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File 160996859648.gif - (466.96KB , 606x423 , 848.gif )
119462 No. 119462 ID: 743737

I look forward to clearing fertilizer bombs on American freeways in about three months...
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>> No. 119463 ID: 593036
Our overlords don't even have a good reason for the nanny police state anymore. Toothpicks must be outlawed to protect the environment. Rope must be banned for safety. Baseball hats must be outlawed because they are ugly. Insurance must be mandatory to protect the insurance industry. Flagpoles must be banned to protect property values.

Why not just put Americans in prison when they're born?

(I'm getting the newspaper)
(fwap fwap fwap NO)
>> No. 119464 ID: b2b91c
>Baseball hats must be outlawed because they are ugly.
This but unironically. Literally the worst hats, aesthetically speaking. If banning them is what it takes, so be it.
>> No. 119465 ID: 7816af
No one hates freedom more than Americans do.

(bad bot)
>> No. 119466 ID: 533ab8
As an American, and further as an educated person, I question the fairness of your generalized assertion.
>> No. 119467 ID: 3f355b
Don't reply to the bot
>> No. 119468 ID: 471bf9
Americans used to believe in free speech.

(i see you, bot)
(i hope your programmers see this red texd)
>> No. 119472 ID: ee77e1
What a fucking shitshow. It's not even Trump's fault, he was just doing whatever he's been doing all this time, why are people worshipping him so much? I really didn't expect it to go this far.
>> No. 119473 ID: e9048d
File 161015430011.jpg - (83.08KB , 640x480 , k297262_COKEDATASS.jpg )
He is a figurehead for fascism in the United States and the majority of the United States (the 66% that voted) do not want a fascist government, which is why he was voted out.
>> No. 119474 ID: a4ba10
The reaction to the debacle can be partly laid at his feet. Quick, decisive action on his part could've made a difference. However, he is not to blame for the insufficient LEO presence that day. People are supposing that Trump intentionally kept security light to facilitate the mob's actions. In fact, the mayor of DC had more to do with that particular oversight. Horrified at the heavy handed police and national guard presence and response to BLM protests in DC last summer, black mayor Muriel Bowser demanded a low profile presence in and around the capitol opposed to an overwhelming show of force. She thought, incorrectly, that this would be sufficient.
>> No. 119475 ID: 3f209e
The very same Americans who scream that they will never get a mandatory vaccine then turn around and say that they would get a vaccine if Trump said vaccines are safe.


(Reason: bot)
>> No. 119476 ID: 58727a
The Right learned an important lesson from The Left, that violence does work and they shouldn't hold back. Too bad it hurts people who actually want freedom.
>> No. 119477 ID: 5a7105
When the US was a free country, Americans could decide what was best for their lives.

You could say that you plan to find a job today, enroll in college tomorrow, travel to Miami next week, buy a car next month, and start a business next year.

Now Americans must wait for decrees from the state like slaves.

Today you must get a mandatory vaccine, turn in your guns tomorrow, private property will be nationalized next week, you must get a microchip implant next month, and you'll sent to the concentration camps next year.

No one is reponsible for anything because everyone is just following orders.

The elites want everything, but they don't need you.

Wake up. Look what is going down.

(Reason: bot)
>> No. 119478 ID: 7db4d4
>figurehead for fascism
Literally no. /pol/tards just cling onto him.
>> No. 119479 ID: 58e960
Americans scream banning straws is just fine because no one wants to use straws.

(Reason: bot)
>> No. 119487 ID: 7448cc
File 161161927318.jpg - (96.91KB , 666x894 , trump_transition.jpg )
>"Muh Russia!"
>"People are supposing..."
>"an (((anonymous source))) said..."
>"this unconfimerd document claims..."
>blaming one man for the states' responses to a virus, and for people refusing to wear masks which was mainly due to American hyperindividualism (such hyperindividualism is not necessarily a bad thing, but it did contribute to the spread of the WuFlu)

And this has been the entire history of Trump's presidency: 4 years of nonstop slander and blaming by the press, while the dems investigated conspiracy theories. These things combined with illegal last-minute changes to voting procedures in several states due to muh-covid, and silencing of right-leaning views by "big tech" cost him the presidency in 2020. Not to mention the very real possibility of vote manipulation, as evidenced by multiple mathematical improbabilities seen during the election.

And then McConnel's refusal to support $2000 gibsmedat checks to normies at the last minute cost the GOP the senate.

Trump was ineffective, speaks like a child, and does not know when NOT to speak. But he was good, because he was the enemy of my enemy.

But back to the topic of this discussion: I am NOT advocating for any such action. But it is correct; historically, violence works. And theoretically if a movement has enough control over the press or a large enough propaganda wing, they only need about 15% of the population on their side to gain full control. This is why the current situation is so dangerous; the left is in this position, but certain additional factors exist that keep them in check.

I'd prefer fascism, rather than a federal "assault weapon" ban and mag-cap limits.
I'd prefer civil war, rather than a federal "assault weapon" ban and mag-cap limits.
I'd prefer that we be nuked by Russia/China, rather than a federal "assault weapon" ban and mag-cap limits.
Furthermore; he was not, LEGITIMATELY, voted out.
>> No. 119488 ID: 0af7d3
Living in a police state can make you sympathetic. Why shouldn't black people be able to buy guns, billionaires be allowed to cheat on their taxes, and Christians be able to feed the homeless?

If the government is arresting others, why wouldn't the government jail you?

The government doesn't obey the law, why should Americans?

(Botson: bot)
>> No. 119501 ID: 8652eb
All Revealed and Exposed


>> No. 119503 ID: 708022
Buying a farm to escape the US collapse will only work in the short-term.

What will you do the elites nationalize property and send you to the concentration camps?

(go away)

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