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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 135268699644.jpg - (544.54KB , 1296x972 , DSC03626.jpg )
547 No. 547 ID: 394c39
Look what I picked up today, paid for it couple months ago. Call them Thursday and they say I can come pick it up. They had 5 nuggets left in the box so they just put them on the shelve and let me have the crate.

It barely fit in my Scion xB I had to scoot the front passanger seat forward a little for it to fit. It was kinda funny I walk in the gun store and there was a bunch people waiting for range, I walk up to the counter and told them I am here to pick up the crate and two of the people came out behind the counter and help me load it in to the car. It was all mysterious and everything.

I went back into the gun store looking around and one of the lady who was waiting ask me what's in the box?
me "Nothing... nothing at all" then I left.
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>> No. 548 ID: 394c39
File 13526870995.jpg - (555.00KB , 1296x972 , DSC03627.jpg )
Inside... fit 20 rifles. They lined the inside with wax paper.
>> No. 549 ID: 394c39
File 135268720977.jpg - (375.16KB , 1296x972 , DSC03631.jpg )
The edge has these foam around it
>> No. 550 ID: 394c39
File 135268725948.jpg - (389.96KB , 972x1296 , DSC03633.jpg )
Also has this metal sheet around all 4 corners to protect it from bumping and shipping I guess
>> No. 551 ID: 394c39
File 135268732727.jpg - (538.32KB , 1296x972 , DSC03634.jpg )
The carrying handles are pretty stout.
>> No. 552 ID: 394c39
File 135268764346.jpg - (184.46KB , 760x689 , 58134e3cb4ba703e8d8556a346786b0df36ec9.jpg )
This is what I want to do to it, as you can see who ever made this one made a new lit for it, he didn't cut a hole on to original one and mount the glass on it.

Problem with the crate I picked up the finish on it is really rough and splinters every where. I am going to make a new one out of new wood, sand and round the corners just making it nicer looking. This one will be my go to model and base the reproduction one off it.

Here is the Google Sketchup I put together

Feel free to download it and use it to get measurement it is drawn 1:1 size. Only thing I didn't include is 4 metal band on the bottom side next to the legs, the front latch and the string that hold the lit open.
>> No. 553 ID: 394c39
File 135268800788.jpg - (145.93KB , 800x600 , DSCN1116.jpg )
Also KKKommando can you do some measurement on your crate? Especially the piece that hold the rifle down in place for transporting.
>> No. 556 ID: 6ac25b
I wish these didn't sell out on me a few years ago. 20 nuggets for just over a grand was amazing deal. I could have handed them out for cheap birthday presents.
>> No. 558 ID: 7b9a9b
the box itself is 29x13x5.5

the piece that rotates you asked about is 5.5.
>> No. 560 ID: 394c39
Thickness of those wood boards?
>> No. 563 ID: 7b9a9b
they are about a half inch i believe
>> No. 609 ID: 279acf
How much did you have to pay for it and where was this? I too want to make that coffee table (even though I'll probably never own a mosin to put in it) and have one as storage in the closet until I get a nice safe.
>> No. 617 ID: 30d3db
Friend of mine know I like nuggets and posted a picture of local gun store with a crate of nugget, jokingly I made a post of their Facebook page asking how much would they sell the crate. The reply and tell me to call the owner, it was $65 for the crate.
>> No. 627 ID: 361c0a
I've got one of these in my basement that I got from a local gun shop a couple years ago. They had two and I asked if I could take one, they checked it to make sure it was empty and I took it out free of charge.
>> No. 1423 ID: 4bcb07
I wish any local shops around me had a nuggetcrate. I wanna make a table, dammit.
>> No. 1424 ID: 627ca2
I have the measurement here >>/z/720

You can make your own crate
>> No. 1943 ID: eb37bc
>"Nothing... nothing at all" then I left.

Like a boss.
Shit made me laugh.

Personally (as a carpenter) I'd want to get a nugget crate as a camping box/table.

Just mount four solid legs onto it (fold up, screw on, however) and add folding table wings on the sides (so the lid can be cleared off to open more easily, and viola a great way to store shit in a table, be perfect to take camping.

That or I may just look for some scrap wood I can make a copy out of.

>the box itself is 29x13x5.5
Good to know, if I decide to fabricate one for myself.
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