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File 142490032218.jpg - (256.40KB , 1400x1050 , 2147581-deus_ex_3_smoke_112649_1400x1050.jpg )
7036 No. 7036 ID: ad9073
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>> No. 7037 ID: 885afe
The major leap forward in the past decade with bionics has surprised me greatly.

Keep it up science. I want bionic HUD sunglasses.
>> No. 7038 ID: 097fc9
File 142491198080.jpg - (162.02KB , 2000x1000 , Google Glasses.jpg )
> I want bionic HUD sunglasses
They are working on it
>> No. 7039 ID: f013be
Why not replace them with multitool/autoshotgun/flamethrower robotic hands?

>inb4 you can't hug your children with multitool/autoshotgun/flamethrower robotic hands
Can too
>> No. 7040 ID: 894961
File 142491705595.jpg - (12.33KB , 544x364 , gadget7.jpg )
>> No. 7041 ID: 9a14ca
File 142491892559.jpg - (51.77KB , 642x544 , can't hug your children with firearms.jpg )
I would probably go with a regular hand because it is extremely versatile and most things are made to be used with a regular hand, like cars, doorknobs, and so on.

That said, the hand would be on a universal quick detach mount on the wrist area, to allow simple plopping on and off of specialized hands. I have little interest in heavy, cumbersome, gun-knife-multitool-dildo-cupholder-lamp-camera-waterbottle hands, and instead would rather snap into a mostly dedicated toolhand.

I wonder what guns would look like in this QD arm mount configuration, because regular ergonomic concerns are moot with a gear hardpoint.
>> No. 7042 ID: dedcbd
And it's actually so fast paced, that we are probably even more advanced than we know. There's a lot of research and development coming out of smaller companies and labs and so many are in this sector and doing work on it that we don't know that the next big development might already be done.

It also happened at the perfect time. Lots of vets with missing limbs, the technology was starting to come online, and lots of funding. Now that serious progress is being made... dunno where the limit is.
>> No. 7044 ID: f013be
File 142534331221.jpg - (66.06KB , 604x453 , slav glass.jpg )
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