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No. 6829 ID: 07aa95
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>> No. 6840 ID: db7b1c
File 141888038132.jpg - (22.96KB , 468x312 , article-0-11C9E1B6000005DC-269_468x312.jpg )
>> No. 6847 ID: 9785ce
File 141898473211.gif - (2.90MB , 372x310 , i never asked to shit.gif )
>> No. 6853 ID: 6ab689
File 141901511172.gif - (302.98KB , 1200x1500 , 1299466797032.gif )
I so asked for this.
>> No. 6859 ID: ddcf9f
  I see DARPA is once again showing off it's 10 year old models.

If you don't think they keep the good shit for themselves you're craycray.
>> No. 6862 ID: 9785ce
>If you don't think they keep the good shit for themselves you're craycray.

Is it wrong that I want to imagine a visit to DARPA being like, "And behind these doors are the most brilliant scientists and engineers studying new technologies and advancing science."
[doors open]
[bunch of guys in lab coats fucking robots]
>> No. 6867 ID: b66b3b
auto-masturbation? Can you use lube? Like a castor oil or something?
>> No. 6868 ID: 023086
File 141931100393.png - (1.51MB , 1258x1011 , frozen sex doll.png )
One day we will create truly sentient machines
And we will want to fuck those machines

Our bodies will not be up for the task
So we will build ourselves machine bodies
So we can fuck those machines

After eons have passed and humanity is gone and forgotten
Machines will still be fucking each other even though there is no practical reason why
This will be the legacy of humans
>> No. 6869 ID: db7b1c
The ice cube tray really pulls it through
>> No. 7443 ID: f0df0e
File 144608336076.png - (1.24MB , 850x549 , 1405231698_klokwrkblu_histiostoma_murchiei.png )

yeah sure buddy...
>> No. 7454 ID: 636dad
File 144689897674.png - (138.67KB , 343x395 , 2785_a613.png )
>Our bodies will not be up for the task

look the whole appeal of fuckbot girlfriends is that you can program and train them to your liking so they clean the house and fuck you in a non-obtrusive way, get it?

dont go around claiming bs like that :P
>> No. 7456 ID: e1463b
Till the chokebot malfunctions and rips your throat out accidentally.
>> No. 7462 ID: 0e3adf
>choking noises
>choke bot starts to release grip
>"You said start slacking off"
>"Thats not what I said."
>> No. 7466 ID: 2f01dc
>Implying you don't code the choke bot to fail chokey.
>Implying you want the customer reviews saying the choke bot let them down.
>Guys, this is like product development 101.
>> No. 7473 ID: 7e827c
File 144894796933.png - (111.60KB , 249x230 , tmp_20291-cheryl_6596_PNG-463183894.png )
>> No. 7475 ID: 2f01dc
ahhhh yesssssss that's the secret.

Though, you should use the jap tentacle porn tentacles things to avoid obvious bruising that raises questions at work.
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