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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 141888018382.jpg - (187.13KB , 1109x834 , ScreenHunter_27 Dec_ 17 23_16.jpg )
6839 No. 6839 ID: f57e28
which link to download gentoo
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>> No. 6841 ID: d4df2e
File 14188865954.jpg - (127.31KB , 800x792 , 1410450367668.jpg )
The handbook is going to be your bible:

In all likelihood, you have an x86_64 compatible processor, this means AMD64 is your choice. Please post the CPU model that you have so I can make sure. Or you can check out this page:

Anyways, I believe that the process is to download the minimal install ISO (but according to others, you can use just about any other live disk you feel like), check it, burn it to a disk (or use it in a VM), boot it, setup your environment (net, disks, et cetera), then from the livecd/dvd environment - download the stage3 files (unless you're a masochist who wants to do a stage 2 or 1), then go through the installation process and customize things.

Now as to which stage3 tarball you want, that's up to you. You'll need to do research on which one you actually want. Important questions to ask are "do I want added security systems in place?", "do I want cross platform support?", and stuff like that.

I've never done Gentoo so the above is mostly a guess on my part and from just grepping the text on the site.
>> No. 6845 ID: 88779f
>I've never done Gentoo so the above is mostly a guess on my part and from just grepping the text on the site.

right when I was starting to like you.
>> No. 6846 ID: 33a49f
Would it make you feel better that I used to run FreeBSD and did source builds for my whole system?

I kind of miss the days of having portmaster, ccache, a well made make.conf file, csuping the latest source on current and using clang. Shit was fucking baller, even on my Toshitba craptop computer.

The only thing I don't miss was compiling fuck huge shit like Firefox and LibreOffice.

At the time, I didn't know about xxxterm (now known as Xombrero) and other lighter things. I was also too stubborn to try to mix ports and packages.
>> No. 6854 ID: 88779f
File 141903212831.jpg - (46.64KB , 418x486 , ScreenHunter_35 Dec_ 19 17_29.jpg )
>> No. 6856 ID: d4df2e
File 141904385681.jpg - (83.05KB , 841x509 , 1410456410147.jpg )
Okay, this is a bit troublesome since Intel only had a handful of Intel 64 supported processors from the Celeron D Prescott-256 series (and I'm not even certain if it's from that line... it could be Cedar Mill-512. I'm really hoping it's a Celeron D 347).

If you want to say fuck it, then just install the x86 version of Gentoo. If you want to install the AMD64 version so you can support more than 3 GB of RAM (without using PAE shit), then we need to find more info on your processor.

This might be easier if you install this software so I can get more info:

That or you can open the device manager and find more info on the CPU.
>> No. 6857 ID: f9c80b
File 141906008575.jpg - (37.87KB , 421x463 , ScreenHunter_37 Dec_ 20 01_14.jpg )
>> No. 6858 ID: d4df2e
File 141910307578.jpg - (53.91KB , 465x300 , 1409510288816.jpg )
So the main Intel Pentium line is documented for families and models, but I couldn't find it for the Celeron line. ASSUMING they kept the models linear, then I would GUESS that it would be the Celeron D 347, which is Cedar Mill and supports 64-bit instructions and NX-bit.

I should probably mention that if it is the 347, then I once again ASSUME that the BIOS supports it as well or that the CPU came with the board.

Install Speccy (or CPU-Z, but I have never used it, so install at your own risk) and we'll see if we can get some more info about it.

Sorry for all the questions and the info fetch quest. Fucking Intel. Actually, fucking companies in general. They too often fuck around with their model names, internal codes, and marketed names. AMD/ATI will invoke a huge bitchfest from me about their graphics cards.
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