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File 145127404484.jpg - (61.47KB , 540x960 , broken hammer.jpg )
3574 No. 3574 ID: 993b4f
For Christmas I got a used Century Arms/Norinco JW2000 coach gun, and one of the hammers is already broken. I can't find any info for replacements parts or warranty info. Can anyone here help a brother out?
>> No. 3575 ID: 6372b6
Call around machine shops or welding shops, anyone that could weld it. Should be good enough.

I made a hammer for an ol' .410 once, wasn't really too hard. Hammers like that aren't exactly tricky bits, and its good that you got both pieces if you need to make a new one. I'd go with welding first honestly, if you play your cards right it could cost you just a couple of beers and a box of shells; most shop guys wouldn't mind a couple minutes of welding if they got to blow some water jugs up with a 12 and have a beer after.
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