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File 159280367648.jpg - (25.97KB , 510x353 , 2019-07-01-2020-election-forecast.jpg )
119266 No. 119266 ID: a4ba10
You know, I couldn't even tell you who the libertarian candidate is this year, but I know that I will be voting for them. I have so little election year enthusiasm. If you put me in a room with Don and Joe and gave me a gun with one cartridge, I'd shoot myself. How are y'all holding up?


The Tulsa Fire Marshall says there were just shy of 6,200 supporters in attendance at Pres. Trump's rally in Tulsa Saturday night. The number doesn’t include staff, or suite holders.
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>> No. 119272 ID: f094d0
>they said I could grow up to be whatever I wanted, so I became a projector
>> No. 119273 ID: 74ee02
File 159337107561.jpg - (6.86KB , 165x255 , f79f2e453bbbaf6f9e2e716e0071d871b11c86204f40b34ef6.jpg )
How does that make him a kike, retard-kun?
>> No. 119290 ID: 6325da
>Wait mom, I'm hackering on OperatorChannel!
>> No. 119294 ID: 7db4d4
Trump is going to win. Followed by a 2 term Democrat, followed by a 2 term Republican, followed by a 2 term Democrat, followed by a 2 term Republican...
>> No. 119295 ID: 1ad934
If trump wins a second term, good bye republic, it was fun while it lasted.
>> No. 119296 ID: 7ee4e0
I don't think so, Tim. Furthermore, I submit that if you're spending your time and energy prevericating about the U.S. Presidential elections, you have completely missed the opportunity right in front of you- yet lies not in Federal politics.
>> No. 119297 ID: 7ee4e0
>> No. 119298 ID: 1ad934

This reads like a bad babelfish translation. Рад тебя видеть
>> No. 119299 ID: a65cbd
If you're illiterate, sure.
>> No. 119303 ID: 1ad934

Maybe they misunderstood the word they were trying use. Their sentence structure denotes a less than complete grasp of English grammar. Maybe they're just intentionally obtuse.

Whichever way it is, it bears striking resemblance to translation errors in understanding objects within English.
>> No. 119304 ID: 118c96
File 159851779128.jpg - (81.41KB , 1024x1010 , уничтожитель совков.jpg )
Я тоже рад видеть русских на этой АиБ^^
>> No. 119308 ID: 2763df
File 159944189914.jpg - (44.89KB , 540x532 , 1569362309442.jpg )

>if we give the thugs what they want they wont take anything from me
>so what if people are burning down cities and accosting people at their homes
>they aren't coming to my home so it doesn't matter
>orange man bad
>> No. 119309 ID: 130670
Me too, but idiots that can't understand how the electoral college works go irate about 3rd party voting and scare people off. Anyone not in a swing state should vote 3rd, if you're in a swing state, then vote for your favorite creepy old guy who sniffs kids and would probably date their daughters...

The best part of the elections is going to be when the losing party takes to the streets in "protest"
>> No. 119318 ID: f8b46d
File 160138154872.jpg - (126.42KB , 1024x738 , IMG_3470.jpg )
>The best part of the elections is going to be when the losing party takes to the streets in "protest"
My body is ready
>> No. 119319 ID: a4ba10
Trump is winning this debate. While Biden tries to make solid points, Trump is making sound bites that are going to play for days.
>> No. 119321 ID: 1ad934

Trump did not win the debate. He really just proved in long-form how much of a petulant child he really is.

Remember when the republican party actually had statesmen that could "own the libs" by being calm under pressure and having a plan they could actually explain to people and get on their side?

Fucker has the single most dysfunctional senate in history with a republican majority and he's accomplished what, exactly? Couldn't even replace the ACA he so desperately hates and has promised to replace for four years.

Remember when republicans like McCain talked about being able to work with both sides? Trump can barely get his own side to work. I'd have been a republican in '08 and now I want to beat most of them for being lieing opportunistic pieces of shit.
>> No. 119322 ID: 7ca82f
Dude, you don't understand. Biden "won" the debate in that he made better points and arguments and illustrated his plan. Trump, or someone on his team, realized that that doesn't mean shit anymore. Sound bites on talk show news and social media posts will move the needle.
I remember very, very little of what Hillary Clinton said on the stage in 2016. But I and the rest of America remember "Because you'd be in Jail." Biden's superior arguments will be quickly forgotten while "where's your list, Joe?", "You just lost the left!" and "Three and a half million from Moscow" are going to get played over and over and over.
>> No. 119323 ID: 1ad934

I mean what seems to be getting the most traction so far is "Just Shut Up, Man"
>> No. 119324 ID: 7db4d4
So Trump has COVID:
There was some conspiracy speculation that Biden would (fake), then recover to somehow make him a "hero." I think Trump will 100% recover like it was no big deal. If the Dems did in fact have that planned for Biden and Trump stole their idea, seems really slick to me. But it's only speculation.
>> No. 119325 ID: 1ad934
Yes, it's super slick to pretend to have the infection that's killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and then down play it to appear stronger. There are other words for that, slick would not be my first choice.

The fact that others in his circle are also testing positive points to this being real. I don't want Trump to die from Covid, I'd rather he lose the election and be held to account. Making a martyr out of Trump would irreversibly alter the GOP forever.
>> No. 119326 ID: de2131
File 160166448777.jpg - (303.90KB , 522x800 , 6605a1134bf7ee920187325e23ba35dd46b6c0ccff0dd6778e.jpg )
>> No. 119328 ID: 1ad934

At least during the days of russian shills they tried to use their words to support their agenda.

This is just sad, but then again Channers are closer to sad lads than oathkeepers.
>> No. 119329 ID: 1ad934
Also, speaking of butthurt sad lads...

>> No. 119330 ID: f8b46d
Just right wing flavored antifa is all.
>> No. 119331 ID: 233458
File 160168105464.jpg - (76.88KB , 960x634 , 67a40929f4957eb6822c1e71ce929c5a1b1f7a683a749e6d71.jpg )
You guys just are just mad because opchan lacked any influx of traffic when it mattered, and now you're all inbred like country apes
>> No. 119333 ID: 1ad934

Proud Boys and the like literally playing the role of fascist street thugs. I fully expect a few to get shot by cops and/or the military before all is said and done.
>> No. 119336 ID: a4ba10
The scenario I'm picturing is when an unwilling Trump is physically evicted from the white house, some alt righters find the balls to attack soft targets (a few hundred insurgents at most), and depending on their level of organization, we have a rough 1-5 years with torn up train tracks, blown up highways, mortared electric sub-stations and an uptick in dead cops.
>> No. 119337 ID: 1ad934

The uptick in dead cops is going to be a very sad irony. These people open carrying rifles to "pro-police counter protests" are the same types that "occupied" federal buildings to protest just a few years ago.

The minute law enforcement enforces the transition of power they're going to flip on the cops and start trying to be Dorner 2.0

It's sad how predictable this is, but it looks like the last 6 years of Russian psyops has been super fucking successful.
>> No. 119338 ID: de2131
> Russian
>> No. 119339 ID: 1ad934

I'll clue you in on something. Correlation does not equal causation.

You're probably blaming them evil jew types because they what, control the news and play the government against the interests of the common man?

You're looking at a forest and blaming the birch trees for blocking your view. It doesn't matter what species they are, all the trees are blocking your view.

The rich and powerful became rich and powerful by knowing how to exploit people. Expecting them to behave otherwise is a bit moronic, naive at best. Railing against "the jews", who only make up a fraction of this group, is allowing yourself to be exploited. You're too busy blaming their competition for your problems that you fail to see them bending your government over the table.

The rich and powerful do what they do so well, whomever is president really doesn't matter that much to them. If you think they're worried about a Democrat hurting their bottom line, I have some farmland in Siberia you may be interested in.

Who does have some skin in the game? Foreign powers. To them it matters much more who shapes foreign policy. It's also a perfect bit of Karma since the US spent decades overthrowing various governments, you had to expect some of your adversaries would try. Like, Occam's Razor boys, it makes far more sense for a power that spent 40+ years in a "cold war" with you to do exactly what they said they were going to do. "The Jews did it" is just fucking lazy.
>> No. 119340 ID: c041f2
File 160192211637.jpg - (372.67KB , 752x2009 , rDFD5lMM035QpuRBbxTj8Uy4UZ1lQhmYVx2HdfDi3rg.jpg )
To illustrate the point
>> No. 119342 ID: c041f2
File 160192222999.jpg - (479.62KB , 692x2081 , Hibernian_a37bc1_5866691.jpg )
>> No. 119343 ID: c041f2
File 160192226779.jpg - (267.89KB , 748x1104 , Hibernian_b19e84_5866691.jpg )
>> No. 119344 ID: c041f2
File 160192231124.jpg - (429.30KB , 748x2009 , Hibernian_8a0b0d_5866691.jpg )
>> No. 119351 ID: eacc6b
If debt doesn't matter, why not just send every American a monthly check for $900 trillion?
>> No. 119358 ID: 7a5d59
File 160322890655.jpg - (13.31KB , 453x365 , IRISH IN PUBLIC.jpg )
Finally people are waking up to the GREEN MENACE

>> No. 119360 ID: 89cfdf
shut the fuck up paddy
>> No. 119362 ID: 7f8555
If the elites can print any amount of money to start private prisons, buy defense companies, buy media companies, buy every bank, and buy every corporation then how can the 99% compete?
>> No. 119366 ID: a4ba10
Is Biden having a fucking stroke!?
>> No. 119368 ID: 7412ca
Americans hate freedom with a passion.
>> No. 119371 ID: cb72dd
File 160359840570.jpg - (3.09KB , 140x140 , chair.jpg )
I endorse Chairs to hang things on 2020. Mainly because I think it's a good idea to have chairs that you can hang things on.
>> No. 119372 ID: 2c8ee7
Why pay taxes or buy a business license if the government closes roads and closes businesses?
>> No. 119379 ID: a4ba10
File 160411585067.jpg - (101.54KB , 628x947 , 20201028_170920(1).jpg )
My kindergartner was learning about the election process in class and colored in a pamphlet in class...
>> No. 119381 ID: 20c8a8
One wonders how much dirt the NSA has on Trump to make Trump defend the police state so strongly.
>> No. 119387 ID: 4ccfed
Michigan officials warn of robocalls meant to mislead residents in Flint.


Michigan officials warned voters of robocalls on Tuesday morning, saying that calls were going to residents in Flint, a city with a large Black population, in an effort to confuse voters and lower turnout.

Michigan’s secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, said that calls were warning people in Flint of long lines at polling places and suggesting that voters wait until Wednesday to cast ballots. Polls in Michigan close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

“I want to ensure everyone who plans to vote in person understands they must do so — or be in line to do so — by 8 p.m. today,” Ms. Benson said in a statement.

She added that lines in the Flint area were “minimal and moving quickly.”

The robocall complaint came a day after Michigan’s attorney general, Dana Nessel, warned of text messages being sent to voters in Dearborn that warned of “ballot sensor” malfunctions in the polling places there.

The message, which is being investigated by the state Attorney General’s office, told voters that if they wanted their preferred presidential candidate vote to count, then they really had to mark the ballot for the other candidate.

“Don’t fall for it,” Ms. Nessel said on Twitter. “It’s a trick.”
>> No. 119388 ID: d80553
24 hour news media junkies looking for an angry fix:


It's a talk called Make America Think Again. Calm yo asses down, remember to breathe, perhaps give a listen.
>> No. 119389 ID: 0f9ba3
Pshh! Fuck that. We're electing the dead!
>> No. 119391 ID: bb763f
File 160452534349.jpg - (79.45KB , 500x756 , 4l1mbp.jpg )
>mfw Trump's increasingly manic twitter feed.
>> No. 119483 ID: fcacc7
File 161153221727.jpg - (146.21KB , 1041x1200 , 87103f9f0d47d7eabcca8e7608e27a76-imagejpeg.jpg )
>> No. 119485 ID: 054d24
You know that the US is bad now when you think about freedom and start crying.

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