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No. 7002 ID: 2dcca3
  So... Coulomb explosions are the reason why.

All from alkaline metals exploding in water. And, the team also found out how to effectively suppress such explosions.

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>> No. 7003 ID: 052639
filthy misogynerd

why is he saving MALE factory workers lives, why doesn't he save FEMALE factory workers lives?

becuase he wants FEMALES to die that's why!
>> No. 7004 ID: de0bec
That's pretty fucking neat.
>> No. 7012 ID: 7188a3
So who else wants to weaponize this? I'm thinking of testing some sodium airgun pellets.
>> No. 7016 ID: 052639
I could see it working on sea mines
>> No. 7028 ID: 144d78
For years I've been thinking of hollowing out a shotgun slug and filling it with sodium or potassium, then melting some lead back onto it in a thin layer to seal it up.

Hopefully it would fire as usual, but go FUCKING BOOM when inside something fleshy and mostly water.
>> No. 7165 ID: 294081
Hold up. The guy was going on about the electron transfer between the sodium and water being pretty severe. Isn't there some way we could use that to generate power? Extruding sodium into a water jet would be pretty E-Z, and looking at how energetic the reaction is, I bet it would give you a lot of juice in a short time. Taser/laser/railgun power source?

The Sodium projectile thing has been done before, I'm sure.
>> No. 7166 ID: 381ee6
File 143274597183.jpg - (68.42KB , 874x555 , Air_pistol_JPG.jpg )
>"ow, that stings, wtf is that suppo-BOOOM!"

would make a gud varmint round
>> No. 7173 ID: fa19eb
Tangentially related.
>> No. 7175 ID: 38c3cd

The issue I see with this is stability. If you could figure out some sort of sodium (or other alkali metal) compound that would only react with a specific (probably aqueous) reagent to produce a similar reaction then maybe it could work but as it is pure alkali metals are pretty sensitive to humidity and the like and would be a poor choice for a power source.
>> No. 7238 ID: 7a62af
You've seen 3d-printing cartridges, right? Just have a bunch of sodium wire coiled up and packed in grease. if you can get the grease off the wire while it's being fed into the guts, there's no reason to worry about humidity.
>> No. 7241 ID: 67299a
So, design a print head with a felt tip marker style alcohol tip, so that wire feeds through it, into the head, then into the bullet, then load it.

Would be easier, tbh, to buy sodium wire chunks, and swage them. Then, tumble them with a light coat of brittle varnish, and good to go to load.

You could design a hollow point, so that when the petals open, it exposes a lithium 'pellet'. If you make it a liquid nougant center, it'd work.
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