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File 142455552793.jpg - (2.27MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_1216.jpg )
7029 No. 7029 ID: 687719
My main computer's hard drive died recently, and with it went nearly all my images, videos, and documents.

Stupidly, I never backed it up. I was wondering if you guys had any tools to recommend fro recovering the data.
>> No. 7031 ID: c550c6
Sorry to hear that man. I'd recommend DiskDigger as a basic tool for a beginner. I've used is several times in the past and it worked for my purposes.
>> No. 7032 ID: be113a
Died how?

Does it spin up, but not load Windows? If so, you can probably just slave it in another computer and transfer your files off.

If you plug it in and find that it has dropped its partition, there are software tools that can help. Or if it just makes clicking noises, or doesn't spin, you're probably looking at more in depth physical troubleshooting that requires the replacement of parts (i.e. a professional recovery service, unless you happen to have the parts/equipment).

But chances are pretty good that you can get your stuff back just by plugging the hard drive into another computer.
>> No. 7033 ID: 687719
It won't load windows, when I try to start it in safe mode it freezes part way through. When I tried to plug it into my laptop with one of those cords, it can see that the disk is attached but views it as a CD-Rom drive with nothing in it.
>> No. 7034 ID: c3e6b2
I don't think it works like that but if the desktop is still powering on just not running Windows, you can save your data by running off a Ubuntu live disc


Download the ISO with your laptop and burn it to a disc or follow the instruction to make a bootable USB drive then boot off it. Select "Try Ubuntu" then it will give you a working OS and you can see the data on the HDD and do what you need to do with it.

There is a good change it might have virus/spyware or worse case HDD is going bad
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