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File 136950593117.png - (2.31MB , 780x1387 , glock.png )
1799 No. 1799 ID: 9eaa48
I bought a Glock 17 with the intention of reducing the grip. I may fuck it up royally or, I may get it reduced and my wife still doesn't like it. There is only a slim chance of success.

The gun should get here late next week. This pic is of my G19. I'm trying to figure out what can be relieved.

Does anyone have a M&P9 and a caliper?
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>> No. 1806 ID: a26a45
File 136956695748.jpg - (150.55KB , 792x612 , timber.jpg )
Fiddling with anything above the magazine release is risky business if you ask me. I'd chicken out and talk with a professional about what exactly the problem is and what you'd like done and where.

Although I guess if you cock it up enough to mess up internals, you can just buy a replacement, aftermarket frame like the Lone Wolf Timberwolf or whatever.
>> No. 1807 ID: 9eaa48
File 136958522363.jpg - (31.45KB , 450x285 , 211.jpg )
The stuff above the mag release is going to be relieved equal the the already existing dip. There is a lot of extra plastic there. And I will probably only do it on the other side where her trigger finger goes. I just didn't have a good flipped over gun pic. This pic is a better example.

If I fuck it up I will consider trying a Timberwolf. I looked at them, but the thing that turns me off is no return policy. You are supposed to buy the thing and love it? You can't hold it anywhere, how can they expect people to like a gun sight unseen?
>> No. 1930 ID: b6eb2a
File 137208503873.jpg - (199.27KB , 640x480 , 5506591959_c5f3808205_z.jpg )

Jesus christ, and I thought factory Glocks were hideous
>> No. 1931 ID: eb37bc

If you want ugly, try a HiPoint.
That said have still yet to have a single stoppage or any malfunction with mine, it's .45, so who cares.
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