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File 145369898285.jpg - (694.41KB , 1920x1080 , ss (2016-01-16 at 06_12_13).jpg )
3588 No. 3588 ID: 4b693a
Let's take this thing apart.
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>> No. 3589 ID: 4b693a
File 145369910122.jpg - (459.32KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01553.jpg )
This gun came with some spare parts, as well as two small hex keys specifically designed for this. Don't lose them!

It all starts by taking the small hex screw in the trigger guard of the gun.
>> No. 3590 ID: 4b693a
File 145369912659.jpg - (402.60KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01552.jpg )
>> No. 3591 ID: 4b693a
File 145369947022.jpg - (527.41KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01554.jpg )
Spin the slide stop clockwise until it's facing upward...
>> No. 3592 ID: 4b693a
File 145369951296.jpg - (494.04KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01555.jpg )
... and give it a poke while the slide is back and it should just drop out.
>> No. 3593 ID: 4b693a
File 145369954995.jpg - (423.28KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01551.jpg )
Slide stop pin in all its glory
>> No. 3594 ID: 4b693a
File 145369989359.jpg - (461.72KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01547.jpg )
Not a very good picture, but here's the upper half leaving the railed frame. Notice the barrel shroud also maintains the recoil spring and guide rod. There's no capture for the spring as it is a flat surface on the inside, so you'll have to ensure the two are aligned when putting it back together.

The barrel shroud is also aluminum.
>> No. 3595 ID: 4b693a
File 145369994999.jpg - (819.83KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01542.jpg )
>> No. 3596 ID: 4b693a
File 145370031079.jpg - (592.31KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01556.jpg )
Spin it to win it. Out comes the barrel and barrel shroud

Unfortunately, when the revolver arrived, the compensator was on the bottom. The importer put their mark on the *bottom* of the compensator at the time. At least it's better than the shit they do at CAI.
>> No. 3597 ID: 4b693a
File 145370069159.jpg - (512.43KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01558.jpg )
The carrello and cylinder
>> No. 3598 ID: 4b693a
File 145370070826.jpg - (482.69KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01559.jpg )
Other side
>> No. 3599 ID: 4b693a
File 145370072488.jpg - (615.62KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01560.jpg )
>> No. 3601 ID: 4b693a
File 145370228662.jpg - (448.70KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01520.jpg )
The backplate is removed from the slide and here we can see the guts.

The small circle on the bottom left is the cylinder stop piston and it can be removed. It is indexed by that arm and under spring tension. It is one of the biggest follies I've had with this gun so far. As the back plate is held by two small screws, without Loctite, the screws can begin to back out. As the lower screw is deep inside the recesses of the gun when the gun is fully assembled, it can be near impossible to screw it back in. Without the necessary spring tension to operate the cylinder stop, the gun may have a tendency to skip a cylinder when fired.

On the right, there's an arm that looks like it's case hardened or something. This is called the Slide Distributor and is the magic of the whole system. When pulled back, this is what operates the cylinder when engaged by pulling the trigger or when returning back to rest once fired. This can be seen in some later pictures.

The two cylinder release levers can be removed and readjusted using the same hex screw you saw in the first few pictures. The pin they are attached to, the operating pin, is kind of reminiscent of an AR safety pin with the cylinder release levers facing downward as SAFE and facing the operator as FIRE. You cannot pull the trigger when they are down.

When the cylinder has returned and ready to fire, as like a traditional revolver, the extractor piston pushes the operating piston and returns the operating pin back to a fire ready status.
>> No. 3602 ID: 4b693a
File 145370245462.jpg - (389.81KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01524.jpg )
Then the cylinder has been spun to the next chamber, the slide distributor is extended. Note the cam on the end.
>> No. 3603 ID: 4b693a
File 14537025653.jpg - (813.70KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01527.jpg )
Firing pin and spring. Don't dry fire these.
>> No. 3604 ID: 4b693a
File 145370261973.jpg - (877.95KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01528.jpg )
Back plate and screws. They've been Loctited and returned to the slide
>> No. 3605 ID: 4b693a
File 145370272932.jpg - (707.68KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01534.jpg )
Here's the frame, hammer, and something called the Desmo.

The Desmo is the piece that engages the Slide Distributor under operation.

Hammer down, desmo down.
>> No. 3606 ID: 4b693a
File 145370280893.jpg - (669.46KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01535.jpg )
Hammer back, desmo back.

Ready to fire
>> No. 3607 ID: 4b693a
File 145370294948.jpg - (601.74KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01561.jpg )
"Gun has been fired"

Hammer down, desmo back.
>> No. 3608 ID: 4b693a
File 145370320965.jpg - (513.04KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01565.jpg )
Frame internals. Seems like a tight fit.
>> No. 3609 ID: 4b693a
File 145370330765.jpg - (902.28KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01530.jpg )
Basic breakdown. Any more and I'll cry
>> No. 3611 ID: 4b693a
File 145370349511.jpg - (666.57KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01539.jpg )
Barrel and barrel shroud attached and ready to screw back into the slide
>> No. 3612 ID: 4b693a
File 145370354143.jpg - (413.79KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01532.jpg )
Putting it back together, ensure the slide distributor arm is extended and the desmo pin enters the cam. Without these two engaging each other, semiautomatic fire is not possible.
>> No. 3613 ID: 4b693a
File 145370360395.jpg - (452.46KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01550.jpg )
Here's the gun reassembled improperly. A pretty clear indicator of what's wrong.
>> No. 3614 ID: 4b693a
File 145370422289.jpg - (402.63KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01571.jpg )
Properly assembled
>> No. 3615 ID: 4b693a
File 145370461560.jpg - (511.01KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01567.jpg )
And here is the cylinder. Notice that the cylinder locking notches are on the rear of the cylinder.
>> No. 3616 ID: 4b693a
File 145370477785.jpg - (389.56KB , 1922x1080 , DSC01574.jpg )
Here's the cylinder stop piston when engaged
>> No. 3617 ID: 4b693a
File 145370507112.jpg - (648.27KB , 1080x1922 , DSC01576.jpg )
And lastly, here's some paperwork that came with it
>> No. 3618 ID: 4b693a
File 145370511494.jpg - (566.91KB , 1920x1079 , DSC01577.jpg )
Close up of the schematics
>> No. 3619 ID: 4b693a
File 145370516183.jpg - (702.03KB , 1920x1079 , DSC01578.jpg )
Parts list
>> No. 3620 ID: 4b693a
File 145370518390.jpg - (502.20KB , 1920x1079 , DSC01579.jpg )
>> No. 3621 ID: 4b693a
File 145370520928.jpg - (738.99KB , 1920x1079 , DSC01580.jpg )
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.
>> No. 3622 ID: fd0828
If I were OP:

>Let's take this thing apart.
>On second thought, let's not.

Neat gun, thanks for sharing.
>> No. 3624 ID: f213c3
Thanks for posting. I certainly enjoyed it.
>> No. 3625 ID: 4b693a
Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Also, I made a video of a short demonstration of the action. I know LifeSizePotato and GnR357sig made some videos, but they never showed what's happening at the rear of the cylinder.

There aren't a lot of Mateba videos out there, so I figure one more shouldn't hurt.

Additionally, after testing the barrel orientation a bit last time I went shooting, I've concluded that the cylinder stop spring tension wasn't the issue. The issue was that the cylinder gap was too large and didn't produce enough recoil to cycle the action reliably.

However, Loktiting the two backplate screws fixed another problem I probably would have seen later: The lower backplate screw would have gotten in the way of the firing pin. Please see the diagram in the post below.
>> No. 3626 ID: 4b693a
File 145479889730.png - (8.03KB , 478x443 , MatebaScrewLoose.png )
<-- If the bottom screw were loose
>> No. 3627 ID: 7d8bca
If you dont suppress that thing, you aint shit.
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