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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 140978285060.jpg - (1.59MB , 2160x1620 , FEG GKK 45 resize.jpg )
3017 No. 3017 ID: 5463a3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This right here is a Hungarian made clone (kinda) of the Smith and Wesson model 59 series chambered in the Forty-Five-Ayee-Cee-Pee. This is also where my knowledge of this pistol ends.
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>> No. 3033 ID: 5463a3
File 140978493828.jpg - (895.36KB , 2160x1620 , FEG GKK 45 (32).jpg )
Annnnnnd up by the trigger. That's it I've got for ya.

I've run probably around 300 rounds through it, and the only hang ups I've had was with some semi-wadcutter reloads my neighbor made for his S&W Victory model; went through two magazines of those with one FTF per magazine, so we switched back to hardball. Those were the only issues I've ever had. All in all, even though it's ugly with a heavy, creepy double action trigger and a "meh-okay" single action, it's great for $150. 10/10 would receive as a gift again, even though the premise of the gift was a joke about my penis size.
>> No. 3034 ID: 9ae271
Neat. It looks as rough, but functional, as the FEG Hi-Powers I've seen. I will say that it looks pretty damn tough - especially the sear and hammer release (?) levels that rotate out of the frame and interact with the slide. On the S&Ws, they're dinky stamped steel parts that look like they'd bend in a stiff wind. Those look like thick, (roughly) machined chunks of steel. I approve.

I have an FN Hi-Power and a S&W 5903 if anyone would like comparison pictures.
>> No. 3035 ID: 39887e
Absolutely delicious. I wish S&W continued making steel guns (that aren't 1911s)
>> No. 3037 ID: 9ae271
File 140996827026.jpg - (681.18KB , 900x571 , orig.jpg )
You and me both, especially since they occasionally still make the older guns with built in picatinny rails for police agencies.
>> No. 3095 ID: 39887e
Hell yeah!


File 134887083591.jpg - (169.08KB , 1000x747 , front sight damage.jpg )
362 No. 362 ID: f67387 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
UPS must be trying out new money saving options, like package delivery by catapult, since this is how my nugget showed up. Luckily, it looks like a gunsmith could slide the damaged hood and post off the dovetail mount it's on and put a new one in.

While I'm going after UPS for damages, could you help me find new sights?
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>> No. 1032 ID: 9b5ec0
File 13584423127.jpg - (162.24KB , 1000x1333 , Nugget Restoration finished 1.jpg )
Delicious chocolate nugget
>> No. 1034 ID: a50f2c

That's pretty damn dark. Take pics in the outside light!

Inb4 >Delicious chocolate ****
>> No. 1046 ID: 49c1d5
File 135861674550.jpg - (1.89MB , 1632x2448 , 100_2398.jpg )
love the look
i did one of my nuggets in a two tone dark red, light brown and a teak oil finsh
>look for photo.... forgot to take a full size after pic
best pic i have at this time
>> No. 3085 ID: 82114f
Hi I am looking at the image "Lewis Rifle Automatic" which appears to be model M44. What Hand guard is that, and where did you get that? Are there more images? Thanks!
>> No. 3090 ID: f9a97c
Looks like a common heat shield for a riot shotgun, WECSOG'd onto the '44.

File 14076291286.jpg - (0.96MB , 3104x1746 , oe02F0Z.jpg )
2987 No. 2987 ID: 65c27c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Let us start with... what is the Norinco 1911.
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>> No. 2989 ID: 65c27c

Before I get back to the Norinco, let me talk at least a bit about why it is important for a 1911 to be made properly. Especially one part in particular.

The extractor.

Think of a Mauser 98's extractor, a long piece of spring steel right? Keyword here is spring steel. The 1911 is the same way, spring steel, to give it spring like qualities. What doesn't have spring like qualities? Tool steel, while as nice as it is to flash around the term "tool stool" and "bulletproof" and "hardcore", the fact remains the 1911's extractor was designed around a SPRING steel extractor.

The test gun that later became the 1911 and service sidearm of the US Military for many following years was subjected to 6,000s fired over two days, when it was too hot to hold it was submerged in water, and then firing was resumed, but best of all during this it suffered from no malfunctions.
>> No. 2990 ID: 0066b5
Monitoring, for my own norinco 1911.

It's rough around the edges, in every possible way. The fit and finish aren't very good. The trigger has a bump of grit, breaks at an okay weight.

But it shoots straight, and doesn't care about being dirty or full of sand and getting shot until the oil steams off it.
>> No. 2991 ID: 19fec5
They are awesome pistols. I bought mine several years ago, from a former gunsmith who bought it new in the 80's, before the US import ban.
He had bought it, put a different trigger and grips on it, and put it in the safe. He had never fired it. I ended up being the first to fire it.
The list of modifications I've made: Hogue wraparound grip, Pachmayr short rubberized beavertail grip safety, Wilson Combat oversized magazine button, Wilson Combat full-length guide rail, and a Wilson Combat 18-lb recoil spring.
It shoots nicely, has never jammed, and the fit and lockup is far superior to any modern 1911 in the $500 price bracket. The only things I want to do to it are having a gunsmith machine the slide for some better sights. No one around here has hard enough tools for a Norinco slide, any more.
>> No. 2993 ID: 965b6b
The current production ones make good project guns, I'm told.
Some say they're not worth the hassle though.
>> No. 3047 ID: b170fe
the better question is who makes that knife

File 134837168449.jpg - (2.24MB , 1944x2592 , DSC05129.jpg )
320 No. 320 ID: 394c39 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I watched so many different videos online mostly from the manufacturer of these plate. Of course these plates looks awesome, so I got a pair and I am going to do some test on it. What I have available are 55gr .223 in the Lancer L5 mag, Wolf Military classic 7.62x39 in the Tapco mag, Bulgarian surplus clean burning steel core 7.62x54R in the stripper clips and some M855 62gr green tip 5.56. Also have 30-06 and I think tomorrow morning if I have time I'll pick up Stoplossed's AR-15 so we can also shoot .308 at the plate.
167 posts and 49 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2980 ID: 0066b5
AR steel is "abrasion resistant", with decent impact resistance. The number is for the average BHN hardness. AR600 or more is just the same alloy, but harder. I'm not sure what the composition of this steel is, but it kinda looks like it's close to T1 tool steel.

The trouble with using a harder heat treat of the same alloy is that the plate might end up simply cracking or the bullet might cookie-cut a hole in the plate (shear) without actually penetrating it; the plate simply cracks and breaks off under the force of the bullet. A bit like a true spalling situation, where the deformation of the back face happens with enough violence for the back of the armor to crack and break off in small chunks.

I was thinking about a composite plate armor, with a ridiculously hard outer surface, even using a ceramic plate of some sort, and a softer, extremely impact resistant steel to back it with a few layers of kevlar and resin (JB weld or something) to wrap the whole deal together.

The soft steel would hold the hard steel together, even when cracked. The hard, thin steel would deform the bullet while the soft steel would catch the blob mess.
>> No. 2981 ID: 06ae7b
Does same size say... 8"x12"x3/8" AR500 plate weight the same as same size AR650 plate?
>> No. 2982 ID: 67f943
If, as /k/anadian said, its just a difference in hardness, then no, there should be no real difference in weight. The only realistic difference in weight you might encounter would come from how precisely the plates where cut in the first place.
>> No. 2985 ID: 7188a3
File 140761862819.jpg - (55.18KB , 400x283 , img_06.jpg )
So something like chilled cast iron? I don't know if it could be done, especially considering thinness, but I've long wondered how well a nearly pure cementite face with malleable cast iron backing would perform against bullet impacts.

Chilled iron is apparently a pain for enamelers because the sheer face hardness precludes smoothing out the surface imperfections that in turn result in enamel imperfections. Pic related.
>figure 6 - Cross-section showing the cast surface consisting of eutectic carbides ("chilled" iron) in a ferrite matrix, at the casting-groundcoat interface. Some graphite is present in the form of fine "rosette" clusters, almost certainly formed through pearlite decomposition during the enamel firing operation. Note the two casting surface defects which are either porosity or inclusions. The surface has been too hard to remove in the shotblasting operation.
>> No. 2992 ID: dcc3cd
So then is ar650 potentially less usefull for armor purposes because it could be more prone to cracking?

I still didnt discern any response as to why no one does these body armor plates out of ar650.

File 140539319845.jpg - (4.73MB , 2451x3305 , 1.jpg )
2916 No. 2916 ID: 894961 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Bought it for $60 on Woot!, it also came with a laser and a decent flashlight. I never used it so I cannot give a review. Two problems I found are, the three levels of brightness were all the same, and the aperture style dust covers kept coming apart.

I did not any guide during disassembly so some things were done not in order or could have been done much more easily. I am not an expert in optics so don't take any thing I say as fact.
8 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2925 ID: 894961
File 140539441086.jpg - (3.98MB , 2221x4032 , 10.jpg )
The collimator tube. LED on one end and partial mirror on the other.
>> No. 2926 ID: 894961
File 140539453151.jpg - (527.04KB , 1192x586 , 11.jpg )
How I think it works.
>> No. 2927 ID: 894961
File 140539458072.jpg - (1.35MB , 1459x1659 , 12.jpg )
The tri-color LED and it's holder.
>> No. 2928 ID: 894961
File 140539470379.jpg - (4.64MB , 3213x2413 , 13.jpg )
Everything laid out.
>> No. 2929 ID: cd4a7e
Now the question is, can you put it all back together?

File 140062380647.jpg - (525.42KB , 1280x960 , P1030285.jpg )
2703 No. 2703 ID: d5e5a4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Field stripping an ArmaLite AR-18 rifle.

According to this forum post, only 5,189 AR-18/180 were produced from the Costa Mesa facility between 1969 and 1972.
42 posts and 36 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2904 ID: d5e5a4
File 140476304876.jpg - (540.71KB , 1280x960 , P1030363.jpg )
then the sleeve
>> No. 2905 ID: d5e5a4
File 140476308778.jpg - (533.71KB , 1280x960 , P1030364.jpg )
and here's the tappet and gas rings
>> No. 2906 ID: d5e5a4
File 140476311666.jpg - (523.45KB , 1280x960 , P1030365.jpg )
>> No. 2907 ID: d5e5a4
File 140476324020.jpg - (545.93KB , 1280x960 , P1030366.jpg )
I'm having a friend convert some AR-15 mags for me.

We ground a bit of the 'hump' under the 15's latch hole so that it fit a bit easier into the 18's magwell, but it's not strictly necessary. It's just a bit tight if you don't.
>> No. 2908 ID: d5e5a4
File 140476327052.jpg - (516.77KB , 1280x960 , P1030367.jpg )
and here's the other side of the mag, showing the cut for the 18's catch.

File 137412805276.jpg - (1.36MB , 2624x1404 , 2.jpg )
2021 No. 2021 ID: eeb844 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So I got here the Grizzly MAG.

Patterned after the Remington 870, it's an all-machined pump action (no MIM parts, unlike the Express) and even has a metal trigger guard and trigger bits.
51 posts and 30 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2639 ID: 5100a4
I would have to make the bullpup conversion permanent to comply with canadian laws regarding bullpups. Drop in kits are illegal, but firearms that are bullpups by design, where removing the "bullpupedness" disables the gun, are okay.

the magazine release and safety aren't ideal, and the short barrel coupled with the bullpup layout would make the shotgun restricted (not that big of a deal).

Stateside, this wouldn't be a problem, apart for the fact that grizzly shotguns aren't legal for import from China.

But it would be cool if the ergos were worked on for a puppy layout and all. Coupled with a semiautomatic conversion, this would be a mean gun.

I'll stick with turning it into a semiauto bolter for now.
>> No. 2642 ID: fdf717
This just in.

Recoil using 2 3/4" magnum 1oz slugs at 1600ft/s with a pistol grip only 8.5" barrel pump action is comfortable. I mean there's no wrist or even palm discomfort after over twenty full power slugs.

When this thing will be semi-auto in a bolter body (that will probably add a few ounces), it'll be a total pussycat to shoot.

I may also be looking for a small camera to install near the muzzle of the finished bolter. It would provide an aiming solution through video to an eyepiece. You know, for the Emperor.
>> No. 2890 ID: 63b86b
File 140462014597.jpg - (2.11MB , 2560x1920 , CIMG9930.jpg )
So things are happening, but slowly and often bottlenecked by tooling constraints.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but things get kinda wonky when there's only one endmill, and it has broken flutes, so you're grinding off a quarter inch of it, and then re-grinding the flutes by hand with no guides, etc.


This will appear to be pretty chaotic as far as pistons go, but I have 4" of action travel, and 7.5" to work with. I need room for the piston and the action spring, room for them to move, for the spring to compress. On top of that, I have to feed this piston system with gas, and that gas has to come from somewhere right after the forcing cone, and before the chamber. Seeing as I don't have enough room to swing a fucking cat, I have to make the room.

As you all know, the cylinder will house the piston. I have to drill a hole after the forcing cone that will go into a gas tube, a tube that's in the center of the whole cylinder and piston, and that gas tube will vent near the muzzle, right in front of the piston. Technically, in a small chamber located in the piston, just so that there's room for the gas to vent out of the gas tube.

The piston is pushed back, and it rides inside the piston cylinder, on the gas tube, compressing the action spring and moving the action bars to the rear. At the 2 to 3" point, the cylinder has cuts so that the action bars can actually contact the piston, and that's where the gas exits the system; inertia should do it's thing from that point on. The rest is pretty straightforward.

>issue number 1
In this picture, the hole leading to the chamber interferes with the action spring. I'll have to change that a bit, and put the gas hole in the gas tube at the rear, and connect that rear hole with another gas tube that will circumvent the action bars from the outside, and go to the barrel right past the forcing cone.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2892 ID: 63b86b
Also perhaps teflon. Just finished a job last week with blocks of that shit, pretty light, not too soft, and doesn't melt too easily.
>> No. 2893 ID: 63b86b
>that gas has to come from somewhere right after the forcing cone, and before the chamber


File 140428132787.jpg - (0.97MB , 2592x1728 , Before.jpg )
2857 No. 2857 ID: feafd7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Good evening. I am going to be sharing my kludge AR modifications. Enjoy.

Starting with the before image.
16 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2874 ID: c3e6b2
File 140431473253.jpg - (161.30KB , 1200x1200 , image_18433.jpg )
What you are looking for is a lock ring plier

>> No. 2875 ID: feafd7
I just hit it with some rattlecan enamel paint. If that doesn't stay, I don't know.

Normal pliers worked pretty well. Just cost a bit more cursing.
>> No. 2876 ID: cd4a7e
File 140439880581.jpg - (33.28KB , 500x500 , 262410_front500.jpg )
In case it doesn't look into high temp grill paint.
>> No. 2880 ID: f9a97c
Considering you removed the delta with a whizz wheel and a screwdriver, I suggest the use of a Sharpie marker for refinishing.

No reason to go all Cadillac with the project now...
>> No. 2882 ID: c3e6b2
Now Meplate mentioned it which reminded me... I would've bought those delta ring off you for my AR pistol project :(

File 140304435921.jpg - (935.83KB , 1922x1080 , DSC05961.jpg )
2748 No. 2748 ID: 39887e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I got bored sitting around, so I field strip my CZs and Jericho to compare.
19 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2769 ID: 63b86b
Reminds me of that time some guy on /k/inder got an airsoft copy of one of his pistols (HK USP IIRC) and tried to fit the real slide on the fake frame, or vice versa. It got stuck, hilarity ensued.

I really love this thread, seeing all those sexy CZs and the Jerico in comparison with each other is cool. Good photography, but it seems like you're using a ceiling light that whites out your table a little; wood like that is hard to illuminate without a big bright spot. Did you try diffusing your flash with a mirror reflecting off the ceiling?

Either way, fukken saved, and drooling over the pre-B. And the everything.
>> No. 2770 ID: 39887e
File 140324388149.jpg - (655.11KB , 1922x1080 , DSC05917.jpg )
>Reminds me of that time some guy on /k/inder got an airsoft copy of one of his pistols (HK USP IIRC) and tried to fit the real slide on the fake frame, or vice versa. It got stuck, hilarity ensued.
Oh God, I need to see this.

As for lighting, I'm not using flash; I just use the clear incandescent light I have in the dining room. I never thought much of the light spot. In fact, when I take pictures of a single gun, I think it looks pretty neat. To each his own, I guess. Maybe I'll invest a little dosh into getting Lightroom and start shooting RAW.

I absolutely love this Pre-B, it honestly has the best trigger I have ever had the pleasure of pulling on any autoloader. It's like shooting a single action revolver trigger each and every time.
>> No. 2771 ID: 63b86b
I can't seem to find the screencap.

Oh, I knew you didn't use flash for these pictures, I looked at your EXIF. I'd just assumed you'd tried your flash at one point and decided to go with the ceiling light instead, sorry if the sentence structure was misleading. The pictures do look quite good, ignore all my bullshit.
>> No. 2772 ID: 39887e
File 140328227127.jpg - (738.81KB , 1922x1080 , CZ97.jpg )
Naw man, you've given me good advice before. I'm a noob at photography and I'm only getting by because of the bits and pieces I've learned here and there.

I'd probably still be sticking stupid shit in the trigger guard, lel.
>> No. 2773 ID: 63b86b
>I'd probably still be sticking stupid shit in the trigger guard, lel.

I had a giggle, and I do say that the shots with the pistols propped up with the holster were especially pleasing.

File 139994017649.jpg - (762.24KB , 960x1280 , m3000.jpg )
2681 No. 2681 ID: 86f866 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm setting an m3000 up for 3gun. Why? Because It's reliable and low cost.

$487 out the door for a 28" m3000. I wanted a 24" model but could only find a 28" locally.

100rds of Federal bulk pack 3dram through it and then 25 rio and winchester 2 3/4 with no issues.
12 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2698 ID: 86f866
File 140036177157.jpg - (212.22KB , 1024x268 , 20140517_144631.jpg )
Where she's at right now. There are a couple minor things I may do in the future. If I run into issues with my thumb or shells bottoming out when loading I may pick up the Taran Tactical lifter for the benellis and mod that to fit. Most benelli parts can be slightly modified to fit this gun.
>> No. 2699 ID: 3a62b5
When are we going to see vids of you fumbling over & over to learn quadloads? ;)
>> No. 2700 ID: 86f866
:) Rando club shoot today so not much reloading. Plate rack stage has you load 6 on the buzzer though, those were all load 2s. Last load 2 I had the issue where I didn't push my thumb in enough and the shell shot onto the lifter. This would have been an issue if I was loading more shells.
>> No. 2738 ID: 823a67
So what was the total amount of time and money put into that build?
>> No. 2740 ID: ce251a
Needs Cerakote

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