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File 159280367648.jpg - (25.97KB , 510x353 , 2019-07-01-2020-election-forecast.jpg )
119266 No. 119266 ID: a4ba10
You know, I couldn't even tell you who the libertarian candidate is this year, but I know that I will be voting for them. I have so little election year enthusiasm. If you put me in a room with Don and Joe and gave me a gun with one cartridge, I'd shoot myself. How are y'all holding up?


The Tulsa Fire Marshall says there were just shy of 6,200 supporters in attendance at Pres. Trump's rally in Tulsa Saturday night. The number doesn’t include staff, or suite holders.
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>> No. 119267 ID: 136a5b

Jo Jorgensen, pretty solid candidate this time.


Still won't get a ton of votes, but hey it's way better than choosing between two guys with a history of sexual assault.
>> No. 119268 ID: 07aaaa
I voted libertarian last time around, not because I like Gary Johnson but because I was hoping we could finally get a third party to 5%. It wasn't even close, now I don't think it will ever happen.
>> No. 119269 ID: b09df8
I honestly didn't know who Jo Jorgensen was before she won the nomination but I'm probably voting for her just because I can't see myself voting for the lesser evil or voting defensively to keep the "other side" out of the White House ever again.

I just wish the LP had listened to her and picked her own preference for a running mate (I think she said she wanted John Monds) instead of nominating Spike fucking Cohen for the VP nomination. Spike Cohen was a joke candidate, Vermin Supreme's running mate. You don't actually nominate those people. They're not going to slip into the main race without scrutiny and without being an embarrassment that's counterproductive to building credibility. They exist to get the attention of people who are fed up and then they start listening to the people who might actually be taken seriously.
>> No. 119270 ID: f2172d
Anyone who says 'abolish the ATF' has my vote.
>> No. 119271 ID: 7ec00f
File 159324229564.jpg - (42.38KB , 960x516 , 159272069265.jpg )
>> No. 119272 ID: f094d0
>they said I could grow up to be whatever I wanted, so I became a projector
>> No. 119273 ID: 74ee02
File 159337107561.jpg - (6.86KB , 165x255 , f79f2e453bbbaf6f9e2e716e0071d871b11c86204f40b34ef6.jpg )
How does that make him a kike, retard-kun?

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