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File 137356424868.jpg - (83.00KB , 808x576 , 20130711_131630.jpg )
2009 No. 2009 ID: 0a9437
So, my Colt used to belong to my dad before he gave it to me as payment. It's a post ban and had a pinned brake and bayoless FSB. It also had an old(late 90s) ugly, heavy, out of spec rail on it.

I wanted to put regular handguards on it. So I dremeled around the pin on the muzzle brake, it wasn't welded, and pulled the pin out with a vice grip. It came out fine, with no damage to the barrel, and I put a plain Phantom flash hider on it. I then went to take off the FSB and it was being a major bitch. Turns out the gunsmith put the damn taper pins in the wrong way. I checked it with a caliper and they were definitely in backwards. Anyway, I dremeled those fuckers out and now I'm going to pick up a regular FSB with a bayo lug.
>> No. 2010 ID: 1341b4
Don't take anything for granted. There's a "usual" direction for the taper pins. But there are so many damn exceptions, I wouldn't bother trying to remove them without checking first.
>> No. 2013 ID: a468a6
In fact, Smith & Wesson ream their M&P rifles in the opposite direction as the vast majority of people.
>> No. 2014 ID: 1341b4
They also install with a 20 ton press or something. Shit is tighter than hell. Ask me how I know...
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