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File 159796115393.png - (80.83KB , 600x226 , 600px-Threegorges.png )
119300 No. 119300 ID: b09df8
This place isn't so popular as it once was. In addition to many of us just growing up and without as strong a feeder community, I blame the format favoring a desktop web browser when the world shifted to a phone/tablet view and social media platforms overtaking message boards. But I remember a time when big international goings-on meant there was a thread here.

The flooding along the Yangtze this summer is one of those big deals. And a collapse of the largest gravity dam on the planet could potentially touch off the greatest international economic crisis in history, as well as military conflict grown out of saving face and "controlling the situation."

Be nice if there were enough people to share interesting Twitter threads, thinktank blogs or news reports about it. The rain isn't stopping in its VAST upriver watershed, the flooding and abnormally high stress on the dam has been going on for months, and today the water reached a record height against the dam and volume/minute passing through the sluices.
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>> No. 119301 ID: f1db5d
I've been following this one.

The effect on both the Chinese and world economy would be huge.

Wuhan would be hit by massive flooding.
All of the metal industry powered by the dam would go down
Steel and Aluminum prices would jump up immediately.
Every industry dependent on metal supply would feel the effects.

This should be one of those events that makes people look at the bottlenecks in their supply chains, but I don't think it will be.
>> No. 119302 ID: 1ad934

An industrial collapse in China would be a domino auspiciously relatable to the bronze age collapse.

Sometimes being a student of history sucks.
>> No. 119305 ID: 61fa4d
There is nothing to indicate that 3GD is in any danger of imminent collapse. 3GD has contained a full reservoir every year for the past decade, the full reservoir is about twice as massive as amount of water 3GD has been holding back this summer. The 3GD story was another media hoax which worked effectively on ignorant, vapid morons
>> No. 119307 ID: 0d01d8
>There is nothing to indicate that 3GD is in any danger of imminent collapse. 3GD has contained a full reservoir every year for the past decade, the full reservoir is about twice as massive as amount of water 3GD has been holding back this summer.

Well, the CCP has spoken, and if anyone would know whether this Made-in-China dam is about to collapse, it's them, amirite guise? Seems legit.
>> No. 119310 ID: e1a7bb
>a domino auspiciously relatable to the Bronze Age Collapse
I mean, sure the rest of the world imports a lot of crap from China, but it's not like all manufacturing of everything occurs there. I would assume that the global economy would take a very strong hit, perhaps on par with the Great Depression, but Bronze Age Collapse levels of fucked? Seems kind of a stretch to me.
Glolious Chinee Engeneeling numbah wan!
>> No. 119311 ID: f1110c
the massive flooding disaster throughout china has now been effectively ignored because ignorant soygoys were all waiting for a virtually impossible 3gd collapse.
10% of chongqing lost their homes, six figure death toll, all covered up by the chinks and the jews because their useful idiots are so cooperative.
>> No. 119312 ID: 132e8e
File 160094415410.png - (468.23KB , 616x593 , 1600878911793.png )

>10% of chongqing lost their homes, six figure death toll
>six figure death toll
>in the People's Republic of Cadmium

I gotta tell ya, bro, I'm not really seeing any bad news here...
>> No. 119313 ID: f88a6c
File 160098575782.jpg - (10.06KB , 288x306 , qsv0z.jpg )
>dehumanizing shitpost set to an anime backdrop
and do you believe it's not even yom kippur?
>> No. 119314 ID: 132e8e
File 160107341586.png - (389.65KB , 498x710 , 1599799706570.png )

>muh anime

Anime weebsite, deal with it. Or gb2faceberg, that'd work too.

>waaah dehumanizing
>if you kill your enemies they win


>yom kippur

Yeah, I don't know what that means.
>> No. 119315 ID: b622ac
>dehumanizing the chinkenese bugmen means you're a dredelburg
Nope. Fuck em both, we should have nuked the small hats tribe back to the Bronze Age after what they did to the U.S.S. Liberty. I just don't give a damn about those slants in particular. Or a dam, as it were. Fuck China, I hope they get what's coming to them with no lube and as hard as possible.
>> No. 119317 ID: 3e69e0
>speaks moonspeak
Thanks I appreciate your concern.

>'He'll be damned if he's gonna let some slope get his hands on his son's birthright'
P.S. Did you hide it in your rectum?
>> No. 119334 ID: 1ad934

I mean, you're wrong, this is not an anime site, in fact for the longest time it was ban-on-site outside the DMZ...

It's a chan, but it's not even remotely anime related.
>> No. 119335 ID: 1dc649
File 160169601332.jpg - (11.47KB , 230x164 , tumblr_inline_opeozifJaa1r9bq4i_250.jpg )
Get off his dick.
>> No. 119345 ID: 132e8e
File 16021966471.jpg - (715.29KB , 1920x1080 , kona_chan147.jpg )
>this derelict hulk drifting along at roughly 4 (You)s per month

I'm starting to remember why I don't come back here more often. There's literally no reason to visit more than once or twice a year; you won't miss anything at all.

Welp, I'm off to wherever the fish are *really* biting. Enjoy your... erm... have a nice day.
>> No. 119346 ID: 7fa206
>pretends to be saddened by shitposting
>hides behind smug indifference

if you really were indifferent you wouldn't post yourself.

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