy in the middle of the pic is named rosenfeld, but when he was in china his name was luo. he was thrilled to murder every chink he could get his hands on because they're not jews.
>> No. 119259 ID: 5db045
File 159166142143.jpg - (55.69KB , 500x351 , Jacob_Rosenfeld.jpg )
damn, forgot the post the pic, the jews sent some woman over to distract me from posting at the key moment.
>> No. 119260 ID: 6affc4
>he was thrilled to murder every chink he could get his hands on because they're not jews

We should adopt that attitude too, tbh. But I guess for US it isn't really an option cos it's been turbo-pumped with colored immigrants for 50 years if not more.

But chinks are extremely active in the States, so I wouldn't put it past them. Antifa has clear DNC support and many democrat figures have ties to China. It's all a mess.
>> No. 119261 ID: e47672
Anon you're blacker than the ace of spades man
>> No. 119262 ID: 6affc4
Wut, why? I'm Russian.
>> No. 119274 ID: 94725e
Sends the nog for a jog.
>> No. 119275 ID: 016372
File 159371326080.jpg - (14.47KB , 481x361 , ogre.jpg )
>> No. 119276 ID: c50cab
Acid is at it again
>> No. 119277 ID: 6affc4
>as they plotted firebombings and scouted potential targets
LMAO at glowies larping as both extremists and informants.
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