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File 141983609541.jpg - (30.12KB , 289x320 , PC293026a.jpg )
6874 No. 6874 ID: f9c80b
pic related

how can i cut a slot/groove into a bolt and nut without damaging the threads.
dont have a mill/drill press
>> No. 6875 ID: 195903
Rotary tool like a dremel might work if you have a vise and can control the dremel with both hands, it'll be time-consuming as fuck but should work. Just make sure that before you try anything that you have room to fuck it up and start over (spares) because you will more than likely fuck it up and have to start over. There will be burrs where the tool goes through the thread, you'll probably have to file those out with a very tiny file or wire brush.

It may also help to have some more opinions before trying anything so don't do anything until other more experienced OPERATORs chime in if at all possible.
>> No. 6876 ID: b5332d
1. What the hell is this for?

2. What tools do you actually have or are willing to buy?
>> No. 6877 ID: f9c80b

duct tape and a extension cord
>> No. 6880 ID: 8f9280
does the groove need to be like pic related?

You can do the nut with a saw. Vice would make life much easier.

For the bolt, if the groove can't go all the way through one side, I would suggest filing a flat face, using a prick punch to mark a series of holes, then go to harbour freight and buy a cheep drill press. Drill blind holes that almost just touch each other, then clean up with a file.

Lots of elbow grease. The threads will have burrs at the cutting edge, but if you run the cut nut over the bolt, the burrs shold be nocked off without cuasing further damage.

You'll want a vice. It is by far the most important thing, and a drill press. Baring a drill press, get an electric drill and just eyeball it since this is for roughing out stock and not anything percise. If you can't for what ever reason get these items, then you will be stuck with trying to make a bow drill. It works, but god is it slow and tiring.
>> No. 6886 ID: bdae0c
I'd say bolt in a vice, cut with a hack saw, file down with rat tail or flat as needed.

Then use die to cut the threads clean again. That way the damage that will be cased doing it on the cheap will be fixed. Small shitty tap and die kits go for like 20 dollars give or take.

All of these items baring maybe the vice can be bought cheap. If you can't get a vice then a couple of cheap c clamps could be used to improvise.
>> No. 6998 ID: bdc075
Probably what I'd do as well

Sit on the couch with beer and clean the edges.
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