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File 137115907728.jpg - (6.09KB , 550x128 , browning_A-bolt.jpg )
1893 No. 1893 ID: 1f0cd1
I know this isn't exactly fudd-central, but do any of you have any experience with a Browning A Bolt? My friend got one used, and low and behold, it's safety won't engage (as in, it's always on fire).
Apparently, this is a somewhat common problem, though often times reversed (safety won't switch off). I have googled and googled trying to find a way to fix her particular problem, with no results. She has called Browning, and they told her to send it in to them, or seek a licensed gunsmith.

Anyone have experience with this problem?
>> No. 1894 ID: 29caff
Just send it in? I suspect Browning will pick up the tab.

Check with them. Safety is not a matter to take lightly, even on a bolt action.
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