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File 163230907794.jpg - (2.06MB , 2400x3000 , 1632234682103.jpg )
119552 No. 119552 ID: 7be5f4
(Stolen from 4chan because I can't get past their new captchas to actually reply to the thread there.)
So the Space force revealed the prototype for their uniform and...
The jacket looks very Battlestar Galactica, but i'm not sure about pairing a standing collar/closed neck jacket with a collar and tie. Either have open lapels on the jacket or a collarless shirt underneath.
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>> No. 119553 ID: 7be5f4
File 163230916344.jpg - (232.50KB , 1582x2048 , 1632177078577.jpg )
Also, I meant to post this in /g/
Sorry. :(
Anyway, here's their enlisted rank badges.
>> No. 119554 ID: 12f44a
I like the look for the most part.

Not a fan of the tie, I think I would have gone with a mandarin collar, a lot of sci-fi stuff uses it. Notably star trek NG and Babylon 5, first season I think it was, they went with a different standing collar later IIRC.
>> No. 119555 ID: 12f44a
I had it backwards, weird lethery standing collars were early seasons, the mandarin collars were later.
>> No. 119556 ID: 2ca1a1
File 163286361428.jpg - (124.67KB , 290x406 , Moff_Jerjerrod.jpg )
I think we can all agree on what we really wanted here.
>> No. 119557 ID: 7a5d59
File 163327843680.jpg - (28.11KB , 474x708 , external-content_duckduckgo_com.jpg )
I'd unironically want the British version to be essentially a copy of the 1918 RFC uniform, maybe slightly updated.
>> No. 119560 ID: 7fa5fe
File 163442740352.jpg - (185.71KB , 879x485 , jwst-april2021.jpg )
>did you think the F-35 was a budget busting boondoggle that will produce little to nothing of value?
>well grab your wallet, here comes the space force!

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