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File 161269346534.jpg - (44.60KB , 472x475 , rigger.jpg )
119499 No. 119499 ID: 7789cd
That took long...
It seems that they are openly gloating about election manipulation now:





Such hubris.
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>> No. 119500 ID: 365d81
The boxcars won't even be needed because Americans are so enslaved now that Americans will drive themselves to the concentration camps.

(Damn, I had hoped you'd fucked off.)
(Please do the needful and fuck off.)
>> No. 119507 ID: f88a6c
It's never enough for the Jew to rob you. He has to boast about it and gloat about it, tell you about it and laugh at you.
>> No. 119508 ID: 9e8bf2
The elites want to make everything illegal so they can fill their private prisons and kill off the 99%, but life would be much better if everything was legal and people could travel, make money, go to church, go to school, and start businesses.

>> No. 119510 ID: 9dc901
Yeah, okay. Always blame the other side for your failures. It's just like 4 years ago, except the crying is now on the other end.

All he had to do was build the wall.

That's it.
>> No. 119514 ID: f43328
Americans scream a collapsing economy is great because home prices will fall, but what if you want to sell your house?

>> No. 119533 ID: d3833f
Pls a-splain to us how the wall was going to keep the Democrats from printing up as many phony mail-in ballots as necessary to get rid of Orange Man, as they filmed themselves doing and have not yet stopped boasting and gloating about. Be specific. I'll wait.
>> No. 119538 ID: 938032
File 162778195083.jpg - (61.41KB , 500x358 , the_rule_you_followed.jpg )
The direct manipulation of election results was just a small part of it.

You see, there were three distinct vectors of attack on the election:

1. Actual election fraud (Fake ballots, manipulation of equipment/counts)
2. Illegal changes to election procedures due to "Muh Covid" (universal mail-in ballots, universal voter reg, no standards for mail-in ballots or arrival deadlines)
3. Media slander. (Wild left-wing conspiracy theories about Russian collusion, Ukranian phone calls, piss tapes, accusations by a pornstar, Russian bounties on American troops... All unfounded conspiracy theories, but parroted nonstop by the lugenpresse for four years ad infinum.)

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