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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 137412805276.jpg - (1.36MB , 2624x1404 , 2.jpg )
2021 No. 2021 ID: eeb844
So I got here the Grizzly MAG.

Patterned after the Remington 870, it's an all-machined pump action (no MIM parts, unlike the Express) and even has a metal trigger guard and trigger bits.
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>> No. 2028 ID: eeb844
I have no issues about registering it as a restricted firearm. It's what I planned to do in the first place.
>> No. 2029 ID: b5332d
...So, where are you going to get the FRAG-12's?
>> No. 2030 ID: eeb844
I'm thinking of only firing slugs out of it.

Close enough?

>my mind is already planning on how to machine some gyrojet projos
>> No. 2031 ID: b5332d
>Close enough?
No. You anger the machine gods.
>> No. 2032 ID: eeb844
I'm pretty sure the machine gods hate me regardless of what ammo I run through the gun.

Or love me. It's hard to know, really.

Plus, HE gyrojet ammo isn't the only thing that's supposed to go through bolters. Have you seen how many different kinds of rounds they make for those?

Incoming range time and strip+clean.
>> No. 2033 ID: eeb844
File 137427488357.jpg - (787.32KB , 1899x1395 , it begins.jpg )
So we get there and unpack, like a pair of schoolgrills. It was very windy, hot and humid.

Who cares? We had guns to shoot.
>> No. 2034 ID: eeb844
File 137427497943.jpg - (720.02KB , 1824x1156 , more shotfun.jpg )
I brought 250 shells of Federal #7 1/2, 2 3/4" shells at 1 1/8th ounce load.

Along with all of this.
>> No. 2035 ID: eeb844
File 137427510188.jpg - (743.01KB , 1594x1458 , sand errywhere.jpg )
In the top left corner of that pic, there's also a box containing about 40 shells of the cheapest winchester bulk birdshot, a couple 3" turkey 2 ounce maximum magnums and some remington buckshot.

Within five minutes, both our vaginas were full of sand.

Shit was everywhere.
>> No. 2036 ID: eeb844
File 137427523836.jpg - (706.72KB , 1680x1543 , pump during recoil.jpg )
The guns were fine though, a little bit of sand didn't slow this nigga down one bit.

Here's one of my good bros firing off a few mags of the Federal birdshot.

Out of 250 shells, a single one was rougher to extract than the rest. It didn't have a stoppage, it just required more muscle. That's it. That ammo performed perfectly, no failures of any kind.
>> No. 2037 ID: eeb844
File 137427543060.jpg - (1.39MB , 2497x2303 , ejection.jpg )
Recoil is pretty mild. The barrel is short, but the stock is solid plastic.

With a normal stock, it would have more bite. However the stock it has right now, being 100% plastic through and through, weighs almost more than the barreled action.

Seriously, if you try to balance it at the trigger on your finger, it'll tip BACKWARDS... With an empty magazine, no less.

At least the stock won't break. Ever.
>> No. 2038 ID: eeb844
File 137427555084.jpg - (800.01KB , 1824x1368 , bad three inch.jpg )
The gun does indeed dislike 3" shells.

Pretty much all types will have some sort of stoppage, but not something that takes time to clear. Usually just a "pull-push" to "wiggle" the long shell into a better position for feeding.
>> No. 2039 ID: eeb844
File 137427565055.jpg - (474.49KB , 1404x1365 , pinch.jpg )
If you sit your hand too much to the rear, it can pinch you against the magwell like pic related.
>> No. 2040 ID: eeb844
File 137427575665.jpg - (440.13KB , 1603x1298 , gloves are recommended.jpg )
The muzzle blast doesn't burn your hands, but it blackens them a little. This is probably the only time I'd like to have an actual front pistol grip on a gun; it would just be much better to hold and use compared to any other type or shape of grip on this particular firearm.

In any case, gloves are recommended.
>> No. 2041 ID: eeb844
File 137427626959.jpg - (1.19MB , 2189x1642 , hornady should have my children.jpg )
It's quite stunning to see the difference that ammo can make. These days, you might not even need to get chokes on a shotgun, even one with a tiny babby barrel simply with ammo selection.

>Hornady 2 3/4" Light Mag 00 Buckshot
Reliable, light recoil, absolutely devastating performance. Full choke level patterns of high speed 8 pellet 00 buck. At 7 yards, the pattern from this cylinder-bore 8.5" was a bit over three and a half inches.

Three and a half fucking inches.

I fired 10 shells of this Hornady buckshot, many of them at the 45 yard berm. Even at 45 yards, the pattern was no more than 24".


All the buckshot I tried from Remington patterned big. Not videogame big, but 9" to 13" at 7 yards. They were reliable in the 2 3/4" shells, but patterns were just big and had an erratic shape more often than not.

Remington buckshot was fine, but the patterns were something to keep in mind. Inside a large house, across a hallway into a room, there might be a chance of stray pellets.
>> No. 2042 ID: eeb844
File 137427658581.jpg - (634.28KB , 1095x1460 , 7 yards.jpg )
7 yards is big for the average house, and a 9" pattern at 7 yards from regular 2 3/4" shells is still perfectly useful, so don't go throwing out all your remington buckshot because >muh hornady or something.

I'm just biased and impressed.

Nailing clays with maximum-load slugs was fun too, especially with the bare bead. The shotgun hits pretty high compared to how I'd aim it normally, and that's probably a factor of just where I put the bead. I don't mind holding lower within 50 yards; it means less holding over when farther out and the low hold doesn't obscure the target closer up.
>> No. 2043 ID: eeb844
File 137427677621.jpg - (205.35KB , 1173x590 , clays.jpg )
>clays with slugs

To make sure nobody thinks I was launching ounces of lead into the blue yonder, I'm saying we threw a few against the berm and shot at them. 45 yards on a clay target with slugs from a short barreled shotgun's bead is fun shit.

Pic related.
>> No. 2044 ID: eeb844
File 137427709657.jpg - (1.82MB , 2744x2352 , shotfunny day.jpg )
After emptying pretty much every box I brought as the rain began to pound down, we kinda wrapped it up.

The muzzle flash, even in just "darker clouds in the afternoon" levels of light, was absurd.

Muzzle flash does depend on ammo as well.

Even in the dim light, birdshot made little Orangina-bottle sized and shaped yellow flames. Really not blinding or anything.

Winchester slugs and 3" Remington slugs/buckshot let out three feet of fire, two feet wide. The Winchester Rack Masters fired this dense, completely white flash while the rest had a yellow/orange color.

You need sunglasses to shoot this fucking shit.

The flash is also warm as hell. You feel it on your hands, arms and face. It's like a little furnace opening and shutting.
>> No. 2045 ID: eeb844
File 137427718129.jpg - (281.25KB , 2048x1536 , IMG00391-20130719-1526.jpg )
We cleaned up and I went home.
>> No. 2046 ID: eeb844
File 137427729931.jpg - (811.44KB , 2189x1642 , cleaning time.jpg )
So I only shot a bunch of 870s, I haven't really detailed one apart from that time a while ago when my roommate got a Wingmaster.

But if memory serves me right, there weren't many differences from the Remington 870s to this modified Chinese shotgun.

I pretty much took everything apart. Mags and all.

Fucking sand.
>> No. 2047 ID: eeb844
File 137427742927.jpg - (659.43KB , 1824x1368 , mostly 870.jpg )
Yeah, I know the cleaning table is messy and disorganized but fuck it.

Also, my idea of "detail clean" isn't to pick apart the trigger clockwork. I'd be too dumb to put it back together.

I just scrub the shit out of it with varsol and soft-bristled brushes then blow the everloving daylights out of it with compressed air.
>> No. 2048 ID: eeb844
File 137427757876.jpg - (332.40KB , 2040x1112 , nb machining.jpg )
Taking a better look into it, it's really not that bad in terms of fit and finish. There are still lots of machining marks, but they're usually where it doesn't matter as much. The steel is good, no big burrs anywhere and it wasn't finished with a ripper endmill.
>> No. 2049 ID: eeb844
File 137427766189.jpg - (218.11KB , 1590x750 , trigger group cocked.jpg )
I mainly noticed how the action release tab was a bit different. It's bigger, for one.

Mainly for easier access; the magwell and mag would make getting to a regular one a bit difficult.
>> No. 2050 ID: eeb844
File 137427771295.jpg - (339.62KB , 1640x1082 , dry fired against finger.jpg )
I don't remember if the hammer looked exactly like this.

If anyone wants to pull their clockwork out of their 870s to compare, I wouldn't mind seeing it either.
>> No. 2051 ID: eeb844
File 137427775328.jpg - (350.60KB , 1028x1595 , cocked action closed.jpg )
>> No. 2052 ID: eeb844
File 13742777852.jpg - (444.68KB , 1326x1629 , cocked action open.jpg )
Just so you guys can see the action release being pressed.
>> No. 2053 ID: eeb844
File 137427791126.jpg - (491.93KB , 1570x1510 , clean1.jpg )
Scrubbed it with varsol, BLASTED WITH PRESSURIZED AIR, wiped down, oiled and all.

Went back together just fine, it's very, very smooth now. That little break-in did worlds of good for the cycling.
>> No. 2054 ID: eeb844
File 137427801964.jpg - (444.61KB , 1683x1474 , clean2.jpg )
Cleaning table was tidied up a little.

Any questions?

There's a little video coming for gratuitous hollywood muzzle flash.

Sadly the camera missed a lot of fireballs. If it recorded at 60fps like my roommate's little handy cam, we would have a lot more flash to show off.
>> No. 2055 ID: eeb844

Here's a link because the embed doesn't seem to work for me right now. If anyone wants to repost with the video embedded, please go ahead.
>> No. 2056 ID: eeb844
File 137428479582.jpg - (183.40KB , 1071x633 , KILL IT WITH FIRE AND ALSO BULLETS.jpg )
>because YES
>> No. 2057 ID: eeb844
File 137429632166.jpg - (183.97KB , 1130x667 , dealing with it.jpg )
Much better with sunglasses.
>> No. 2058 ID: 5c0e1d
You mean like this?

How is this hard?
>> No. 2059 ID: eeb844
File 137429868427.jpg - (99.35KB , 1636x772 , Capture.jpg )
Because reasons
>> No. 2060 ID: b5332d
Just use the full URL. OPchan doesn't like secure URL's though so you have to delete the "s" from "https".
>> No. 2061 ID: eeb844
Hunh, it usually works when I just use that.

I'll know for next time though, thanks.
>> No. 2063 ID: 482c36
The muzzle blast looks
like a charging bear.

>> No. 2065 ID: eeb844
Holy shit I didn't notice, that's bad ass. Figures, with a shotgun named Grizzly...

Someone needs to photoshop a bit more bear into that flash.
>> No. 2157 ID: eeb844
File 137730530969.jpg - (0.98MB , 2292x1110 , pbegrizzlybear.jpg )
>> No. 2191 ID: 86f866
make your foregrip look less shitty imo :O im just jelly, but yeah. it's fugly vfg.
>> No. 2192 ID: eeb844
Made it during my ten minute breaks at work with scrap aluminum and a bit of wood I chopped off a broom handle.
>> No. 2193 ID: d444df
How the hell are you supposed to wedge your finger in that tiny slit by the magwell to hit the bolt catch?
>> No. 2194 ID: eeb844
Dude what

There's MILES of room for every control
>> No. 2223 ID: 038051
I want to see this, with a drum mag, cut down to a pistol grip, and an ergo AFG up front.

I would not want to shoot it, but I'm pretty sure it'd look exactly like something found on the set of Mad Max.
>> No. 2623 ID: 96d59a
Is it done yet?
>> No. 2625 ID: fdf717
Haven't really touched it, no access to a lathe.

I'm starting a gunsmithing course in June, I'll be able to finish whatever projects they give me in the first day or so and work making this thing into a Bolter.

Also finishing the Chinese AR-15 turned LR-300 turned bullpup will be nice.
>> No. 2636 ID: 830298
I wonder if Grizzly Mag conversion is compatible with a bullpup configuration like so? I would think that would be a good competitor the KSG in that configuration.

>> No. 2639 ID: 5100a4
I would have to make the bullpup conversion permanent to comply with canadian laws regarding bullpups. Drop in kits are illegal, but firearms that are bullpups by design, where removing the "bullpupedness" disables the gun, are okay.

the magazine release and safety aren't ideal, and the short barrel coupled with the bullpup layout would make the shotgun restricted (not that big of a deal).

Stateside, this wouldn't be a problem, apart for the fact that grizzly shotguns aren't legal for import from China.

But it would be cool if the ergos were worked on for a puppy layout and all. Coupled with a semiautomatic conversion, this would be a mean gun.

I'll stick with turning it into a semiauto bolter for now.
>> No. 2642 ID: fdf717
This just in.

Recoil using 2 3/4" magnum 1oz slugs at 1600ft/s with a pistol grip only 8.5" barrel pump action is comfortable. I mean there's no wrist or even palm discomfort after over twenty full power slugs.

When this thing will be semi-auto in a bolter body (that will probably add a few ounces), it'll be a total pussycat to shoot.

I may also be looking for a small camera to install near the muzzle of the finished bolter. It would provide an aiming solution through video to an eyepiece. You know, for the Emperor.
>> No. 2890 ID: 63b86b
File 140462014597.jpg - (2.11MB , 2560x1920 , CIMG9930.jpg )
So things are happening, but slowly and often bottlenecked by tooling constraints.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but things get kinda wonky when there's only one endmill, and it has broken flutes, so you're grinding off a quarter inch of it, and then re-grinding the flutes by hand with no guides, etc.


This will appear to be pretty chaotic as far as pistons go, but I have 4" of action travel, and 7.5" to work with. I need room for the piston and the action spring, room for them to move, for the spring to compress. On top of that, I have to feed this piston system with gas, and that gas has to come from somewhere right after the forcing cone, and before the chamber. Seeing as I don't have enough room to swing a fucking cat, I have to make the room.

As you all know, the cylinder will house the piston. I have to drill a hole after the forcing cone that will go into a gas tube, a tube that's in the center of the whole cylinder and piston, and that gas tube will vent near the muzzle, right in front of the piston. Technically, in a small chamber located in the piston, just so that there's room for the gas to vent out of the gas tube.

The piston is pushed back, and it rides inside the piston cylinder, on the gas tube, compressing the action spring and moving the action bars to the rear. At the 2 to 3" point, the cylinder has cuts so that the action bars can actually contact the piston, and that's where the gas exits the system; inertia should do it's thing from that point on. The rest is pretty straightforward.

>issue number 1
In this picture, the hole leading to the chamber interferes with the action spring. I'll have to change that a bit, and put the gas hole in the gas tube at the rear, and connect that rear hole with another gas tube that will circumvent the action bars from the outside, and go to the barrel right past the forcing cone.

All that mess will be covered up by the bolter body chassis. I'll be making that out of a bit of aluminum but mostly delrin, since I think I get that stuff at work.
>> No. 2892 ID: 63b86b
Also perhaps teflon. Just finished a job last week with blocks of that shit, pretty light, not too soft, and doesn't melt too easily.
>> No. 2893 ID: 63b86b
>that gas has to come from somewhere right after the forcing cone, and before the chamber

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