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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 144027387669.jpg - (1.56MB , 3264x2448 , 1311.jpg )
3496 No. 3496 ID: d41f3a
Hello Folks. I'm starting to plan out building an AK. I do have a bit of practice with welding and machining, which is relevant because I was looking at using an 80% receiver. I ordered a Polish parts kit, and am now looking at a barrel.

How much difference is there between a chrome lined and nitrided barrel?
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>> No. 3497 ID: c3e6b2
Chrome lined ones are good for corrosive ammo drawback it's slightly less accurate then the Nitrided or stainless steel barrels.

You will want to measure your front sight, gas block, rear sight turret and front trunnion make sure the barrel will work with them. If you see a barrel that say "Polish kit barrel" then it will work with the Polish parts kit.
>> No. 3498 ID: c3e6b2
File 144027848493.jpg - (39.01KB , 650x341 , 16inch-Bulgy-762-milled_rcvrs.jpg )
For semi-auto and new production ammo you don't have to go with chromelined barrel. Also if you get a virgin US barrel they are easier to work with, foreign barrel are usually harden which virgin ones will take a little more TLC to get the pin notches cut properly.
>> No. 3499 ID: 23ad48
oh neat a AK build thread, i had a question for mammoth.

mammit what do i look for in the rivets? as far as quality vs shit build. ( already built and installed rivets i should add)
>> No. 3500 ID: c3e6b2
I bought rivet sets from Apex and AK-Builder before and the long rivets for the rear trunnion from Apex seems to be a little bit longer than the ones from AK-Builder which is good or bad.

Good - has enough material to make a nice round rivet head

Bad - too much metal and could cause the rivet to mushroom and make it look ugly

Also buy double - building one AK get two sets of rivets doesn't hurt to have extras. Only time you will need more rivet on a built AK is installing the side rail which not many side rail come with mounting rivets.
>> No. 3501 ID: 23ad48
File 144052380170.jpg - (47.07KB , 1500x503 , 61ahEr6rtWL__SL1500_.jpg )
is the pin retaining plate a necessary upgrade over the shepherds hook?
>> No. 3502 ID: c3e6b2
File 14405260961.jpg - (277.61KB , 1600x1200 , $(KGrHqJHJBwE9rnk1wd8BPh2pgk)I!~~60_57_JPG.jpg )
Shepherds hook works but these are just convenient, install hammer and trigger pin drop the plate in and install selector. I get mine from this guy they work great and they are stainless steel so you can't blue them (I tired)

>> No. 3503 ID: 304e9b
Chrome lined will be adequate. Never build an AK on an untreated carbon steel barrel. I'm paying for it right now. My AKS74 clone's accuracy has opened up from a 1.5 MOA group to six or seven MOA over the course of four cases of 7n6, simply because the semi-corrosive ammo has degraded the rifling. Yeah, you can clean the everliving shit out of your AK after you shoot corrosive ammo through it, but it's an AK... in my opinion, you shouldn't have to. Conversely, my Cascadian Revolutionary War battlefield pick-up was built with spare parts (chrome lined barrel, chrome gas piston, etc), has *never* been cleaned, and has roughly 10,000 rounds of all types of fucked up 7.62x39 through it, and has literally ran flawlessly ever since I finished it. Had a trigger reset problem due to gravel in the receiver, but that obviously wasn't a problem on the rifle's side.

This right here. Buy these retaining plates, and forget shepherd's hooks ever existed.
>> No. 3504 ID: 8a98b2
File 144058082348.jpg - (908.03KB , 2032x1524 , 100_3721.jpg )

I would like to use some of these but I don't want to modify my selectors. My M92 PAP is currently using R clips for the FCG pins.

As for building, I've only built kits with original barrels. I've had this krink since Rguns had them available. It may get built one day but I will probably send it off to be done. Mainly because I have a virgin barrel for it and I would hate myself forever if I fucked it up.
>> No. 3505 ID: c3e6b2
Shouldn't have to modify the fire control pins, if it has room for C-clips the retaining plate will just take it's place.
>> No. 3506 ID: 8a98b2

Don't you have to install the safety last? I don't think any of my AK's safetey levers will clear the fcg without being filed.
>> No. 3507 ID: 8a98b2

To be specific, the tab on the safety lever will not clear the disconnector, the tab would have to be filed.
>> No. 3512 ID: a243ac
File 144095699175.jpg - (3.04MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0074.jpg )
Any advice for someone wanting to get into building AKs? I'm liking the idea of building AKs more than ARs. I figure once I find a better job, I can do it as a hobby (I seriously need one, especially a constructive one). If I get good enough, might start a side business.

Aside from a press for the barrel and receiver flats, what other tools would I need to invest in? Where is a good place to buy kits and parts from?

Also, I swear I had more Hunter Thompson books (most of his published works really), but it looks like they got lost in all my moves over the last two years.
>> No. 3513 ID: c3e6b2
File 144111908446.jpg - (25.81KB , 566x599 , rivet_tool2.jpg )
To work with firearm you have to have a FFL and IIRC there was a rule change for build party type gathering, you have to own all the tools to build. Which means if you don't own the tools the tools owner will need a FFL to work on someone else's firearms.

Now tools you need for AK - 12 ton press, drill press, vise and other small tools. Then you will need jigs for riveting the receiver, trigger guard jig, small jig for press barrel in and out.

I cheap out and bought the bolt cutter riveting jig, I should have spend the money and get the press jig.

Pic - press jig
>> No. 3514 ID: 23ad48
File 144116792283.jpg - (60.12KB , 700x525 , M64ESeriesWeldUp.jpg )
some cool unique AK builds/ rare copys i found by two rivers in oklahoma.
>> No. 3515 ID: 23ad48
File 144116796681.jpg - (64.47KB , 700x525 , MilledM64s.jpg )
early milled underfolder yugoslav copys
>> No. 3516 ID: 23ad48
File 144116801658.jpg - (60.67KB , 700x525 , M64ESeriesa.jpg )
>> No. 3517 ID: 23ad48
File 144116806180.jpg - (31.30KB , 700x525 , HuAK55k_000.jpg )
its copies not copys right? stupid me
>> No. 3518 ID: 23ad48
File 144116810148.jpg - (45.62KB , 700x437 , HuAK55d.jpg )
hungarian AK 55 i believe
>> No. 3519 ID: 23ad48
File 144116816857.jpg - (53.44KB , 700x444 , TwoTabukSnipers.jpg )
yugo - iraqi Tabuk sniper / yugo M72 RPK
Do want.
>> No. 3520 ID: d2e752
I thought you only needed an FFL if you intended to sell your work, not to build it.
>> No. 3521 ID: c3e6b2
You need FFL to work with anything firearm related, that's why a lot of the trophy place or local artists that does engraving won't engrave people's firearms. Like custom holster maker they can use blue guns to make holster but if you want to drop your gun off for them to custom make a holster they need FFL. It's retarded.
>> No. 3522 ID: 23ad48
File 144130773923.jpg - (48.30KB , 618x338 , inf13uk3.jpg )

and remember working on another persons firearm without them there, or for profit / goods/ services is illegal without a FFL.
>> No. 3523 ID: d2e752
Was confused, I just looked it up on their website.

I can build anything I want without a license, I just need a license if I intend to sell it. That's what I was thinking, I would have been pissed if it changed on me.

That works with my plan. When I start working on a trade and settle down somewhere for a while, I'm going to buy the tools needed and a bunch of parts kits and hone my craft. If I get good enough to produce high quality AKs, I'll get my license and start trying to make a little money.

It seems a little more fun than building ARs because it's a little more involved, not as Lego like.
>> No. 3526 ID: de0cbd
IMO AR are so easy to build only tricky part the require some gunsmith skill is mostly upper - clamping the barrel not murring it up when install/uninstall muzzle device.

Not sure if you know Flandre from /k/inder he use to build AK but it is not making the kind of money he thought he would be making. He made more money buy/sell stuff using his FFL. It's almost AK making is a bonus business for his buy/sell business.
>> No. 3527 ID: d2e752
Yeah, the ease of building an AR is why I'm liking the idea of building AKs. I'd feel like it's more dependent on my skill instead of just buying quality parts and setting them in place.

I'm aware of Flandre, but I don't know him like the people here. I go to /k/inder on and off for funnehs, hardly ever post there. Hell, the first and last time I posted there in a long while was few months ago when someone started a "what's the scariest/most fucked up place you've ever lived" thread. A few were taken aback by my experience of living in a crack shack where a woman was raped and murdered, scrubbing the blood off the walls the first night I was there and sleeping on the same mattress she was raped and murdered on, with two shitty sheets blocking me from coagulated blood. I laughed as they asked for more stories, gave them a couple and left.

I don't like a lot of the posters there, this place is more mature. At least it's good for a few laughs or news.
>> No. 3528 ID: 23ad48
File 144168206496.jpg - (78.86KB , 750x492 , Rom74025.jpg )
>sleeping on the same mattress she was raped and murdered on,

... id take the floor.. with roaches.
why didn't you take the floor man??
>> No. 3529 ID: d2e752
It was worse.

I eventually got a broken recliner to sleep on.
>> No. 3530 ID: e6c121
So were there ghosts?
>> No. 3531 ID: d2e752
What are some good places to get parts kits? I wanna bookmark some for future reference. Also, what are some quality kits to look out for?

I think I want to start out with an AMD-65.

No, just violent niggers. The door didn't have a latch (busted in the frame during the rape and murder), so we kept it closed with a blanket under the door. I slept with a guthook knife next to me.

About a week after we moved in, a drug deal went bad upstairs and a bunch of crackheads were shot up. The shooter then spread alcohol on the bodies and floor, trying to burn the crime scene. Only parts of their clothes caught on fire. Alcohol is a piss poor accelerant and there was a lot of blood, it didn't really spread. Lucky for us.

My mom called 911 and I just stood by the door, guthook knife in hand, ready to stab the dick of any intruder with as much strength as my 10 year old self could muster.

These are a few more details that I didn't give /k/inder, but it was around there that they asked for more stories.
>> No. 3532 ID: c3e6b2
If you want ready to go kits


A lot of time take a peek at AK building forums and can snag up some good deals from time to time.
>> No. 3533 ID: 23ad48
File 144174863989.jpg - (37.69KB , 750x305 , Rom74028.jpg )
So i need a AK/sks front sight post, and found chinese polytech original sight post on amazon.

yeah i know $10, but reasons and amazon is easiest for me.

Will the chinese type 56 sight post also fit a romanian FSB? i know i can adjust the tightness by spreading the bottom apart, but with threads match?
I put a 59/66 SKS sight post in the romanian AK and it fits great for the time being.

anybody with a chicom AK or SKS and another AK /SKS that could check maybe?
save me $10 potentially.
>> No. 3534 ID: bc6d26

Now I play the waiting game.
>> No. 3541 ID: d41f3a
Other than Nodak Spud, is there anywhere else I should be aware of for ordering a stripped AK Receiver?
>> No. 3542 ID: d41f3a
Followup, anyone have anything negative to say about Childers Guns?
>> No. 3543 ID: bd2558
Childers is gtg. The only thing to keep in mind is that their 74 shells were originall made for Tantals, so the embossing under the selector lever is slightly lower than regular 74 receivers. It doesn't cause any functionality issues, but if you're super anal about authenticity it might bug you.Im using one for a Russian kit build, and have had no trouble at all.

Their 47 receivers are made from original polish stampings (blanks), and just completed stateside. Also look at the recievers Atlantic is selling Im about to complete a SBR build this weekend using one of their polush uf receivrs. No problems at all.
>> No. 3547 ID: fd0828
I've played with the idea of buying one of Palmetto State's PSAK-47 barreled receivers and assembling my own. I have no access to the tools I think I'd need and worry I'd screw up rivets or headspacing or something.

>> No. 3548 ID: 2f6716
That was my first choice, but none of tge local shops will ffl them in without a bullet button, which PSA will not add.
>> No. 3552 ID: d41f3a
Childers, having been out of stock for a bit is getting edged out by atlantic firearms. Anyone have experience with their in house AK receivers?

How hard/necessary is it to do the imprints for the fire selector?
>> No. 3554 ID: dd411e
Childers finally restocked, and now my receiver is on order

>> No. 3569 ID: b075d5
File 145089800142.jpg - (101.90KB , 1500x1500 , RNB-13325_AT_xl.jpg )
Thank's to the operator who recommended E-clip's for the FCG pins. I picked some up from my local hardware store for 35cents each.
>> No. 3579 ID: 8a98b2
File 145174816936.jpg - (178.96KB , 640x480 , retainers_627.jpg )

I find that E-clips come out fairly easy. I prefer R-clips.
>> No. 3581 ID: b075d5
File 145215072158.jpg - (61.80KB , 1024x386 , dinzag-skulls12_01.jpg )
roger that.

can operators give me a estimate on value of a decent romy G build,all #s except safety, with original barrel and a wire sidefolder.
also whats a G kit with original barrel go for nowadays?
>> No. 3583 ID: 7397cb
File 145273394188.jpg - (87.08KB , 800x600 , safety01_zpsrzf2qzwa.jpg )
RU's new safety, along with a SKS style lever on the dust cover?
>> No. 3584 ID: 7397cb
File 14527339841.png - (356.04KB , 800x600 , safety02_zps5hgwt7vd.png )
new railed dust cover
>> No. 3585 ID: 7397cb
File 145273412594.png - (562.33KB , 800x600 , safety03_zpsuvjtslvy.png )
and apparently some RU SF guys use the US made Texas Weapons Systems railed & hinged dust cover.
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