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File 141996960334.jpg - (183.66KB , 640x733 , 7_62x510.jpg )
3244 No. 3244 ID: bdd8d1
My friend fired .308 Win out of my Mosin Nagant. The bolt has been rock solid but now wobbles and rattles when shaken and I can feel more vibrations when I work the bolt. I haven't stripped down the bolt yet nor looked at the rifle's chamber. The .308 case did expand and rupture. What areas should I check to see if they are too damaged for continued use?
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>> No. 3245 ID: 7a2e1f
1. Your "friend" (just be honest it is you) is fucking idiot
2. What do you mean wobbles more? The Mosin has a floating bolt head and the whole assembly has quite a bit of play in it in general.
3. Take the rifle to a REAL gun smith (not your uncle ben). Personally I'd get that shit NDI'd.
4. Even if the rifle is found to be safe replace the bolt. Buy extra bolt heads and check the head space with each one. Go with the bolt head that gives the tightest IN SPEC headspace.
5. Also you are a fucking idiot.
6. I hope that you live a long life and wish everything bad that could possibly happen to a man without killing him happens to you while everyone around you succeeds in life.
>> No. 3255 ID: 5b964e
I'd be willing to put money on it that its fine. Just give the chamber a good scrubbing and don't do this again. Ever...
>> No. 3256 ID: 6a1518
Just buy a new Mosin.
>> No. 3257 ID: f96cd8
To be fair, someone actually did fire a 5.56 round out of my SKS. He then offered to buy it since he fucked up and I was looking to sell anyway.
>> No. 3263 ID: e2bfd1
>My friend fired .308 Win out of my Mosin Nagant

>someone actually did fire a 5.56 round out of my SKS

jesus man find some shooting pals that aren't stupid... before they kill themselves negligently with your firearms.
>> No. 3265 ID: 52aa49
>My friend
cheeki breeki

Sell it or trash it and buy a new one, it's a fucking mosin.
>> No. 3284 ID: bdd8d1
Thanks Cpl sleepy_eyes on your input. But why in the hell would I endanger myself or gun for something so stupid. The friend had a Savage 99 in .308 and loaded my Mosin with them without me knowing as I was loading pistol mags. I heard him fire and he brought it too me saying the case wouldn't come out. I saw the rest of the .308 cartridges in the magazine and immediately knew what he had done. He has asked me to shoot with him again since then and I have declined each time. I believe I need new gun pals because another friend shot my K31 with the crown cover on it..........
>> No. 3360 ID: 18bd2e

op I'd get mad if someone shot .308 out of my mosin
I'd get really mad if they shot .223 out of mk sks and fucked it up
I'd be livid if they even just touched my K31

anyway, your mosin is probably fine but for god's sake find new friends and DO NOT EVER LET THEM TOUCH THE K31

>> No. 3362 ID: 3c20fc
Step One: chamber a 7.62x54R (try not to fuck this up again)

Step Two: put the muzzle in your mouth and kill yourself.

Those poor firearms don't deserve to be subjected to your ownership, you mouth breathing fucktard. I am shocked and appalled at the amount of stupid you have vomited thus far onto my beloved board. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
>> No. 3411 ID: fa8530
I happen to know OP irl, I also know the friend that did this to him, the friend is an idiot, but the first time he went shooting with him, he showed no problems iirc, and pretty much did everything OP told him to do. No reason to be a "wot u sai m8? il fukken rekt u" about it Cunty McGee.

OP is actually safer at handling firearms than I am, though I've only had 2 mistakes before, both "HURR DURR YERP, IT'S NOT LOADED" mistakes, but OP is definitely not as stupid as the friend that did it is, the friend(not OP) is a complete idiot when it comes to anything that isn't bro status.
>> No. 3442 ID: b89631
File 143068374991.jpg - (2.15MB , 3264x2448 , DSCF4237.jpg )
My friend cut down the stock and checkered mine and mounted a scope, bipod, and muzzle brake. U mad?

Pic related, its my K31 and my other K31.

For serious, swiss guns best guns. I just wish I could get my PE57 set up now.
>> No. 3471 ID: 2e9d44

stay classy
>> No. 3493 ID: 2404e6
First off, you are an idiot for firing a 308 out of a nugget.

However watch this series of videos from iraq vet. They put this mosin through fucking hell and basically have to try their damndest to KO it.
>> No. 3494 ID: 2404e6
>First off, you are an idiot for firing a 308 out of a nugget.
>you are an idiot for not noticing your friend firing a 308 out of a nugget.
>> No. 3495 ID: 23ad48
they alos have a video of 30-30 WIN out of a mosin. successfully.
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