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No. 7065 ID: e8f72b

>Aluminum oxynitride is a polycrystalline transparent ceramic that's transparent, light, and very strong, as is illustrated in the video of ALON in action above. The Massachusetts-Based company Surmet was awarded a $4.66 million contract by DARPA to develop a cost-effective way to manufacture this clear aluminum, which at this point is still impractical as compared to, say, sapphire.
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>> No. 7067 ID: 062e74
File 142632772236.jpg - (87.69KB , 850x364 , transparent aluminum.jpg )
That's the ticket, laddie.
>> No. 7069 ID: 9aea35
>lets use rubies and sapphires to protect us and our cellphone screens
This is hilarious, I want to see diamond windows soon
>> No. 7070 ID: b68217
you do realize that synthetic sapphire is routinely used on high-end watches?
>> No. 7071 ID: 9aea35
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