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No. 6479 ID: e8f72b

>In 200-meter trials, the jetpack shaved three seconds off the best time of one test subject, which becomes a bit more impressive when you consider the extra 12 pounds of jetpack weight. The rummer also experienced a corresponding decrease in metabolic load (energy burned.) That said, it still seems a bit academic. Is three seconds and a bit of saved energy worth carting one of these things around?
Jason Kerestes, the 4MM "mastermind," noted, "if you think of a Navy SEAL or a soldier that must get in somewhere quickly —and get out just as quickly."
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>> No. 6480 ID: 67f943
File 141066050850.jpg - (105.03KB , 1000x563 , 1000px-TF_AngelCity_Pilot_0.jpg )
Burnt calves, burnt calves for everyone!
But in all seriousness, this is pretty neat.

I had a though a few year back, about something like this to obtain a a real life "double jump" of sorts... aaaand then Titan Fall came out. I would love to see something like this with liquid fuelled rockets, to get all kinds of thrust.
>> No. 6481 ID: 4059f1
File 141079198827.jpg - (154.32KB , 1926x1080 , Tribes11.jpg )
how about adding skis of some sort? (or even roller blades?)
>> No. 6490 ID: 32590b

Did you guys see any jets? I just saw a couple of fans and some batteries.
>> No. 6491 ID: 4059f1
File 141096442216.png - (129.53KB , 1055x570 , Geared_Turbofan_NT_PNG.png )
It looks like it might be some sort of turbofan.
>> No. 6495 ID: 329f54
I thought the same thing, LiPo batteries and fans.
>> No. 6509 ID: 30f40a
the only thing I could think of while watching that was those electric "turbochargers" you can find on ebay you slap into your intake.
>> No. 6524 ID: 42779b
I don't think there's any fuel or combustion, which precludes the "turbo" part. It really just looks like a fan on an electric motor.

Which sounds pretty weak ass to me.
>> No. 6525 ID: 4059f1
yeah, saw on a different source that it is an electric ducted fan. Still, you can get some decent results from ducted fans.
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