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File 141672274678.jpg - (37.61KB , 600x228 , Dewalt-AR15-nail-gun-600x228.jpg )
6729 No. 6729 ID: ef6ae2
Not sure what board this should go on but how difficult would it be to build a decent (let's say accurate at 100m) rifle out of a nail gun?
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>> No. 6730 ID: ef6ae2
File 141672288346.jpg - (18.19KB , 315x180 , Penetrator.jpg )
Because I've always wanted a real life one of these :D
>> No. 6731 ID: 6d6cb1
I guess you could try to use one of those nailguns that use .22 short blanks to try something interesting. Accurate out to 100m? Fugettabawtit. Just rent a CNC machine or go to a hacker space with one and mill your receiver. That or use shovels to make an AK.

Also, this is more for something in /st/... or more appropriately for /k/'s improvised weapon's thread.
>> No. 6732 ID: ef6ae2
File 141672916292.jpg - (60.71KB , 425x449 , 1416447521001.jpg )
Powder actuated nail guns are hard as balls to find, or I'm looking in the wrong places. Also they aren't inherently *that* inaccurate when they have a barrel on them. I stuck a piece of PVC pipe on the end of one, disabled the safety and it was decently accurate from ~20 feet away shooting into a 2x2 foot target.

The major issue I think is FPS as the gun I was toying around with only shot ~300 FPS. The nails were pretty much falling out of the air past 30'. Modifying a rifle would hopefully get at least 1000. I was thinking about testing dropping a nail with a blank down one of my shitty 5.56 rifles but that wouldn't be able to fire semi auto which kind of spoils the fun of it.
>> No. 6733 ID: 51a4de
File 141673384717.jpg - (9.51KB , 460x158 , 7707_APC_460x260.jpg )
Try Hilti.

They even have APDS ammunition.
>> No. 6735 ID: ef6ae2
File 141681950156.jpg - (52.04KB , 600x450 , 1416806213001.jpg )
Lol, now we're cooking with gas.

Some of those are like $3000 though and if I was going to spend that on this project I'd probably just buy a throw away rifle or a 3D printer of some kind. The energy ratings on those weren't too great either, the highest one I saw was 320J which is barely half of an average 9mm round.
>> No. 6741 ID: c07474
Depends on your definition of "nail" and "gun."

Personally, I think flechettes are about as close as you're going to get to being accurate out to 100 yards. Something like the Steyr ACR comes to mind. I mean, yeah, they aren't ACTUALLY nails. You won't be able to nail bracing together from a benchrest 100 yards away. But, still, close enough.
>> No. 6742 ID: c07474
Just remembered this.

Alternatively, people like Taofledermaus have been playing around with high velocity saboted dart rounds in shotguns.

And they are fucking terrifying when they work.
>> No. 6743 ID: 07eb79
So those AP shotgun darts in STALKER weren't bullshit? Cool.
>> No. 6745 ID: ddcf9f
It's been a thing since vietnam
>> No. 6748 ID: 39d4a6
So they had those available in addition to flechettes?
>> No. 6755 ID: efc59e
That's very interesting, I've heard of these flechette rounds before, but they mostly seemed to have disappointing flight characteristics. It seems like half the battle is getting the sabot casing to separate as intended, and then getting the sabot to orient quickly enough that it has acceptable accuracy. I'm not really a STEM guy, so pardon me if I come off as naive, but are there any design programs that can model aerodynamic performance?
>> No. 6765 ID: ef6ae2
File 141749826310.png - (1.90MB , 1920x1080 , FEAR_2014_11_28_01_07_09_784.png )
I wonder what the limit on length/diameter for something like this would be? The ones in FEAR are big enough to nail people to the walls.
>> No. 6766 ID: ef6ae2
File 141749841334.png - (1.25MB , 1920x1080 , FEARXP2_2014_11_27_00_01_07_079.png )
OpenFOAM is free but kind of shitty and hard to work with
MATLAB can be scripted to some basic stuff

Really though the math on flechettes is simple enough that you could probably do most of it on paper.
>> No. 6773 ID: 51a4de

mebbe interesting
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