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File 14115081594.jpg - (263.35KB , 1616x1252 , 10483108_932155653472113_2484610984216563492_o.jpg )
6516 No. 6516 ID: af00af
How to anger people with irrational hatred of GMO plants.
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>> No. 6517 ID: 0dcdc8
I have no issue with GMO products. I do have a problem with the abhorrent behavior that follows in the form of pesticides once GMOs are used and the extortion that follows of the farmer regarding the seeds.

This is not the best documentary, but it does illustrate some of the problems with GMO use.
>> No. 6522 ID: cd4a7e
  Some bullshit on GMOs

>the comments made my head hurt
>> No. 6526 ID: 39d4a6
So I looked this movie up and it was alright and I definitely agree with some of the things it featured, but with GMO cord thats classified as a pesticide didn't tell the whole story. My uncle has a farm and grows GMO cord that has those pesticide properties but it's strictly used in ethanol production. Is all corn with pesticide properties used just for ethanol or is only some?
>> No. 6527 ID: 39d4a6
*corn not cord I need to stop drinking when I post
>> No. 6529 ID: 6bba8f
File 141180783946.jpg - (78.73KB , 336x480 , tumblr_milo0sBJjp1s3jcdzo1_.jpg )
>> No. 6531 ID: 39d4a6
>> No. 6532 ID: 42184b
File 141185660216.jpg - (242.74KB , 712x484 , Bt-toxin-crystals.jpg )
Are you talking about Bt-Corn?

Bacillus thuringiensis is a bacteria with many strains that produce a variety of insecticidal proteins (endotoxins). We chose a strain that produced endotoxins that are very selective and for the most part only affect caterpillars, and inserted that gene into corn, along with some additional dna so plant expresses the gene (produces the protein) when and where we want. After safety tests, it basically did what we expected and has been around for years.

The BT protein is activated inside the alkaline gut of the caterpillar and then binds to the gut wall. This stops the caterpillar from feeding and it eventually starves to death over several days. The BT protein also causes causes the gut wall to break down, which allow live BT bacteria present in the gut to multiply in the blood, which causes a death that happens somewhat quicker.

-We have been spraying BT as an insecticide for decades, and is safe to spray up until the day of harvest. Even "organic" loving retards use it (http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/how-to-use-bt-pesticide-zw0z1304zkin.aspx)
-We do eat BT corn, it's not just for ethanol production.
-Not all BT corn is the same. Some varieties express BT in the roots, some in the leaves, others in the whole plant. Various patent issues are at play here.
-The use of BT greatly reduces the use of pesticides which are actually bad for us, and aren't very effective. Corn boring caterpillars that are inside the plant are well protected from any sprays.
-Certain species of pest caterpillars are developing resistance.
>> No. 6533 ID: 39d4a6
File 141187611333.jpg - (35.59KB , 510x340 , bugz-meme-generator-the-only-good-bug-is-a-dead-bu.jpg )
The corn my uncle grows is strictly sold to a company that uses it to produce ethanol. I don't know if it's BT-corn or not but

>Certain species of pest caterpillars are developing resistance

is what worries me still with GMOs because we may be causing a race of superbugs to breed and generations later be resistant to anything we can throw at them.
>> No. 6544 ID: 4059f1
>what worries me still with GMOs because we may be causing a race of superbugs to breed and generations later be resistant to anything we can throw at them.

Welcome to the last 3.5 billion years. Nature has been running a red queen's race for a while and caterpillars haven't risen to the top, and I am pretty sure it isn't going to be doing them any favors when we can implement new deterrents faster than they can develop resistances. They don't develop anywhere as fast as drug resistant bacteria. I doubt this was a recent adaptation anyway, a few were probably already resistant and they are just becoming more apparent when the others get thinned out.
>> No. 6545 ID: 1bcc0d
The last time I heard the "GMO is bad" argument, I asked the person saying it whether it was morally superior for millions to die of cancer from GMO food, or to die of starvation without it.

In the end, no matter what we eat, people die. Cancer's a motherfucker, but it sure as hell beats a life of malnutrition and dying of starvation.
>> No. 6549 ID: 0dcdc8

Roundup Herbicide Discovered In Breast Milk

In the first ever testing on glyphosate herbicide in the breast milk of American women, Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse have found ‘high’ levels in 3 out of the 10 samples tested. The shocking results point to glyphosate levels building up in women’s bodies over a period of time, which has until now been refuted by both global regulatory authorities and the biotech industry.

Pilot study shows build-up of glyphosate herbicide in Mothers’ bodies

Urine testing shows glyphosate levels over 10 times higher than in Europe

Initial testing shows Monsanto and Global regulatory bodies are wrong regarding bio-accumulation of glyphosate, leading to serious public health concerns

Testing commissioners urge USDA and EPA to place temporary ban on all use of Glyphosate-based herbicides to protect public health, until further more comprehensive testing of glyphosate in breast milk is completed.
>> No. 6550 ID: 673b54
>Moms Across America report published on scribd
>every government, biotech and impartial regulatory body
Gee something makes me think they didn't have rigorous standards of testing.
>> No. 6551 ID: 0dcdc8
File 141265084531.jpg - (13.39KB , 300x385 , head-in-sand.jpg )
Because it was a mom who tested this stuff in her kitchen yes?

>Testing Method

>The testing of drinking water, urine and breast milk was carried out by Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. (MiL inc.)

>For the detection and quantitation of glyphosate in water (groundwater, surface water, well water), urine and breast milk, the MiL inc. uses a 96 well microtiter plate assay. For soil, crop, and foods, additional preparation steps are required but can be processed at a small additional fee. This assay applies the principles of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay methodology (ELISA) to the determination of glyphosate.

>The sample to be tested is derivatized and then added, along with an antibody (binding protein)specific for glyphosate to microtiter wells coated with Goat Anti-Rabbit Antibody and incubated for 30 minutes. A glyphosate enzyme conjugate is then added. This particular format is known as a competitive ELISA assay since, at this point in the procedure, a competitive reaction occurs between the glyphosate which may be in the sample and the enzyme labeled glyphosate analog for the antibody binding sites on the microtiter well.

>The reaction is allowed to continue for sixty minutes. After a washing step and addition of a substrate (color solution),a color signal (blue color) is generated. The presence of glyphosate is detected by adding the “Color Solution”, which contains the enzyme substrate (hydrogen peroxide) and the chromogen (3,3’,5,5’- tetramethylbenzidine). The enzyme -labeled glyphosate bound to the glyphosate antibody catalyzes the conversion of the substrate/chromogen mixture to a colored product.

>After an incubation period, the reaction is stopped and stabilized by the addition of a diluted acid (Stopping Solution). Since the labeled glyphosate (conjugate) was in competition with the unlabelled Glyphosate Testing Method: Glyphosate Plate Assay 15 glyphosate (sample) for the antibody sites, the color developed is inversely proportional to the concentration of glyphosate in the sample.

>Six concentrations (0, 0.75, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 4.0 ppb) of glyphosate standards in distilled water with a non - mercury preservative and stabilizers are used to generate a standard response curve. A control solution at approximately 0.75 ppb of glyphosate is included in every run and treated in the same manner as unknown samples to serve as a positive control within the assay. The color absorbance is read using a microplate reader. Any results obtained with a calculated glyphosate concentration of less than 0.05 ppb is assumed to be below the detection limit of the assay with glyphosate reported as being absent (7.5 ppb detection limit for Urine) (75 ppb detection limit for Breast Milk).


There is a reuters article to make you feel better.
>> No. 6552 ID: c63ce2
File 141269446136.jpg - (18.57KB , 228x251 , 1319303153019.jpg )

>All this alarmism over a substance with an LD50 higher than table salt and no mutagenic effects
>> No. 6553 ID: 0dcdc8
File 141271282750.png - (99.75KB , 669x596 , untitled11321511848456.png )
You do not have to hit LD50 or TD50 values for adults to screw an infant up.
>> No. 6625 ID: ca62af
>impartial regulatory body

I love it when people think that something like this exists. Really reinforces my belief that Democracy should be abolished, but people get the government they deserve...

Anyway....GMOs are fine but the Green Revolution has caused human population to way overshoot its carrying capacity and we are in for a nasty correction in the next century or two.
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