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File 136651617191.jpg - (262.17KB , 2057x1536 , 35 1.jpg )
1592 No. 1592 ID: c6755d
I took the mag disconnect safety out of my Hi Power today. While I was at the shooting range the trigger stopped resetting about half of the time and I had to manually pull the trigger forward to reset it.

So I took it down a few times at the range and, being unfamiliar with the Hi Power platform, took a little while to figure out what was wrong with it.

Turns out it was the magazine disconnect. I started suspecting it when I realized that when the trigger didn't reset, if I hit the mag release the trigger would then reset.
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>> No. 1593 ID: c6755d
File 136651633092.jpg - (169.80KB , 1536x2056 , 35 6.jpg )
After seeing where the disconnect was rubbing on the magazine I looked down into the magazine well and noticed that it had room to come out far enough to rotate side to side, not allowing it to go back into the channel where it's supposed to reside.
>> No. 1594 ID: c6755d
File 136651647113.jpg - (179.27KB , 1536x2056 , 35 9.jpg )
See this? This isn't supposed to be out this far and it isn't supposed to be crooked. You can see how it being rotated won't allow it to go back into the channel.
>> No. 1595 ID: c6755d
File 136651710975.jpg - (271.01KB , 2056x1536 , 35 7 1.jpg )
These are the two pins that needed to be removed. The trigger pivot pin was a pain in the ass, and I mushroomed one of my punches trying to get it out of there. It was in there tight and it was a battle all the way through getting it out of there. It went back in much more easily.

The trigger pin came out and went back in more easily. Once you remove the disconnect it isn't actually needed anymore, but I put it back in there anyways.
>> No. 1596 ID: c6755d
File 136651721115.jpg - (272.35KB , 2056x1536 , 35 4.jpg )
Here's another picture of the pivot pin.
>> No. 1597 ID: c6755d
File 136651733091.jpg - (275.63KB , 2057x1536 , 35 5.jpg )
Once you get the two pins out you'll have to pull the trigger down and through to get it out. You might have to wiggle it a bit and compress the mag disconnect in a bit but it wasn't difficult by any means.
>> No. 1598 ID: c6755d
File 136651786816.jpg - (310.08KB , 1536x2056 , 35 2.jpg )
I'm not sure what the problem was with this, the spring might have just been jammed up in there or something. The spring might also have just been worn out or something.

All in all, I started doing this before I looked anything up on line, then had a momentary panic attack wondering what I had just started, then after looking it up realized it wasn't hard at all. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
>> No. 1599 ID: c6755d
File 136651808913.jpg - (256.97KB , 1536x2056 , 35 3.jpg )
Everything goes back in pretty easily, you have to kind of play with it because the trigger and (sear?) lock together via some grooves and a spring, and the spring hooks off of the top of the trigger onto a shelf inside the gun forward of the trigger guard. It's hard to explain and I didn't take any pictures but it's very obvious and easy when you have it out in front of you.
>> No. 1601 ID: 0ba9c9
Brink of martial law
at range expending ammunition

buckeye what are you doing?
>> No. 1602 ID: c6755d

Had to make sure it would work. It does now, but it wouldn't have. But yeah now that all that gun control shit's over maybe ammo will be easier to find. I still have about 500 9x19 left.
>> No. 1603 ID: c52779
took that disconnect out of my buddy's a while back, it was a pain in the ass but worth it. Trigger is much better now. Not quite 1911-edition, but very nice.

Getting the trigger back in was a bitch, though.
>> No. 1604 ID: c6755d

Went back to the shooting range today (a new one opened about a mile from my apartment) and shot 150 rounds through the Hi Power. Had no issues whatsoever, and the trigger is much better than it was prior to removing the magazine disconnect.

I'm going to order a new recoil spring for it, and probably some other springs too just because it's not a bad idea to replace that one.
>> No. 1605 ID: c6755d

I didn't have too much trouble. The trigger pin was a motherfucker to get out of there. I didn't think I would get it out actually. I had the punch on the pin, and I was hitting it really damn hard before it started to come out. I'm amazed I didn't cause any scratches in the finish by slipping or anything.

But after that I didn't have any problems. Had to play around with getting the trigger back in but compared to removing the pin it was easy.
>> No. 1608 ID: d0bddf
Nice HP.

Have you ever considered installing an SFS kit? No real reason to, but if I ever got an HP, I'd pull out the mag safety & put in an SFS, just for fun & mechanical novelty value.
>> No. 1609 ID: 601156
  When I took mine out I found this method much easier.

Only required taking off the slide, knocking out one pic, then wiggling the disconnect out through the mag well.
>> No. 1611 ID: c6755d

Thanks, thought about it but I like having it how it's meant to be. Maybe someday, though, seems like a cool idea for carrying it.


I actually watched that video and tried it that way but I couldn't get it to come free. That's when I ended up having to take out the pins to get it to come out.

I think I was doing something wrong when trying to wiggle it out from the mag well? Not sure. Either way, I envy you being able to do it that way.
>> No. 1612 ID: 601156

I had to wiggle it around a bit, and slightly pull on the trigger to get it to maneuver into a better position, but didn't have too much trouble.
>> No. 1942 ID: eb37bc
Can't blame you for removing the mag safety, I pulled mine from my HiPoint .45 months ago.
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